Monograin seed drill PLANTER 3

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Precision in the wider sense

Provided with an exceptional modularity in all precision seeding configurations, this range is distinguished by the quality of its precision, its adaptability to the needs of multiple farms and the regularity of its placement of seed on the row.

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The range of Planter three pneumatic precision seed drills includes six different frames dedicated to all farms. From the mono-bar to the telescopic and the folding frame, you will find the option that meets your needs and the conditions of your soil. With spacings between 25 and 80 cm, you can sow between 3 and 12 rows with a precise and powerful seed drill. Adapted to European transport widths, this precision planter enables you to achieve your profitability goals while not losing productivity thanks to simple settings, optimised precision and suitable options.
PLANTER 3 at work in the field

Your benefits

A seed drill for every farm

The PLANTER 3 sowing unit is more robust and offers improved precision

An optimised sowing unit

The sowing unit on the PLANTER 3 precision seed drills has been improved. First, the research and development team decreased the seed release height to less than 10 cm from the soil. Dedicated to any type of seed, this sowing unit has the best precision between seeds. There are three types of PLANTER 3 sowing units:
  • rear gauge unit: an economic solution equipped with a support point at the rear for deep seeding.
  • pendulum unit: oriented to beet, this unit has two support points at the rear and front for a perfect depth control on a prepared soil.
  • opener disc unit: for work in the presence of plant residues and on homogeneous ground; this unit controls the depth via front gauge wheels and a rear gauge. The furrow is also opened by two discs.
Distribution is another improved aspect of the PLANTER 3 sowing unit. Equipped with a high-strength aluminium casing, the selection of the seed is made by air depression, the selector has had its reliability increased and the mechanical ejection offers improved regularity.
Finally, the seed drill is equipped with a rigid parallelogram over its ensemble and an H-beam clamp to facilitate inter-row modifications.

Several models dedicated to multiple needs

KUHN has developed a PLANTER 3 range containing four families of different frames adapted to various uses:
  • Mono-bar: it offers a wide possibility of planting crops from 3 to 18 rows and from 2.50 to 9 m working width.
  • Simple telescopic: dedicated to easy transport, these seed drills offer the possibility of seeding from 6 to 8 rows to have four spacing choices (50, 55, 75 or 80).
  • Indexable telescopic: to seed six rows at several spacings by changing inter-row. Robust and adaptable, this seed drill benefits from a long life. The patented technology VARIMAX is also available on this type of seed drill.
  • Foldable: ideal for large farms, this frame provides a 3 m road gauge and allows sowing with 1, 2 or 3 parts.
Equipped with 2 to 6 wheels, the precision seed drills are equipped as standard with 25 l hoppers and optionally with 47 l capacity hoppers.
A PLANTER 3 in sowing action

A farm oriented model XL / XXL

The PLANTER 3 range is expanded with a model dedicated to large or even very large farms: PLANTER 3 TRS. With 24 rows available and a spacing of 45 cm for sowing beets, you can sow intensively. For adaptation to lower power tractors, you can convert the machine with 16 or 18 rows with 70 cm spacing for corn and sunflower crops. This seed drill folds for transport into a width of 3.50 m, not adapted to the regulations of the European Union. It is equipped with the same precision seeding in terms of the sowing unit. You will therefore have a regular depth and a seeding density at regular intervals regardless of the type of seed.
Finally, the beams that support the seed drill adapt to the unevenness of the ground to maintain a constant seeding depth in all circumstances.
A PLANTER 3 TRS stationary

Adapted and versatile equipment

Side view of a PLANTER 3 at work with opening discs

Equipment adapted to all conditions

KUHN offers the possibility of equipping your Planter 3 precision seed drill with equipment that adapts to your needs. These equipment allow you to optimise your sowing depending on your type of soil, the stoniness, and the level of residues on the soil.
Here is the list of optional equipment available:
  • star-shaped debris clearer by row
  • clod clearer with plough share
  • intermediate roller
  • rear roller V steel
  • rear rollers V rubber
  • rear rollers OTIFLEX
  • squeegee for rollers V
  • lateral gauge wheels
  • vacuum gauge for depression monitoring
  • low flow kit for fertiliser

Fertiliser equipment

The PLANTER 3 can also be equipped with fertiliser equipment. Four different hoppers are available: 2 x 190 L, 2 x 260 L, 1 x 950 L or 1 x 1350 L. Fertilisation is carried out by dosing through grooves; the distribution opening is adjusted by crank and index finger. You can condemn a row by closing the distribution; maintenance of the distribution shaft is done by a quick disassembly.
Linked to these hoppers, you will also have different models of fertiliser buriers available for all situations:
  • standard burier for well-prepared seed beds
  • burier with non-stop plough share
  • burier with non-stop disc for TCS
  • burier with blade disc

A separate fertiliser hopper is also possible. In fact, the TF 1512 can be combined with the PLANTER 3 precision seed drills for fertiliser application. This therefore allows large storage and maximum equilibrium.
A farmer fills the seed hoppers on a PLANTER 3 equipped with fertiliser

Your sowing from your cabin

An ISOBUS CCI 1200 Terminal accessible on your future PLANTER 3

Discover the electronic units too

Now you can monitor your sowing from your cabin thanks to our electronic boxes installed in your tractor. There are three distinct boxes for multiple uses:
  • KMS 208: simple and fast, it ensures control of the passes and the correct fall of the seeds row by row
  • KMS 548: all functions on a single box, it ensures display of the instant population, graphic bars and a hectare counter.
  • KMD 112: save seed with row marking-out; this box is dedicated to electronic release.
In addition, you now have access to the ISOBUS CCI 1200 and 50 boxes to control your sowing steps. This will save you money by automatically cutting your rows by GPS. On the ISOBUS seed drills, these boxes are also compatible with the main terminals on the market (Fendt, JD, etc.).
a farmer working on MyKUHN on his computer

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A PLANTER 3 TRS stationary