BKE 210 Flail Mower Silhouette

The reference for the maintenance of grassy areas

The BKE range of shredders features a wide range of models for quick and efficient management of green spaces. Available in 5 working widths, ranging from 1.53 to 2.50 m, they are also suitable for professional use.

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Appropriate management of lawns and green spaces is an integral part of landscape maintenance. Shredding green spaces is essential for a variety of reasons. Fine, consistent shredding is the ally of your soils to fight the spreading of weeds, pests and diseases and to turn organic matter quickly into humus. It therefore allows controlling the environment's health but also to maintain or improve the quality of green spaces.
BKE 210 working

Your benefits

Appreciate the variety of the BKE range

BKE range with two types of attachment possibilities

Choose your type of attachment

Shredders of this range can be equipped with two types of attachment. You can choose between a two-position fixed hitch (centred and offset) and a hitch with hydraulic offset.

Appreciate the BKE series robustness

Protection from foreign bodies thanks to the sheet metal lining

Designed with additional protection…

The 4 mm thick bolted sheet metal lining, available as optional equipment, is intended for work in difficult conditions. It increases impact resistance, protects the casing from foreign objects and reduces wear. It is also easily replaceable.

…for intensive work

Opt for the roller with removable ends fitted with double-row angular contact ball bearings for intensive use. The reinforced assembly increases the service life and facilitates machine maintenance. Maintenance time and costs are reduced to the minimum.
The possibility of a roller with removable ends allows reducing maintenance costs

Enjoy high quality shredding

Better ground following on uneven ground with the BKE shredder range

Opt for improved ground following

The combined skids and roller protect the sidewalls, improve machine stability and provide you with better guidance in uneven terrain. Wheels or roller with fixed or removable ends ensures height control.

Easier residue decomposition

Fine shredding and uniform distribution are the solutions to speed up the decomposition of your residues. This is why the profile of the shredding casing is optimized, ensuring a high shredding capacity while limiting power consumption. Equipped with a roller positioned as close as possible to the rotor, the machine follows the terrain perfectly. The ejection of the residues over the roller optimizes their distribution and thus facilitates their decomposition. You also have the option of working with hammer knives or Y knives for optimal adaptation to the type of residues (grass or brush). A straight counter blade is bolted inside the casing and adjustable to modulate the shredding finesse according to the type of residues and the work to be carried out.
The homogeneous distribution of residues facilitates their decomposition

BKE 250 landscape maintenance flail mower at work