Universal Spreaders

Machine intended for "local government" use: precision salting of paths and pavements and without lateral throw-off towards shop windows, pedestrians or cars or for "Vineyard or Market Gardening" use - "Universal" metering unit specially designed for localised spreading of products such as organic fertilisers (pellets and other forms), granular or compacted fertilisers, salt, sand, lime, even seed (rye grass, mustard, etc.)
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.


UKS universal spreaders are intended to spread from 1.50 and 2.30 m in vineyards, orchards, market gardens, nursery gardens as well as on walkways, car parks or even streets. UKS enable spreading many different products: powder, granular, fertiliser, organic manure, salt, sand...

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