Fertiliser spreaders AERO GT 60.1

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Great spreading precision!

Check out AERO GT trailed pneumatic fertiliser spreaders with working widths of 30, 32 and 36 m. Break free from weather constraints!

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With wide working widths, fast ground speed and high-capacity hopper, AERO GT spreaders can achieve daily outputs of 400 ha and more. For maximum profitability in cost-intensive fertilisation, metering and fertiliser distribution have to be optimised in order to spread the right rate in the right place. Application rates are constant, even at varying ground speeds because they are controlled separately for each of the six sections, with one metering unit and one feed roller each.
AERO GT 60.1 fertiliser spreader at work

Your benefits

Precision for fertilisers with problematic flow properties

The distributor has six feed rollers

Precision, section by section

Six metering units, three on each side, ensure high-precision metering of fertilisers, even when they have problematic flow properties. The distributer has six feed rollers which force granulate flow with extreme precision. The feed rollers are hydraulically driven at a speed proportional to groundspeed. Flow can be controlled by changing roller speed. Maximum flow of up to 250 kg/min.

Stable booms even at high speeds

Spreading fertilisers with poor flow properties also requires boom stability. Three features ensure boom stability, even at speeds of 15 kph and more: pendulum frame suspension with levelling mechanism, boom parallelogram with accumulators which absorb shocks, and hydro-pneumatic chassis suspension.
Stable booms even at high speeds

Precision up to the border

The AERO GT system works perfectly along field borders and ensures high yields from one end to the other. The boom spreads 100 % of the application rate right up to the border, and no further helping you reach two objectives: higher yield and respect for the environment.
AERO GT precision up to the border

Two fans for accurate spreading

Two high-performance fans generate a constant and powerful air flow that carries the metered fertiliser to the ends of the boom at a speed of 200 kph. The fertiliser is spread with extreme uniformity. PTO speed can be adjusted within a range of 700 to 1,000 min-1. The fans are driven by a self-contained hydraulic system powered by the PTO.
The AERO GT spreader has two high-performance fans for uniform spreading.

Stay in control and increase your flexibility

AERO GT spreader nozzles

Break free from weather constraints…

The stainless steel booms on the AERO GT pneumatic spreader are extremely precise. 30 outlets positioned every 1.20 metres ensure a fan-shaped spread with double overlap. Transversal spreading precision is unbeatable in any wind or weather conditions.

Simple settings, high output and precision

The flow test is very simple, you just have to calibrate one of the six metering units. You can adapt application rates easily and precisely for any type of fertiliser. With a maximum flow rate of 250 kg/ha of urea at 36m and a ground speed of 15 kph, the performance and precision of the system is unmatched!
The AERO GT spreader, simple settings, high output and precision

Comfort and safety in the field and on the road

The booms on the AERO GT pneumatic spreader are compact for transport

A compact boom for transport

The hydro-pneumatically suspended chassis not only stabilises and eases the load on the booms during field work, but also provides for a stable machine on the road. Shock absorber technology makes road trips safe and comfortable at speeds of 25 kph. The brakes work pneumatically. The booms have a hydraulic remote control system that folds and unfolds them in just 90 seconds. They fold into the sides of the hopper making the machine compact for stress-free road transport.

Break-away boom safety

Obstacles in the field can go unnoticed. To avoid boom damage, the AERO GT spreader is equipped with an integrated safety system. The outer boom sections can pivot forwards or backwards 2.5m on either side to avoid collision with trees, pylons or wind turbines.
Break-away boom safety

Quick and easy filling

You can open and close the hopper cover hydraulically from the tractor cab. The hopper also has a wide opening so filling is much more practical.
Quick and easy filling of the AERO GT spreader


Effective options to adapt your machine to your conditions.

KUHN AERO GT 60.1 pneumatic fertiliser spreader at work


Technical characteristics

Maximum capacity (l)
Maximum payload (kg)
Filling height (cm)
Transport height (m)
Overall width (m)
Tracks (m)
Number of sections
Number of nozzles
Distance control
Boom end safety
Maximum flow (kg/ha)
High flow rate (kg/min or kg/s)
Fertiliser low level sensor
Hopper cover
Minimum power requirement (kW/hp)
Necessary hydraulic equipment
Weight empty approx. (kg)
AERO GT 60.1
Stainless steel - 3 arm folding - integrated in the machine dimensions
6 - per feed rollers
As standard
As standard
Urea: 250 (36 m at 15 km/h)
Approx. 250 or 4.16
As standard
As standard
Hydraulically controlled
135 / 180
1 DA + 1 SA + 1 free return - 60 l/min at 180 bar