SR 100 GII Series wheel rakes

Details of the SR 100 GII wheel rake

Premium Performance that Sets the Standard

Available in 8-, 10- and 12-wheel configurations, the SR 100 GII Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes feature working widths ranging from 15’10” to 23’4”

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SpeedRake Wheel Rakes (SR)

Since the first introduction, the SpeedRake® name has been recognized for quality. The KUHN SR 100 GII Series SpeedRake wheel rakes have taken that reputation even further, combining the proven quality, reliability and simplicity that you expect, with next level features to excel even further beyond the competition.   Refined styling, higher strength materials and improved options deliver the most value for your equipment dollars. Exclusive in this machine class, the patented windrow adjustment feature allows independent adjustment of the windrow width and raking width to best match specific crop and pickup needs. A built-in mechanical rake arm flotation slot provides superior terrain following without the need for a tractor with hydraulic float. The simple selector valve provides fast, easy switching between transport and field positions to save time and maximize productivity.

Your benefits

Simple, Yet Durable Design"


Welded Main Frame

The rear frame is completely welded giving you an incredibly long service life compared to bolted-on components. The delta joint unifies and strengthens the main frame which allows crop to easily fall back into the windrow. The hydraulic hoses run through the tongue and main frame for added protection and aesthetic appeal.

High-Clearance Design

The high-clearance frame design provides increased capacity allowing for even more crop flow and excellent windrow formation. This allows excellent ground clearance for entering and exiting fields more easily.

Offset Rake Beam Lift

The patented rake wheel lift orientation raises the front wheels first when activating the hydraulic valve. When raking into a headland, it allows the windrow to form completely with the rear wheels raising after the front wheels to complete the windrow and not leave two short windrows at the end. Rake arms also lift faster and more smoothly for increased productivity.

55” Rake Wheels

The 55” diameter rake wheels can move large volumes of crop. The right- and left-side wheels are designed to gather the crop smoothly along the wheels while forming a uniform windrow. The curved, elkhorn-style rake arms provide additional clearance for high-volume crops and reduce bunching while raking.

Versatile to Meet Your Raking Needs


Independent Windrow Width Adjustment

The windrow width can be adjusted independently of the overall raking width. This gives you the ability to tailor to specific volumes of crop or to match differing pickup widths. You can also rake at a steeper angle in heavier crops and maintain a narrow width or rake at a flatter angle in thinner crops and form a wider windrow.

Working Width Adjustment

Choose one of four set positions, on the mainframe and turnbuckle, to easily set your working width to match your specific crop and field conditions. Turnbuckles provide precise adjustment of the raking angle. Rake angles are conveniently matched on each side of the machine by using angle gauges integrated into the rake beams.

Adjustable Spring Suspension

The large flotation coil springs are positioned horizontally on the back of the frame and are protected during work. The coil springs provide uniform flotation over field contours and reduce rake wheel wear by decreasing ground pressure. The built-in mechanical rake arm float slot eliminates the requirement for the hydraulic float to be engaged on the tractor.

Raking Side Adjustment

A simple selector valve saves you time when going back and forth from distant fields. Easily choose from one of three adjustment positions:
  • Standard “V” raking (left- and right-side raking)
  • Right-side only raking
  • Transport

Safe and Stable Transport


Stable Transport

When raised for transport, the rake beams fold flat and over center to provide excellent stability. The link rods rotate the beams and provide additional support for the rake when in transport position. By having the arms positioned over the center of the machine, it provides the narrowest width possible and keeps the rake's center of gravity between the tires.





Minimum working width
Maximum working width
Number of rake wheels
Rake wheel bearings
Center kicker wheel
Rake wheel diameter
Tine diameter
Rake wheel lift
Rake wheel ground pressure
Safety chain
Transport wheels and tires
Minimum windrow width
Maximum windrow width
Transport width
Transport length
Transport height
Rake wheel clearance on headlands
Single-side raking
Minimum power requirement
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Machine weight approx.
Road lights and signaling
SR 108 GII SR 110 GII SR 112 GII
15'10" (4.8 m) 16'11" (5.2 m) 18'9" (5.7 m)
18'10" (5.7 m) 21'2" (6.5 m) 23'4" (7.1 m)
8 10 12
Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk
Optional 55" (1.4 m) wheel Optional 55" (1.4 m) wheel Optional 55" (1.4 m) wheel
55" (1.4 m) 55" (1.4 m) 55" (1.4 m)
9/32" (7 mm) 9/32" (7 mm) 9/32" (7 mm)
Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension
Optional Optional Optional
ST 205 / 75 D-15 ST 205 / 75 D-15 ST 205 / 75 D-15
3' (0.9 m) 3' (0.9 m) 3' (0.9 m)
7' (2.1 m) 7' (2.1 m) 7' (2.1 m)
8'10" (2.7 m) 8'6" (2.6 m) 9'4" (2.8 m)
17'6" (5.3 m) 19'1" (5.6 m) 21'8" (6.6 m)
8'5" (2.6 m) 8'5" (2.6 m) 8'5" (2.6 m)
>24" (60 cm) >24" (60 cm) >24" (60 cm)
Standard Standard Standard
20 hp (15 kW) 20 hp (15 kW) 30 hp (22 kW)
1 DA 1 DA 1 DA
Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch) Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch) Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch)
1,270 lbs (576 kg) 1,425 lbs (646 kg) 1,624 lbs (736 kg)
Optional Optional Optional