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AXIS 90.1 in the field

AXENT 90.1 trailed fertiliser spreader

With a hopper capacity of 9,400 litres, the AXENT 90.1 can spread up to 400 kg/ha over 36m and at more than 20 kph, with precision! It is equipped with the AXIS PowerPack spreading module with mechanical drive, as well as multiple cutting-edge solutions to ensure that crops get the right dose of fertiliser and costs are kept under control: 

  • The exclusive EMC technology makes it possible to adjust the application rate, independently and automatically on the left and right, every second;
  • The CDA distribution system makes spreading more precise and constant, even when there are variations in application rate, working width, and ground speed; 
  • The VARISPREAD 8 or PRO equipment allows adjusting the working width directly from the tractor’s ISOBUS terminal.   

The AXENT 90.1 is also designed to improve the user experience. The AXIS PowerPack spreading module requires no operator intervention, thanks to a 100% automatic feed belt! 

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GSE PRO spreading limiter for borders

Fertiliser spreaders in the AXIS and AXENT ranges can now be equipped with the new GSE PRO border spreading limiter which can combine "performance" and "environment" border spreading. 

This hydraulic limiter is controlled directly from the tractor cab. Spreading is carried out towards the inside of the plot while driving along the edge. The metering outlet on the border side is closed. Its new design makes it more precise by limiting the number of granules that go beyond the border to less than 3 ‰. The settings on the new GSE PRO are quick and easy, and available on the KUHN SpreadSet application!

The precision of the new GSE PRO spreading limiter for borders will satisfy the most demanding farmer requirements by delivering the right amount of fertiliser right to the edge of the field, but no further!  

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Our Sprayers news

METRIS on the road

METRIS 2 trailed sprayer 

The equipment portfolio for the METRIS 2 sprayer continues to expand, particularly for booms. 

  • The TR4 boom is now available from 24 to 30 m and allows access to more technologies such as MULTISPRAY DUO circulation. The TR4 joins the RHPA boom (available from 18 to 24 m) in the METRIS 2 trailed sprayer offer. Made of aluminium, these booms provide a light and durable solution. 
  • A new boom joins the offer of the 3 arms with compact folding on METRIS 2. Named LEH3, this hybrid boom consists of a first steel arm ensuring perfect rigidity of the assembly and the following aluminium arms. The combination of these materials provides an answer in the search for an optimal quality/price ratio on widths ranging from 27 to 36 m.  
  • The METRIS 2 trailed sprayer also benefits from new VF tyres, a beneficial technology for preserving soil structure.

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LEXIS working in the field

LEXIS trailed sprayer 

KUHN continues developing its offer in equipment for the LEXIS sprayers!  

  • Presented in 2022, the LEXIS 3800 offers a new solution in the entry-level sprayer category of 4000 L. Compactness and simplicity are the keywords of this new machine. For further information: LEXIS 3800: When capacity and simplicity go hand in hand! | KUHN 
  • Witness to its performance, the LEXIS 3800 has passed the ENTAM test and now benefits from this European recognition. In addition, a new PM400 pump is introduced: the LEXIS 3800 sprayer can be filled in 11 minutes and the spraying flow rate can reach 250 L/min for the most important needs! 
  • The LEXIS trailed sprayer boom offer is evolving and now focuses exclusively on the EQUILIBRA boom suspension. To support these changes, the new MES2 steel ramp from 18 to 24 m is being introduced. 
  • VF tires are part of the offer of trailed sprayers. Designed to carry more load, these tires work at low pressure, which is beneficial for preserving the ground structure! 


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BOOM ASSIST ground following system 

Ground following is evolving at KUHN! 

  • Fitted with 2 or 3 ultrasonic sensors depending on the version, BOOM ASSIST embeds HYBRID technology and constantly scans the ground and vegetation to differentiate between real variations in terrain and any holes in the vegetation or overgrown crops. The technology automatically positions the boom as close as possible to the target, and all this with just one click on the ISOBUS terminal!  
  • Three versions of BOOM ASSIST are available on the LEXIS and METRIS 2 trailed sprayers to control the height as well as the slant of the boom (SLANT PRO), the variable geometries of the latter (TOTAL PRO) or both (EXTREME). These new versions are equipped with proportional hydraulic valves for smoother, more precise, and jerk-free boom movements with additional damping for high-speed work. 

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