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UKS universal spreaders are intended to spread from 1.50 and 2.30 m in vineyards, orchards, market gardens, nursery gardens as well as on walkways, car parks or even streets. UKS enable spreading many different products: powder, granular, fertiliser, organic manure, salt, sand...

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UKS universal spreaders are intended for vineyards, orchards, market gardens but also nursery gardens or greenhouses. It is also possible to use them to spread salt or sand on walkways, car parks, streets� Their characteristic feature is a total versatility of use, which enables spreading all products available on the market : powder, granular, compacted or crystalline fertiliser, organic manure in bulk or pellets, lime, sand, seeds (ray-grass, mustard for example), micro-granules, salt or fine gravel for road maintenance.
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Gentle stirring of the products spread

Slow rotation of the agitator for a gentle stirring of the products

Slow rotation of the agitator�for a gentle stirring of the products

The agitator is the essential part of the functioning principle of UKS spreaders. It is made up of a composite material and fitted with flexible fingers. Its slow rotation provides gentle stirring of the products, clears the metering outlets and ensures a regular flow.

Enjoy continuous application rate

Retractable hopper base and outlets

Retractable hopper base and outlets

The steep sloping hopper walls facilitate product flow. The base is fitted with outlets of which the openings control the fertiliser flow. It can be retracted very quickly for emptying or cleaning. The outlet opening can be controlled manually or remote controlled by a cable or an electric cylinder.

Maximising placement between the seeding rows

Localising tubes for linear applications

funnelling tubes for linear applications

A tube kit is available in order to deliver fertiliser next to the plants. It provides many benefits for the agricultural eco-system: savings, environment, agronomics, time and work management as well as the reduction of inputs (fertiliser and chemicals). With the arrival of specific and better adapted formulas, the technique is destined for popularity.
Versatile salt and sand spreader UKS 120 and road maintenance in winter