Integrated Air Seed Drills

Seed drill combinations are universal tools that can be used for precise seeding in all conditions. Whether its combination drills or seeding bars combined with a front hopper, the KUHN range of pneumatic seed drills meets your requirements in terms of quality seeding, comfort and ease of use.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

VENTA 310 - 320 - 330

The integrated pneumatic seed drills of the VENTA 100 range, offer a 3.00 m working width and are available in 20 and 24 rows. These light and compact models can be fitted with Suffolk coulters (VENTA 310), single disc coulters (VENTA 320), or SEEDFLEX 100 (VENTA 330).

VENTA 1010 - 1020 - 1030

VENTA integrated pneumatic seed drills can be used in combination with HR 1020 - 1030 - 1040 power harrows and CD 1020 series disc cultivators. CD/VENTA and HR/VENTA seeding combinations come with Suffolk coulters, double discs or SEEDFLEX seeding units.


VENTA CSC 6000 pneumatic seeding bar to use in combination with the HR 6004 power harrow and TF 1512 front hopper for a working width of 6 m. This seeding bar is equipped with SEEDFLEX seeding units: offset double discs on a parallelogram system.


The BTF and BTFR seeding bars, with a working width of 3 to 6 m, ensure a constant seeding depth and fast adaptation to working conditions. Coupled with a KUHN power harrow and the TF 1512 front hopper, they form a well-balanced and efficient combination with high autonomy.

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