Feed Delivery Boxes

These large capacity, trailed or truck-mounted feeders provide simple and low operation with their innovative twin screw design. KUHN feeders can dispense different rations and have several dispensing options, making them a versatile choice for your feeding operation.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

PF 100

The new KUHN ProFeed PF 100 Series delivery boxes are an efficient option for many large and extra-large farms, feedlots and ranches to feed more cattle per load. Two models are available with capacities ranging from 28.3 to 41.1 m³.

BTC 100

The KUHN BTC 100 Series delivery boxes are ideal for dairy and feedlot operations and can quickly and efficiently deliver a wide variety of rations. Four models are available in truck or trailer configurations, with capacities ranging from 15.6 to 28.3 m³.

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