PROFILE PLUS 2 DS Twin-Auger Mixers

PROFILE PLUS 2 DS mixer silhouette

Countless solutions!

The PROFILE PLUS 2 DS mixers have 2 vertical augers, a straw-blowing turbine, a narrow hopper and feed out via direct side doors. Available in 15 to 20 m3 capacities, these machines are suited to herds of between 75 and 150 cattle.

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The countless distribution configurations make this new range of PROFILE PLUS twin-auger vertical mixer wagons unique. Due to awkward building configurations, many farms have been unable to switch to mixed rations. The PROFILE PLUS twin-auger vertical mixer wagon ranges offer practical solutions - you will love the upgrade to a dual purpose, higher specification machine.

The two augers driven on the same driveline, mix the product in a figure-of-eight pattern, which allows for optimum product flow in the tub, with no blockages and no additional power requirement. Like the PROFILE single auger mixer wagons, the wide distribution doors (1100 mm) ensure a quick clean-out of the entire tub.
PROFILE PLUS 2 DS vertical twin auger mixer at work

Your benefits

Exceptional mixing quality at a reduced cost

Perfectly controlled fill rate on KUHN PROFILE PLUS mixer wagons

Perfectly controlled fill rate

The polygonal shape of the front, rear and sides of the tub (specific to the PROFILE models) ensures smooth fodder circulation. The entire volume of the tub is used during chopping and mixing. There are no “dead” zones or fodder build-up: every m3 is used! The double-pitch angle of each auger guarantees quick breakdown of feed, no matter how full the machine already is.

Power requirement: quality mixer wagons at an unbeatable price!

7 hp per tonne of mixture: save money on fuel!

The lower power requirement of the PROFILE range is the result of several technological designs:
- Auger design: the continuous helix of the mixing auger gravitates the fodder from the bottom of the tub to the top without any forced movements. The mixing process is performed easily and smoothly for greater fuel efficiency.
- Auger diameter: the smaller the auger diameter, the shorter the scraper arm, resulting in reduced power requirement.
- Auger rotation direction: in twin-auger vertical mixer wagons, the augers rotate the mixture in a figure-of-eight pattern. This ensures regular fodder circulation and prevents material from blocking up against the sides of the tub for improved energy efficiency.

The optional two-speed gearbox further reduces the power requirement. This option is recommended for farmers who travel long distances with a loaded mixer wagon. Reducing the auger speed will allow for smooth start-up before the ration distribution phase.
KUHN PROFILE mixer submitted to German DLG test No. 6086F

Exclusive KUHN mixing auger!

The double-pitch angle of the auger enables quick breakdown of feed, no matter how full the machine already is.

To reduce power consumption, the PROFILE range is equipped with asymmetric knives which have a “self-cleaning” effect and also have a progressive-cutting knife edge for constant torque transfer. The continuous auger helix naturally moves the fodder from the bottom to the top of the tub for even mixing with no forced movements, reducing fuel consumption during the mixing process.

The auger material and design has been selected to provide maximum resistance to wear.
Exclusive KUHN mixing auger for KUHN PROFILE PLUS mixer wagons

Tried and tested transmission and drive systems!

The machine transmission is made up of a two-stage bearing therefore even during breakdown of a whole bale, stress is absorbed.
The combination of the pre-stressed subframe and the solid auger base provides maximum resistance to the load bearing in the bottom of the machine.
The unit is fitted on a collar which reaches up to approximately half the auger height, thus protecting the transmission from lateral forces exerted on the auger.
Tried and tested transmission: representing KUHN's extensive experience and technological expertise.

Mixing: precision, with a 1.2% margin of error!

The mixing quality of KUHN TMR mixers is hitting new heights. Analysis of five samples taken at eight different points of a freshly distributed feed-out showed that, the dry matter variation coefficient is just 1.2% after a mixing time of only 3 minutes (PROFILE twin-auger vertical mixer submitted to German DLG test No. 6086F).

Homogeneous fodder distribution is guaranteed over the longest feed troughs, ensuring that each animal benefits from all the nutritional values of the ration.
KUHN PROFILE mixer submitted to German DLG test No. 6086F

158 kg of straw per minute!

PROFILE PLUS: a flow rate worthy of a KUHN straw blower!

Turbine powered by the POLYDRIVE system

The straw-blowing turbine is driven by a disengageable belt, for flexible start-up and minimum noise during operation and the PTO does not have to be switched off to stop the turbine. The large diameter of the turbine (1540 mm) allows it to project straw to a range of 18 m.

The two-speed gearbox allows you to switch to a lower speed when bedding or working close range.


The special shape of the PROFILE PLUS straw blowing hatch (VENTIDRIVE patented asymmetric shape) improves straw suction from the turbine. A regular flow is guaranteed at very low rpms. The straw backflow phenomena encountered on rectangular hatches with a flanged turbine are a thing of the past.

The instant straw blowing rate is equivalent to the machines in the KUHN bedding range!
The patented asymmetric shape of the VENTIDRIVE straw hatch improves the straw suction and output of the PROFILE PLUS range.

The simple solution for rapid feed flow!

Configure your PROFILE PLUS machine to meet your needs, not the other way round!

A wide selection of possible combinations!

For each member of the herd to get their maximum feed intake, the feed-out of the mixed ration must be evenly mixed and distributed across the whole length of the feed passage. It’s important to reduce competition for feed between livestock in the same pen. All animals must get their fair share of quality mixed rations!

When the animals return to the buildings after grazing, providing a homogeneous ration is the best solution to avoid them pushing and shoving for feed.

The PROFILE PLUS range features an impressive selection of feed-out solutions to ensure distribution of the rations in all the types of buildings. Whether you have sheds with no separate exit, troughs with retaining rims or very narrow feed passages, feeding tables on both sides of the passage requiring simultaneous distribution, or other constraints requiring distribution from the rear of the machine, you will find what you need in the PROFILE PLUS range.

Distribution chutes: express delivery!

Distribution chutes can be fitted upon request to the right or left or rear central for feed delivery into all building configurations.

The doors are the largest on the market (their width represents over 60% of the auger diameter).

The PROFILE mixer wagon is fitted with a deflection plate to avoid driving over the feed-out. The protective canvas prevents fodder projections beyond the trough.
Distribution chutes for feed delivery into all building configurations

Tilting conveyors to adapt to all types of troughs

The PROFILE range can be fitted with a large selection of hydraulically tilting conveyors to deliver feed to raised troughs. The tilting conveyors come in different lengths and are designed with PVC belts.

They start up automatically when the hatch door is opened to prevent forage build-up at the tub outlet.

The PROFILE tilting conveyors are quiet, always clean and easy to service: simply adjust the belt tension on a regular basis.
The tilting conveyors in the KUHN PROFILE range are quiet and easy to service




Technical characteristics

Capacity (m3)
Mixing system
Max. blowing distance
Minimum PTO power requirement kW (hp)
PTO speed (min-1)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement
15 16 18 20
2 vertical augers 2 vertical augers 2 vertical augers 2 vertical augers
on the right up to 18 m on the right up to 18 m on the right up to 18 m on the right up to 18 m
49 (66) > 59 (80) 52 (71) > 63 (85) 55 (75) > 66 (90) 58 (79) > 70 (95)
540 540 540 540
20 - 50 20 - 50 20 - 50 20 - 50
1 SA with free return 1 SA with free return 1 SA with free return 1 SA with free return


Available applications: PROFILE PLUS 2 DS