CD 1000 integrated cultivator

CD 1000 series disc cultivator silhouette

A perfect seedbed in all conditions

High workrates in light soils with residues with working widths of 3 and 3.5m. Adapted to VENTA and SITERA seed drills.

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In order to produce a fine tilth favourable to germination, it is crucial to crumble the surface of the soil. Moderate soil levelling ensures seed-to-soil contact. Discs take care of weed and residue elimination. With the CD 3020 and 3520 disc cultivators, you can swap the "ideal" seedbed preparation tool in less than 10 minutes if required.
CD 3020 at work

Your benefits

Efficient at work!

With its patented attachment system, 10 minutes is all it takes to change the CD 1000 series cultivator on the VENTA or SITERA seeding combination.

Change the drill in less than ten minutes

The roller frame of CD 1000 is equipped with a patented attachment system for easier coupling and uncoupling of VENTA and SITERA seed drills. When you want to work solo with the CD 1000 or change implements, it is quick to unhitch.

Special disc concept

Work efficiently with 400mm-diameter notched discs! Disc arms are fitted to a specifically profiled tube which maintains a constant working depth.
CD 1000 series disc cultivator with 400mm-diameter notched discs

Lower power requirement

The CD / VENTA and CD / SITERA seeding combinations are designed with their centre of gravity close to the tractor. The notched discs and large-diameter roller reduce the fuel consumption. The heavy-duty frame is designed to work at high speeds.
Smart design of CD 1000 series disc cultivator reduces fuel consumption

Impressive working quality in all conditions

Perfect seedbed levelling and loosening with CD 1000 series disc cultivators

Perfect soil levelling and loosening

The 400mm-diameter discs with small notches are angled to create lateral-soil movement. The disc arms are mounted on polyurethane blocks on a cross-shaped tube to ensure good soil flow. The discs located behind the wheels of the tractor can be adjusted separately to work deeper. For a great finish between two passes, the CD 1000 series cultivator is equipped with deflectors that ensure a level pass to pass finish.

A wide choice of rollers

A wide choice of rollers is available so that you get the roller best adapted to your conditions and your requirements. You can choose between MAXIPACKER, MEGAPACKER, STEELLINER and PACKLINER rollers. The levelling bar is fitted to the roller frame so it is not necessary to adjust it when working depth changes.
Integrated Seed Drills CD / VENTA

Components tried and tested for reliability

Heavy-duty frame on CD 1000 series disc cultivators

Heavy-duty frame and cross-shaped bar for a long service life

The heavy-duty and reliable frame is specially designed and adapted to working at high speeds. The cross-shaped tube keeps the working discs in place thanks to long-life elastomer blocks.

No maintenance with polyurethane blocks

Neither the polyurethane blocks nor the disc bearings require maintenance. They are lubricated for life.
Polyurethane blocks reduce maintenance on CD 1000 series disc cultivators


A perfect seedbed in all conditions

Seeding with the CD 3020 in combination with the VENTA 3030


Technical characteristics

Transport width (m)
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)
Minimum power requirement (kW/hp)
Number of disc rows
Number of discs
Disc dimension (mm)
Distance between rows of discs (mm)
Working depth adjustment
Approx. weight (kg) with Maxipacker roller Ø 535 mm
Approx. weight (kg) with Megapacker roller Ø 590 mm
Approx. weight (kg) with Steelliner roller 12.5 cm row spacing Ø 550 mm
Approx. weight (kg) with Steelliner roller 15 cm row spacing Ø 550 mm
CD 3020
162 / 220
96 / 130
Diameter: 400 - Thickness: 5
Cat. 2, 3N and 3