Mechanical seed drill PREMIA 9000 TRC

PREMIA 9000 TRC machine silhouette

The all-in-one drill for high output with little horsepower

With 9 m working width, no tillage tool and a trailed attachment, rear transport wheels to support the drill during work: the mechanical seed drill PREMIA 9000 TRC can be pulled by tractors from only 120hp to 350hp.

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More hectares to sow that demand an investment in a new drill while at the same time you don't want to replace your existing farm tractor ? The mechanical seed drill PREMIA 9000 TRC of 9.00m working width is THE tool for large farms that have smaller tractors, but still demand high outputs. Foldable, trailed drill without soil preparation tool, this model only requires horsepowers from as little as 120hp. This seed drill is a combined seed/fertiliser machine. 60% of the hoppers' capacity is used for seed, 40% for fertiliser. Both are delivered in the same row. Its 4.50m large sections fold forward to reach a transport width of only 3.50m.
PREMIA 9000 TRC at work

Your benefits

A flexible seeding and fertilising solution

Combination of seeding and fertiliser application with two hoppers on PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

Give your crop a powerful start

Combining seeding with fertiliser application supports not only the seedlings' development, but also reduces the number of passes necessary in the field. Each of the two PREMIA 9000 TRC hoppers is fitted with a wall, dedicating 60% of its total capacity for seeds and 40% for fertiliser. You can also fold these walls rearwards to use approx. 95% or 3,540l of the hopper capacity for seeds only, if no starter fertilisation is intended.

A metering solution for all seeds

The four metering units – 2 for seeds and 2 for fertiliser - are fitted with the tried and tested HELICA helically fluted rollers. This metering solution doses rates from 1.5 to 300kg/ha and is suitable for all seed
types, sizes and shapes. The units are mechanically driven with land wheels at the side of the drill via 6 cam variators, thus providing a consistent seed flow regardless of groundspeed or metering unit rotation speed.
Many parts of the HELICA distribution units are made of stainless steel for maximum service life.
HELICA metering unit for PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

Place the fertiliser closest to the seed

On PREMIA 9000 TRC, the fertiliser is mixed with the seed after the metering unit and delivered in the same row. This solution is adapted for starter fertilisers and makes the nutrients quickly available for the germinating plants. Moreover the technical conversion is rather simple and thus demands hardly any extra investment.
Placement of fertiliser closest to the seed with the PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

Everything for high seeding quality

CROSSFLEX coulter bar ensures a consistent seeding depth on PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

Precision at high speed

The CROSSFLEX coulter bar ensures a consistent seeding depth in virtually all conditions and also at elevated working speeds of up to 15kph, while keeping a simple structure. The single coulter arms are mounted to a specially profiled tube using four polyurethane blocks. This combination allows a high coulter pressure of 80kg whilst still allowing upward deflection of the coulter should it encounter an

Cutting-edge double discs

The double discs with 350mm diameter and 41mm offset are well-conceived.
With their leading edge, they not only penetrate the soil efficiently, but this feature also improves cutting through crop residues and consequently prevents residues from being pinned down in
the seed furrow. Another important detail: the seed outlet between the double discs is positioned in front of the discs´ hub. This provides for great seeding precision, because the seed can “accompany” the discs in its downward rotational movement.
Cutting-edge double discs on PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

The perfect finish

350 x 50mm press wheels ensure a reliable depth guidance and tamping behind the seed
coulters. Being semi-pneumatic allows their surface to flex a little to keep them
clean. They are also fitted with scrapers as standard. Additionally one pair of covering harrow tines is
mounted at every other seed unit. The tines are mounted on spring leafs to prevent blockages as well as to ensure that tine movement will not affect the seeding depth. Their work intensity can be adjusted behind each coulter by the means of a cam adjuster.
Covering harrow tines for a perfect finish with PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

Comfort features for your benefit

Excellent ground adaptation and accurate application rate with PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

Excellent ground adaptation and accurate application rate

Each of the two coulter bar sections of 4.50m width is articulated on one central point and therefore able to pivot independently, thus providing excellent ground adaptation. When raised to headland position, the two sections are locked to prevent contact with the ground during turning.
The application rate is adjusted via a single micrometric screw, which sets the size of flute opening. Result: accurate adjustment for a constant seed application rate. The metering uniformity of small seed amounts, for example in the case of rapeseed, is improved by using the built-in «small seed» fluting.
Therefore on the PREMIA 9000 TRC drill, you change seeds in a flash, without having to handle the distribution.

Easy adjustments of seeding depth and coulter pressure

The seeding depth is set using simple clips, which are placed on the hydraulic cylinders controlling the position of the transport wheels. Also the coulter pressure of maximal 80kg is adjusted this way for 1.50m large sections separately directly on the coulter bar.
Due to this universal system it is possible to record the settings easily for future reference. Extra clips can be stored on the machine.
Easy adjustments of seeding depth and coulter pressure with PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill

Large at work and narrow on the road

A chassis consisting of two 4.50m seed drill sections allows reducing the 9.00m working width to 3.50m for safe travel on the road. To achieve that, the two sections are simply folded horizontally forwards in a lengthways transport position. The rear wheels support the drill during work as well as transport.
PREMIA 9000 TRC on the road for transport

Comprehensive electronic monitoring

The HECTOR 3000 control box performs following functions to facilitate seeding with the PREMIA 9000 TRC drill: monitoring of seed level and metering unit rotation via sensors, daily and total hectare counter and tramlining with 2x2 rows shut-off.
HECTOR 3000 control box for PREMIA 9000 TRC seed drill


Additional equipment for tramlining, safety and improved machine control.

PREMIA 9000 TRC mechanical seed drill at work


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Transport length (m)
Min. tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Weight approx. (kg)
Hitch type
Wheel size
Required tractor hydraulic equipment
89 / 120
Lower links, cat. 3
1350 x 600 (600/55-26.5)
2 spool valves


Hopper capacity (l)
Loading height approx. (cm)
Opening dimension approx. (cm)
Seed: 2,240 / Fertiliser: 1,520
Only seed: 3,540
Width: 82
Length: 354


Application rate
Distribution drive
HELICA fluted metering units (60 seed + 60 fertiliser) - 1 to 300 kg/ha

Seed placement

Number of rows
Spacing between rows (cm)
Type of seeding unit
Ground pressure adjustment on seeding units
Seed: 60
Fertiliser: 60
CROSSFLEX seed bar with double discs and press wheels
Up to 80 kg

Seeding control

Control terminal
HECTOR 3000: monitoring of seed level, seed distribution, hectar counter, tramlining