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KUHN offers a full range of plough bodies to equip your plough. Depending on the soil type and the ploughing desired, you will find the body adapted to your needs.

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KUHN's nearly 150 years of experience in the domain of ploughing has made it possible to develop a range of bodies adapted to the needs of all farmers. KUHN plough bodies are made from high-quality, robust materials and are designed to optimally penetrate all soil conditions and have a maximum service life.
The uneven-layer triplex mouldboards, the high and wide stem, and the range of carbide wear parts are some of the advantages of the KUHN plough body range. With around thirty different bodies, you have ample choice to ensure the residues in all your fields are properly buried.
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Your benefits

A full range of plough bodies

Illustrations of the forge in the Chateaubriant factory with a part heated up to 1200°C

An ultra-robust design

KUHN has been a leader in the design and manufacture of ploughs for decades. This experience has made it possible to develop increasingly efficient ploughing bodies to ensure you better profitability.
The technology of the TRIPLEX mouldboards with uneven layers is a KUHN exclusive. In combination with heat treatment, TRIPLEX increases the life of your mouldboard by 40%. Your KUHN plough equipped with TRIPLEX mouldboards with uneven layers ensures you one of the most attractive costs per hectare on the market!
The wide landside on all the bodies reduces wear costs and improves the stability of the plough in soil.
The KUHN bodies are designed with a high and wide stem that ensures a clean cut of the furrow wall, while protecting the mouldboard and share.

The shares and points are forged and treated to provide maximum durability to your wear parts. The drop forging process increases impact and wear resistance by preserving the fibres of the material. The heat treatment significantly increases the life of your parts. Genuine KUHN parts are 20% stronger than standard parts.

A complete range of bodies adapted to your needs

KUHN retails a tailor-made offer of plough bodies according to working depth chosen, soil conditions and ploughing type desired:
  • Helical T: long body suitable for shallow to medium depth ploughing (15 to 25 cm). Very good quality of turnover and burial. The body T limits the need for power and means large tyres can be used.
  • Helical L: multi-purpose body which provides significant clearance of the furrow bottom to make it easier for wide tyres to pass through. Possibility to work up to a depth of 35 cm.
  • Helical HC: Scandinavian body suitable for ploughing on cloddy soil, ideal in fine soil and adapted to competition ploughing. Available with plastic mouldboard to limit adhesion of the soil.
  • Cylindrical Helical RM: multi-purpose plough body with very low level of power requirement.
  • Cylindrical Helical N: multi-purpose body adapted to medium ploughing. It has a low level power requirement thanks to its cylindrical shape at the front and its helical shape at the rear.
Table of the entire KUHN body range

A complete range of bodies adapted to your needs

  • Cylindrical C: short and flat cylindrical mouldboard for vertical ploughing leaving a ventilated soil. It is particularly suitable for winter ploughing on hard soil that is very sticky.
  • Cylindrical P: spring ploughing body for crumbled surface for immediate sowing. Allows high speed work between 8 to 10 km / h.
  • Cylindrical RB: large capacity body suitable for medium to very heavy soils. Impeccable furrow clearance even at great depth (35 cm).
  • Clear-way V: consisting of interchangeable and independent blades. It reduces cloddy soil adhesion and is also suitable for clayey soils.
  • Clear-way VL: multi-purpose body for mounted or inclined ploughing, depending on the working speed. Significant clearance of the furrow lane allowing wide tyres to pass.
  • Bladed American YL: equipped with a blade, it is particularly adapted to grounds with rocky depths because it prevents stones from resurfacing and is ideal for shallow ploughing.
In addition, KUHN also offers a RH helical rhombus body which allows the strips of land to be continuously consolidated. The ploughing obtained is less crumbled. This body is adapted to wet clayey soils and winter ploughing. It limits the need for traction in the event of rapid tilting of the strip of land.
Table of the entire KUHN body range

High quality of the KUHN original wear parts

The Olympic point comes as standard on KUHN ploughs

KUHN points, the assurance of optimal penetration into the soil

All our points are forged from special steels. The material is concentrated in the areas where it is necessary. The heat treatment gives them great resistance to wear and preserves their performance over time.
Detailed below are the points available on the KUHN plough bodies:
  • SEMI MARATHON point: it is intended for stony and rocky soil. Its shape ensures a constant penetration, prevents stones from resurfacing and offers a higher wear reserve.
  • MARATHON point: its special profile offers better protection of the parts and a regular wear pattern allowing good penetration.
  • OLYMPIC point: this is a patented point and of unparalleled quality. Its special profile retains maximum penetration and protection of the stem and share during the life of this part.
  • SUPER MARATHON point: this carbide point is optimised for high performance at work. Its manufacture is governed by following a patented process during the carbide feed. Its limited thickness reduces the need for traction power.

KUHN ploughshares, exceptional resistance in all conditions

The control of the drop forging and heat treatment processes ensures very good resistance to wear in all conditions. The design of the ploughshares offers a very good wear profile. It ensures an optimal penetration and very good performance of the ploughing bodies throughout their life. Depending on the type of body, the KUHN ploughshares are available in different sizes 14', 16' and 18'.
There are several models of KUHN ploughshares:
  • Blade ploughshare: they are easily recognised thanks to their trapezoid shape
  • Duckbill ploughshare: these are ploughshares that have a point
  • Ploughshare with removable tip: contains a tip that can be changed when excessively worn.
Example of the evolution of the ploughshare assembly-line, performed in the Kuhn factory in Chateaubriant

Carbide wear parts to achieve the full usage potential

In recent years, KUHN has introduced a carbide range for the wear parts fitted to plough bodies. The advantages of carbide ploughshares and points are multiple: increase in service life, reduced usage cost per hectare and reduced maintenance time. By using genuine KUHN carbide parts, you gain up to five times more longevity.
The KUHN carbide points have an optimised profile with extra thickness of material behind the carbide pads in the area most sensitive to wear.
The heat treatment and the positioning of the carbide pads is carried out simultaneously to avoid any phenomenon of loss of hardness behind the pads.
The carbide ploughshares are made from stamped and treated steel for added durability. The provision of carbide pads soldered along the cutting edge provides a much higher wear resistance than a standard ploughshare.

The KUHN carbide ploughshares and points provide a quick return on investment and save a considerable amount of time. Using carbide means that the same depth of work can be maintained throughout the ploughing season.
Carbide ploughshare with a Super Marathon point

A wide range of equipment

Special maize skim coulter proposed on KUHN plough bodies KUHN deflector for adapting to deep ploughing

Skim coulters and deflector

KUHN ploughing bodies can be equipped with total safety skim coulters. The sleeve assembly perfectly holds the skim coulters; these are independent with a three-dimensional adjustment. An anti-loss pin prevents the skim coulters from being lost during work and the safety bolt ensures a clean cut-off at 1800 kg at the ploughshare tip.
There are five types of skim coulters:
  • straight skim coulter ZD: for burying rooted plant residues, with excellent penetration.
  • multi-purpose skim coulter ZX(L): well suited for ploughing on stubble / cereal straw.
  • large-capacity skim coulter ZGC: suitable for any burial of large plant residues.
  • helical skim coulter ZH: helical skim coulter for deep burial of plant residues. Well suited for grassland ploughing.
  • maize skim coulter ZRL (long maize type): skim coulter with excellent burial of crop residues and that prevents stems from winding around the skim coulter.
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In addition, a DF deflector is available for special conditions. It increases inter-body clearance, limits the risk of blocking in the case of strong presence of residues and facilitates the flow.

Disc coulters

Disc coulters provide many benefits to ploughing both in terms of quality of work and ease of passage in the presence of abundant residues.
The first role of the circular coulter is to cleanly cut the vegetation layer covering the soil, prior to ploughing. This makes it much easier for the plough to pass while limiting the risk of blocking.
This pre-cutting also helps turn over the strip of land, ensuring the residues are more thoroughly buried. The furrow wall itself is cleaner and the furrow bottom is freed up, optimising depth regularity and providing a much more homogeneous shallow ploughing.
The disc coulter in action during ploughing

KUHN Plough Body Range ease of use