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KUHN BALING TEST – The final results

The final results of the KUHN Baling Test 2021-2022 have been released. Now we know for sure: a KUHN film bound bale is a better bale for less money! We also show what the bale preservation process consists of and how you can influence it. In order you get a better retention of nutritional value in your silage bale.

Watch the video BALING TEST // #4 Final results after 8 months of storage

Mid 2021 the KUHN Baling Test started. Two sets of bales were made by an FBP 3135 combi baler. One set of standard bales: bound with net and then wrapped with 6 layers of film. For the other set we used the KUHN technologies: bound with film and then 3D wrapped with 5 layers of film. The Eurofins Agro laboratory took samples and analysed the feed value and preservation after 6 weeks and after 8 months of storage.

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