Min-till seed drill ESPRO RT 12000 RC

View of the ESPRO 12000

Uncompromising non-stop seeding

With a working width of 12 m and a 13,000 litre hopper, the ESPRO RT 12000 RC min-till seed drill offers an impressive work output. Quality is also achieved thanks to the combination of CROSSFLEX and STEADY CONTROL technologies!

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With its 12 m working width, the ESPRO RT 12000 RC seed drill offers high output. Its two pressurized hoppers of 6,500 litres each are equipped with independent metering units. These ensure precise metering of seeds and fertilizers, at very high application rates of up to 500 kg/ha for cereals and large seeds! The six distribution heads ensure, among them, uniform seed distribution over the entire working width.

This seed drill has been designed to adapt to soil types and very varied seeding techniques. Dry soils, presence of a large quantity of crop residues, hilly plots, min-till seeding or direct seeding on light soils, nothing stops it! The combination of opener discs and the CROSSFLEX seeding bar make it a versatile machine that can work at speeds of up to 20 kph. In addition the STEADY CONTROL technology ensures excellent terrain monitoring.
ESPRO RT 12000 RC at work
The ESPRO RT 12000 RC trailed seed drill has been specially designed to meet the needs of large farms in Eastern Europe

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Your benefits

Working speed and seeding quality

Filling of the ESPRO RT 12000 RC hopper via the loading auger

Limit downtime

You wish to sow wheat at 180 kg/ha on an area of ​​220 ha in a single day? It is possible and you will only need 3 stops to reload the hopper.
With its 13,000 litre hopper and a working width of 12 m, the ESPRO RT 12000 RC allows sowing large areas in a minimum of time. The loading auger, directly mounted on the machine, reduces the time spent on reloading. Thanks to a high filling rate, only 15 to 20 minutes are needed to fill the hopper. If you want to change varieties or species, simply empty the remaining seeds by sliding the loading auger under the metering units.
The ESPRO RT 12000 RC also has a low pull power requirement and can therefore be used with a tractor from 280 hp. Its speed can reach up to 20 kph.

Uncompromising on seeding quality

The two pressurized hoppers of 6,500 litres each allow transporting two individually dosed products. The metering system is made up of four metering units (two per hopper). It ensures perfect metering of seeds and fertilizers whatever their quality (fine, light, powdery, compound, etc.). Different rotors are available to adapt the application rate very precisely for the established product. The application rate can reach 500 kg/ha for cereals or large seeds!
Metering units of the min-till seed drill ESPRO RT 12000 RC

A multitude of possibilities

The possibilities offered by the presence of several hoppers on a single seed drill are numerous! In this case, the double hopper of the ESPRO RT 12 000 RC allows sowing two varieties at the same time or sowing and incorporating fertilizer in a single pass. The products are mixed with the air flow from the blower and transferred to the six distribution heads positioned above the seeding bar. The presence of six distribution heads makes it possible to limit differences in length between the tubes for uniform product distribution. Finally, thanks to the possibility of cutting every other row, the products can be spaced 20 or 40 cm apart.
Min-till seed drill ESPRO RT 12000 RC at work

Performing in all soil types

Min-till seed drill ESPRO RT 12000 RC at work

CROSSFLEX seeding bar: precision at high speed

The ESPRO RT 12000 RC has been designed to adapt to various seeding methods and soils.
The opener discs are placed upstream of the seeding units. They cut residues and refine the soil on the seeding line. The surface worked is thus limited. With a pressure of up to 250 kg, they easily penetrate the soil even in dry conditions or in the presence of significant quantities of residue.
The double beveled and 41 mm offset discs of the CROSSFLEX seeding bar continue the work of the opener discs and precisely position the seeds in the ground. In addition to being particularly efficient in dry conditions, their large diameter (350 mm) also ensures good results in wet conditions. The arms used to fix the seeding units are mounted on a bar with an exclusive shape. Thanks to the presence of polyurethane studs, the seeding units ensure constant pressure whatever their position and thus respect the desired seeding depth even at high speed.

STEADY CONTROL: perfect adaptation to ground contours

The clever STEADY CONTROL system ensures an optimum pressure on the seeding bar extensions and excellent ground contour monitoring, despite its 12 m working width. Thanks to a pivot between the hopper and the seeding bar allowing a travel angle of 18°, the seeding bar adapts to ground unevenness (uphill or downhill) in the direction of travel.
View of the steady control technology

A performing machine whatever the conditions

To limit soil compaction, the weight of the double hopper of the ESPRO RT 12000 RC is supported by large wheels (650/75R32). Twin wheels (460/85R38) can also be installed as an option to further reduce tracks on the soil, particularly on soft or wet soils.
Additional weights of 500 kg can be added to the rear of the seeding bar to increase the penetration force of the opener discs and seeding discs. A real asset in difficult conditions.
Min-till seed drill ESPRO RT 12000 RC with additional weights

Numerous features for your comfort

Good maneouvrability

Good manoeuvrability

The ESPRO RT 12000 RC seed drill offers a wide working width while keeping an excellent manoeuvrability for transport and headland turns. For transport, the seeding bar is easily folded to go from a 12 m working width to a 4.30 m transport width.

Easy access to hopper and metering units

Thanks to its retractable ladder, the hopper platform can be accessed quickly and safely. It allows you to control the quantity of remaining seeds or to fill the hopper by hand with small bags for very specific products. Its large opening (80 x 50 cm) is ideal for loading big bags.
The metering units are easily accessible. An on/off button, positioned between the two hoppers, allows you to start or stop the calibration test. No need to reach under the chassis, everything is within easy reach. Also save time when changing the metering rotor. No need to empty the hopper thanks to the guillotine hatch!

Double hopper of the ESPRO RT 12000 RC

ISOBUS management

Intuitively control your seed drill using the CCI 800 or 12000 terminals capable of displaying multiple information on the same screen. They offer many features: monitoring of application rate and fan speed, calibration test assistance, modulation of the seed application rate, positioning of the seeding bar and anti-clogging control of the distribution heads.
< br />In addition, to anticipate refills, cameras positioned inside the hoppers allow viewing the remaining quantities of seeds or fertilizer in a few seconds. A low level sensor informs the driver when one of the two hoppers is almost empty.
View of the CCI 12000 fo the ESPRO RT 12000 RC


Min-till seed drill ESPRO RT 12000 RC at work


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Transport length (m)
Weight approx. (kg)
Required tractor hydraulic equipment
Required oil flow : 120l/min
1 DA for switching from work to transport position
1 DA for seed bar raising/lowering
1 DA for metering units & machine unlocking
1 SA for blower drive with free return and hydraulic drain hose (used also for loading auger via 3-way valve)
1 DA for parking stand


Hopper capacity (l)
Loading height approx. (cm)
Opening dimensions approx. (cm)
Hopper sieve with locking
13000 (6500/6500)
80 x 50
As standard


Application rate
Number of metering units
Hopper/metering unit separating sliding hatch
Metering units with volumetric roller, hydraulically driven
2 per hopper, products are mixed in the transfer tube (seed or fertiliser)
As standard


Digital weighing scale + bag
Parking stands
As standard
As standard hydraulic


Number of distribution head

Seed placement / Seeding control

Number of rows
Spacing between rows (cm)
Type of seeding unit
Control terminal
Electronic monitoring
Pre-metering system
CROSSFLEX single arm seeding unit with hydraulic ground pressure and seeding depth adjustment - Offset double discs with hard coated scrapers and covering harrow
ISOBUS Machine: use of a CCI or tractor ISOBUS terminal
Hopper low seed level - Blower speed - Metering unit hatch and rotation
As standard