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Livestock Product Range

BTC 100 Series Delivery Boxes

BTC 155 truck-mounted delivery box on white background

Fast, Efficient Feed Delivery

The KUHN BTC 100 Series delivery boxes are ideal for dairy and feedlot operations and can quickly and efficiently deliver a wide variety of rations. Four models are available in truck or trailer configurations, with capacities ranging from 15.6 to 28.3 m³.

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Livestock Product Range

KUHN BTC 100 Series delivery boxes are designed for dairy and feedlot operations looking for a fast and accurate feed delivery solution from a central mixing point. Available as a trailed or truck mount configuration, four models have capacities ranging from 15.6 to 28.3 m³ with extensions. Featuring an innovative, raised twin-auger design, these delivery boxes are simple and dependable. This design results in an even feed flow to the discharge for consistent and accurate feed placement from beginning to end. BTC delivery boxes can deliver a variety of rations and have multiple discharge options making them a versatile choice for your feeding operation.
BTC 155 delivery trailer delivering feed to beef cattle.

Your benefits

Efficient and Durable Design


Efficient Twin-Auger Design

The BTC delivery box uses a simple, twin-auger design for consistent feed flow to the discharge, for fast, even feed placement across the entire length of the bunk.

The raised right auger keeps the lower left auger charged with feed to provide even material flow to the discharge. The raised right auger also helps with load leveling during feed delivery. The left discharge auger moves material forward to the discharge for a consistent feed placement in front of your animals.

The close auger tolerances and raised lower auger design provide a fast, consistent discharge from beginning to the end of unloading. This results in even feed placement across the entire length of the bunk without a delay for mixer cleanout. The auger design also eliminates material carryaround versus a chain and apron floor design.

Reliable and Long Lasting

The simple auger design eliminates the need for extra maintenance items that are necessary on an apron floor design such as retensioning, or replacing worn out chains, for a reliable, long-lasting machine. The auger design also eliminates material carryaround versus a chain and apron floor design.

Solid Undercarriage

The BTC delivery boxes feature the proven bogie axle design that provides reliable service and a solid foundation to carry the box. Single and tandem axle options, as well as multiple tire options, allow you to tailor the machine to fit your specific needs.

Ration Versatility

KUHN Knight BTC delivery boxes will deliver a wide range of ingredients including starter, finish and dairy rations faster and more efficiently than any other delivery boxes on the market.

Rugged, Dependable Drive


Heavy-Duty Drive Design

The BTC delivery box uses a heavy-duty drive design, using a full length input shaft connected to a planetary gearbox. The planetary drive reduction eliminates high-speed chains and sprockets in the oil bath for smooth operation and low maintenance.

Splined shafts and sprockets, along with bolted auger flanges, provide a strong connection and positive power transfer. Heavy-duty bearings are mounted on the outside of the mixing chamber for easy service and long life.

Easy Access Door

The single-handled latch provides easy access to the oil bath. An improved seal keeps oil in, and dirt and debris out, to help minimize wear on drive components and maintain a cleaner appearance.

Truck Drive Options

For truck-mounted models, choose between a mechanical and a hydrostatic drive to match your operation’s needs.

Mechanical Drive
Due to the low horsepower requirement of the BTC design, a mechanical drive, powered by a transmission PTO, works well in many situations, at a lower cost than alternative drive options. Mechanical drives are available in a number of different configurations, including front and mid-unit gearbox mounting in order to match up to nearly any truck chassis. Mechanical drives are controlled with an in-cab control box. 

Hydrostatic Drive
Hydrostatic drive systems are driven off of either a front engine (FEPTO) or rear engine (REPTO) power take-off. Driven off of the engine instead of transmission, hydrostatic drives allow for the mixer speed to be controlled independent of ground speed. The hydrostatic drives also allow for gentler startup, which is important in larger units delivering heavier loads.
BTC 155 truck-mounted delivery box parked in gravel driveway.

Tailor Your Machine


Trailer & Truck Models

To suit your operation’s needs, KUHN Knight BTC 100 Series delivery boxes are available in a trailer or truck-mounted configuration.

Trailer models are the most popular configuration as they are the most economical and versatile. Being detachable allows the tractor to be used elsewhere on the farm when not in use for feeding.

Truck-mounted models are a suitable option for those that have to feed cows at several different locations, with large travel distances. This option allows a feeder to quickly get from the mixing location to the feed bunk and back again.

Multiple Discharge Options

To best suit your feeding needs, you can choose from a slide tray, chain and slat conveyor, 3-auger discharge or a 4-auger discharge to be equipped on your BTC delivery box.

Slide Tray
The side discharge slide tray has simple hydraulic controls and helps guide feed further away from the tire path. Magnets are standard on slide tray.

Chain and Slat Conveyor
Rugged chain and slat conveyor options provide the ultimate in durability and long life. Heavy-duty components ensure reliable service and multiple conveyor length options offer unmatched flexibility to match different feeding situations.

3-Auger Discharge
The 3-auger discharge allows adjustment for feeding into higher bunks. It has a simple, hydraulic drive that provides smooth, even discharge. Long lasting, poly chute liners help prevent rust and limit wear. The 3-auger discharge comes standard with fixed tip-off and built-in magnets.

4-Auger Discharge
Center-rotating augers bring the feed to the center of the discharge to increase overall capacity and provide a smooth, even discharge for all ration types. The 4-auger discharge comes standard with power tip-off and built-in magnets. The discharge augers are simple to remove for easy service. Long-lasting, replaceable polyethylene chute liners prevent rust and limit wear.

As with the main auger drive, the discharge auger shafts are splined for a more positive power transfer and longer service life. The simplified drive design, featuring only two chains and a remote grease bank, results in in easy service and maintenance.

BTC 155 truck-mounted delivery box delivering feed to beef cattle.