Seeding bar VENTA CSC 6000

VENTA CSC 6000 air seeding bar silhouette

High output and seeding quality come together

VENTA CSC 6000 pneumatic seeding bar to use in combination with the HR 6004 power harrow and TF 1512 front hopper for a working width of 6 m. This seeding bar is equipped with SEEDFLEX seeding units: offset double discs on a parallelogram system.

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VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar provides optimum work output with great soil/seed contact to ensure the germination of your crops. When used with the TF 1512 front hopper and the HR 6004 power harrow you get a veritable seeding combination that provides versatility, high technicality and simplicity. Remember that 50 % of your harvest is already determined during seeding. The SEEDFLEX seeding bar will manage this operation to your satisfaction, even at high speeds.
VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar at work in combination

Your benefits

Reliability and precision to ensure uniform emergence

SEEDFLEX seeding units on VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar with offset double disc on parallelogram

Opt for SEEDFLEX seeding units: reliable ad precise

This seeding bar with double discs offset by 41 mm opens the furrow perfectly. The discs are parallelogram-mounted in two rows with a press wheel to control the seeding depth of each unit. With 35 cm offset between the front and rear rows, SEEDFLEX seeding units are suited to different uses, including the most extreme, and require no maintenance. Coulter pressure is exactly the same on both rows and is adjustable to 45 kg. The seed is guided to the bottom of the furrow to ensure a completely uniform seeding depth.

Seeding bar guided by the roller

The seeding bar on the VENTA CSC 6000 is guided by the roller. This provides many advantages! Great stability and ground adaptation, even in stony conditions! The power harrow can disengage if it hits an obstacle, no need to readjust the coulter settings when changing the harrow's working depth, and the coulter bar has a hydraulic lift system making it possible to work solo with the power harrow. High coulter clearance in lift position is a safety feature for manoeuvres.
VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar guided by the roller of HR 6004 power harrow

VENTA electric drive metering system

The VENTA metering system on the TF 1512 hopper is renowned for its simple design and precise metering. The centralised metering system has large volumetric fluting for large seeds (wheat, barley, pea, bean…) as well as small fluting for small seeds (rape, alfalfa...). It manages application rates from 1 to 430 kg/ha. The metering unit is electrically driven so it is possible to modulate application rate during work, either manually or by GPS without getting out of the cab. This reliable, robust drive system requires no maintenance.
VENTA electric drive metering system on TF 1512 front hopper

Improve your output

Hydraulic adjustment of seeding depth, coulter pressure and hydraulic lift of the VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar

Hydraulic adjustments from the cab

You can hydraulically adjust seeding depth, coulter pressure and the seeding bar's hydraulic lift from the cab. Adjustments are quick and precise. It is also possible to do a length without seeding when necessary. Two cylinders with spacers serve as setting points for nominal seeding depth and coulter pressure.

KLH 104 circuit selector puts you in control

Your comfort is important to us, that's why VENTA CSC 6000 seeding combination and HR 6004 power harrow are equipped with the KLH 104 circuit selector as standard. From the cab, it enables you to control folding and unfolding of the combination, coulter bar lift, coulter bar height adjustment and the hydraulic top link. A double acting hydraulic valve is all that is required to control the four functions.
KLH 104 circuit selector gives you in-cab control of folding and unfolding the combination as well as coulter bar lift, coulter bar height adjustment and hydraulic top link adjustment,

Totally safe and totally legal road travel

Transport wheels with assistance system for semi-automatic linkage of the VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar making road transport safe, easy and legal

Easy road travel

The VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar is equipped with a removable assistance system for transport as well as an assistance system for the semi-automatic linkage system. Changing from transport to work position is very easy and you have no constraints while working. The removable transport frame carries the weight of the combination during road travel. Maximum authorised load on the rear axle and the tractor’s gross weight rating are respected. It is equipped with large-diameter pivoting twin wheels and is easy to remove with its semi-automatic linkage system, so it can be left at the end of the field to lighten the load while working. For road transport, the hydraulic top link is set to float position to ensure smooth driving, even on bumpy roads.


Electronic equipment for seeding combinations and VENTA CSC 6000 coulter bar can give extra comfort and precision in managing seeding and tramlining.

VENTA CSC 6000 seeding bar at work in combination with an HR 6004 power harrow and TF front hopper


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Weight of the combination with MAXIPACKER roller (kg)
Weight of the combination with STEELLINER roller (kg)
3-point hitch category
Required tractor hydraulic equipment
Cat. 3 or 4N
1 DA for circuit selector KLH104 (folding, working depth setting, coulter bar height adjustment and hydraulic top link); 1 DA for side markers

Machine in combination

Front hopper
TF 1512 ISOBUS (with transfer tube 1286862)


Hydraulic folding and locking in transport position
As standard

Power harrow

Secondary PTO shaft
Torque limiter
PTO speed (min-1)
Rotor speed (min-1)
Number of rotors/blades
Use of the power harrow solo
Walterscheid P600 (maintenance every 250 hours)
As standard
DUPLEX - Maximum authorised power 350 hp (256 kW)
234 - 306 (factory set)
As standard


Manual row shut-off
As standard

Seed placement / Seeding control

Number of seeding rows / Distance between rows (cm)
Type of seeding unit
Press and depth control wheels
Hard coated inside disc scrapers
Seeding depth adjustment
Coulter bar height adjustment
40 / 15
SEEDFLEX double disc coulters on a parallelogram spaced at 35 cm apart
As standard
As standard
Hydraulic via cylinder with spacers
Hydraulic via cylinder with spacers