No-Till Air Seed Drill QUADRA

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Maximum productivity and high performance for planting winter crops

Developed for farmers who looking for yield and precision, the QUADRA is available in models with 44 to 66 rows. Its pneumatic system stands out, responsible for uniform distribution of inputs; along with its self-transporting feature, which ensures total operational efficiency.

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Fitted with an innovative concept, the Quadra pneumatic seed drill was developed from a concept of technological excellence to meet the needs of farmers who require high performance for seeding small grains. With the exclusive pneumatic distribution system, fertilizer and seed delivery in the planting furrow is performed more evenly and precisely. The QUADRA seed drill self-supporting, so it can be moved between plots quickly and safely, minimizing operating costs and ensuring return on investment to farmers. In addition, all this technology is controlled and monitored through an ISOBUS system, which means more connectivity and ease of operation, making the Quadra the best choice for planting winter crops.
QUADRA in static position

Your benefits

Increase your yield with input savings

Photo of the blower and pneumatic metering units of the Quadra, highlighting the distribution.

Pneumatic distribution system

With KUHN's unique, highly reliable, fully pneumatic, patented and exclusive fertilizer and seed distribution system, the Quadra seeder ensures a return on investment to the farmer from the first crop! Consisting of two main components (the metering unit and the distribution) responsible for ensuring correct metering of fertilizer (or seed) and, by dividing the dose proportionally to all rows, the system is also self-cleaning. This important characteristic prevents wet fertilizer from accumulating in the metering unit grooves, consequently preventing incorrect application rate. In addition, the rotors of the metering units are manufactured in stainless steel and engineering polymers, presenting a coefficient of variance lower than 5%. The selected distribution rate is perfectly divided between the planting units through the distribution head, which is a fundamental element for perfect planting. Without proper flow rate division, it doesn't matter how accurate the metering unit is.

Variable rate and section control

Precision agriculture makes it possible for farmers to get the most out of their crops and inputs. Using precision agriculture leads to notable productivity gains. Variable-rate seeding aims to provide inputs according to the specific needs of each crop, not working with averages as in conventional agriculture. Saving inputs and maximizing the yield potential of each area are among the advantages of using precision agriculture. Another technology that helps yield is section control, a type of seeding carried out with control over sections that prevents overlapping inputs, saving them and avoiding a field with competing plants. The QUADRA pneumatic seed drill perfectly matches the concept of precision agriculture. Section control and variable rate fertilizer and seed drilling technologies are available in the QUADRA pneumatic seed drill, which combines these technologies with the precision and consistency of the pneumatic distribution system.
Image with projected precision agriculture map in a field with machines operating.

Compatibility with your tractor

Image with the ISOBUS initiative logo.


The Quadra pneumatic seed drill's electronic system was developed on the ISOBUS platform: easier connectivity technology with all tractors on the market that eliminates the need for additional terminals in the cab. With the ISOBUS system, the operator monitors and controls, in the same operating system as the tractor, all functions of the Quadra seed drill, from the input application rates to the speed of pneumatic blowers. Moreover, all fertilizer and seed rows are monitored and alerts on the display inform the operator if the transfer tubes are clogged. All this makes the Quadra pneumatic seed drill an intelligent machine, capable of saving inputs, increasing productivity and ensuring return on investment to the farmer with all the necessary operational safety.

Performance to beat the seeding window

Rear view of the QUADRA with side modules retracted, in transport position.


The Quadra is self-supporting, which is a very important feature. Apart from facilitating movement between cultivation areas, the pneumatic seed drill does not need to use auxiliary wheels or other supplementary implements to be taken from one area to another. With speed, safety and practicality, it can be shifted from its working position to transport position without the operator having to leave the tractor: in little more than 1 minute, the Quadra pneumatic seed drill is ready for transport from one field to another. In addition, the transport dimensions also stand out: with a total width of 4.75 m and 3.20 m in the wheelsets, the seed drill is easilyand safely transported on roads, bridges and through gates.

High-capacity hoppers

The Quadra pneumatic seed drill has stainless steel hoppers of the highest quality, which increases the equipment's durability and extends its service life. In addition, they are strategically arranged and have an operating platform that allows for quick and easy access from a single workstation. This all ensures optimization of the refill operation, consequently allowing for more flexible and safe refilling of inputs. In addition, the superior performance resulting from the capacity of the Quadra�s hoppers: 4,400 liters for fertilizer and 3,300 liters for seeds. Capacity reaches 4,400 liters in the seed-only version. When converted to kilos, the Quadra figures are even more impressive, reaching 5,000 kg of fertilizer, 2,300 kg of seeds, and 3,000 kg of seeds in the non-fertilizer version. The increased operational efficiency that only the Quadra pneumatic seed drill provides to farmers is clear.
Photo highlighting the stainless steel hoppers of the Quadra pneumatic seed drill.

Rear view of the QUADRA pneumatic seed drill in working position with the frame articulated.