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Agility in planting and harvesting

The Grain Max MULTIPURPOSE line brings the practicality you need, developed for planting and harvesting.

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Today, the reduction of labour is one of the impacting factors in the cost of ownership. Thinking about this factor and in speeding up the processes, we developed the Grain Max Multipurpose line, which is directed towards planting and harvesting, making the equipment allocated to more jobs within the crop schedule, reducing labor and speeding up the process. The Multiporpose trailers assist in planting and moving fertilizers that are transported within the trailer, then the transshipment is made to the planter or distributor, thus optimizing the process, reducing labour and speeding up the work. In addition to use in planting and fertilizing, it is directly linked to the harvest where the trailer is used to accompany the harvester.
GRAIN Maxx multipurpose working in the field

Your benefits

Higher yield and less labour time

GRAIN Maxx multipurpose working in the field

Ease in transshipment

The multipurpose kit was developed to facilitate the transshipment process of the product allocated in the trailer to supply the planter or distributor. The multipurpose kit is attached to the outlet of the discharge tube, bringing ease in supply, with diameters of 150 and 200mm, according to the diameter of the tube used in the equipment. The union between the tube and the telescope assembly is made through a rubber sleeve to provide flexibility during operation, being able to direct the product as needed. In this way, we have greater agility, shortening the operation time and streamlining the entire process.

Ease and safety first

Opening indicator

Opening indicator

The Grain Max multipurpose trailers were developed for high performance and with due attention focused on the operational part. This equipment was allocated the opening indicator, where the operator can see in which position the gate is at the time of operation. The drainage gate is actuated via the hydraulic part of the equipment, it can be actuated via the tractor's hydraulic command or through the optional remote control (electro-hydraulic system) which brings more ease in operation, so the operator is not stuck in the tractor cab to do this actuation, gaining agility and safety due to the operator being able to be in the desired location as necessary.

Level gauges

Attention to every detail is one of the factors we do not compromise on, as we know how tiring and difficult everyday life in the crop field can be. It is with this concern that we have introduced level gauges into our equipment, so that when collecting the grain allocated in the harvester or at the time of discharge, the operator can easily read the equipment without leaving or moving from the tractor, doing the same through the level gauges located on the front of the equipment indicating the load levels in the equipment.
Level gauges

Access ladder

The Grain Max multipurpose line contemplates various sizes of equipment, but in all of them the same project line was maintained taking care of every detail. With this care we can grant the same benefits to all our customers, regardless of the potential of each one, be it a small or large equipment. With this, we contemplate the access ladder in our entire line to enable and facilitate internal access to the equipment when necessary. It is because of these small details that we add to our equipment that we offer reliable machines, with benefits that will facilitate your day to day, bringing comfort and safety.
Access ladder

Configurations that aid operation

GRAIN Maxx multipurpose working in the field

Various configurations to make your daily life easier

The Grain Max cart line was created to bring more convenience and comfort to daily work, thus creating several optional features to further simplify day-to-day tasks. As we know, there are already many challenges to overcome, and observing these details, we developed equipment to facilitate work with due attention to the operational. Focusing on this point, we aim to bring even more conveniences and innovations to your daily farming tasks, meticulously taking care of each of these details, considering every operation, every type of work, and every possible detail, offering comfort, safety, and agility to assist during the harvest period.

Complementary transmission

Practicality in daily life is essential, and with this in mind, a complementary transmission option was added to the Grain Max line. Its function is to adapt to the tractor's power take-off rotation, allowing us to attach the cart with this system to tractors with a PTO of 540RPM as well as tractors with a PTO of 1000RPM. This makes operations easier since at any moment you can replace the tractor in use, and with a simple change of the cardan position, your equipment is ready to operate regardless of your PTO's rotation.
Complementary transmission

GRAIN Maxx multipurpose working in the field


Technical characteristics

Load capacity (Kg)
Volumetric Capacity (L)
Approximate capacity (sacks of soybeans)
Discharge tube diameter (mm)
Approximate unloading time (bags/minute)
Minimum power required (cv)
Height (m)
Width (m)
Length (m)
Height of the discharge pipe (m)
Approximate weight (Kg)
Tube position
12.000 15.000 16.000 20.000 25.000 30.000 35.000
12.000 15.000 16.000 20.000 25.000 30.000 35.000
160 200 213 266 333 400 466
330 330 360 360 470 470 470
80 80 80 80 150 150 150
100 100 120 120 150 180 220
3,31 3,54 3,59 3,50 3,75 3,99 4,00
3,74 3,74 3,62 3,50 3,78 4,18 4,18
5,88 5,85 6,10 8,10 8,70 8,97 9,25
4,18 4,18 4,15 4,50 4,00 4,83 4,83
3.200 3.300 3.200 4.605 6.400 7.200 7.600
Lateral Lateral Front Front Front Front Front