LANDSAVER 4810 deep cultivator

Silhouette of the KUHN LANDSAVER 4810

Acre-Eating Compaction Removal

Complete your primary tillage faster and more efficiently while handling high residue levels through the machine. With 7- to 25-shank models available, the LANDSAVER offers a variety of working widths to optimize on tractor horsepower. Working widths range from 2.8 m to 10.1 m.

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The KUHN LANDSAVER 4810 coulter chisel provides residue cutting and aggressive compaction removal with a variety of shank and point options to meet different requirements. This promotes breakdown of crop residue and allows good root development for the next crop.
Available in 7- to 25-shank configurations, the LANDSAVER 4810 coulter chisel features constant flow coulter down-pressure and a completely redesigned K2000 spring reset shank option. Star Wheel treaders are available as an additional attachment for leveling and residue mixing.

Your benefits

Residue Management



Residue management begins with the cutting-edge coulter gang assemblies. Designed around a 1 ¾" gang bolt, the 22" diameter blades on 8" spacing handle even the toughest residue with ease. A constant flow hydraulic circuit provides adjustable, uniform down-pressure to the coulter gangs for even soil penetration and residue sizing. Coulters feature PEER TILLXTREME™ maintenance-free bearings.

Shank Spacing

Shanks are spaced 16” to allow for maximum residue incorporation and soil flow. Double rank design provides 32” between adjoining shanks, plus 12 inches of stagger between shanks for unrestricted residue and soil flow.



Shank Options

Shear-Bolt Shanks
  • Extra-heavy, rigid clamp
  • Retains shank after shear-bolt trip
  • 2 ½” x 1 ¼” x 32" parabolic shank

K2000™ Spring Reset Chisel Shanks 
  • 15" of trip height
  • 2,000 pounds of point load
  • 2 ½” x 1 ¼” x 32" parabolic shank

Forged Steel Point Options

2" Reversible Forged Steel Straight Points
  • Excellent soil penetration with maximum residue retention
  • Cuts compaction

3" One-Piece Forged Steel Twisted Shovels
  • Good soil penetration and residue mixing action

4" One-Piece Forged Steel Twisted Shovels
  • Maximum soil and residue mixing
  • Maximum soil tilth

Double K™ Cast Chromium Carbide Point Options

Double K™ Cast Chromium Carbide 7” Wing Chisel Point
  • Increased seedbed soil fracture over standard 4” twisted shovels
  • Double wear life compared to 4” one-piece forged steel twisted shovels

Double K™ Cast Chromium Carbide 2” Reversible Straight Chisel Point
  • Excellent soil penetration with maximum residue retention
  • Double wear life compared to 2” reversible forged steel straight points

Quality Finishing


Star Wheel™ Treader Attachment

KUHN exclusive Star Wheel treaders are an available attachment for customers desiring additional residue mixing and anchoring in addition to a more level seedbed. The Star Wheel treaders are hydraulically controlled allowing the operator to vary the depth optimizing the leveling capability in varying soil moisture, residue amounts and soil types.

Chopping Reel Rear Attachment

The chopping reel rear attachment offers moderate leveling, pins residue and reduces clods during a primary tillage pass with the Landsaver 4810. Reel assemblies feature five heavy duty blades configured in a spiral mounting system, heavy-duty bearing arm mounts and maintenance-free bearings.

Heavy-Duty Tine

The heavy-duty tine attachment provides an intermediate leveling option. The 5/8” x 30” tines, mounted in three rows, result in 4” tine spacing. Tine angle can be adjusted 5 varying degrees (53°, 46°, 39°, 32°, 25°) without wrenches or pulling pins. The 14” distance between each rank of tine bars provides adequate flow for higher residue and moist soil conditions.


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