Trailed Boom Spreaders

36 m precision spreading with all types of fertiliser in any weather conditions. The new boom fertilizer spreader with pneumatic distribution of fertiliser is the ideal machine. Designed for large farms, it is capable of spreading the most difficult products like prilled/granulated urea, ammonium sulphate, green manures and even slug pellets.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

AERO GT 60.1

Check out AERO GT trailed pneumatic fertiliser spreaders with working widths of 30, 32 and 36 m. Break free from weather constraints!


In today's world of farming, where fields are getting larger and time is of the essence, having reliable and efficient machinery is crucial. At KUHN, we are here for contractors and big farms like yours. We know you need to get the job done without sacrificing the quality. That's why we've developed a range of machinery designed specifically for your needs. Join us as we explore the world of wide-area machinery, where quality and productivity come together seamlessly.

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