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KUHN CCI Connect & KUHN CCI Connect Pro

Connect your CCI 800 or CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal to the internet and benefit from new functionalities to limit downtime, provide assistance to drivers or transfer data remotely in order to manage your tasks continuously!

Remote View: display your terminal screen on your computer, smartphone or tablet!

Ideal to view work in progress remotely, to provide assistance or training to a driver without moving, Remote View is available via your MyKUHN account from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You get a live view of the screen of the ISOBUS CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminal as if you were in front of it!

KUHN EasyTransfer: find your modulation maps on your terminal in just a click!

Available under MyKUHN, EasyTransfer manages the transfer of your documents remotely (tasks, missions, modulation maps) using the data exchange platform agrirouter. The tool you need to gain time and make your life easier! Drop your file to transfer in KUHN EasyTransfer then click on « send », your recipient, wherever he is, can retrieve his documents directly on his terminal. For example, from your office you can send an application rate modulation map (SHAPE or ISOXML) to the terminal controlling the machine carrying out the tasks in the field.

Once the intervention completed, the driver can send the task file from the terminal to the office in just a click.

CCI 800 and CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminals are agrirouter ready!

The ISOBUS CCI 800 and CCI 1200 terminals are compatible as standard with the data exchange platform agrirouter. Agrirouter securely transfer your data, your files, your modulation maps from one location to another. As soon as your equipment, terminals and software are connected to agrirouter, they are connected and can communicate with one another!

Benefit from the latest evolutions with the Online CCI Update

Your CCI terminal displays a notification when a new software version is available. By launching this update, you benefit from the latest evolutions and corrections for your terminal!

KUHN CCI Connect
KUHN CCI Connect Pro
Wi-Fi module
Remote View
Online CCI Update
KUHN EasyTransfer
agrirouter ready

(*) CCI.Task Control (for data exchange) and the MyKUHN account (free) are mandatory.

KUHN CCI Connect and KUHN CCI Connect Pro requires connection sharing (Smartphone connection sharing for example or a 3G/4G key) to connect the terminal CCI 800 or 1200 to the Internet.

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