Orchard & Vineyard Flail Mowers

Flail mowers are designed for maintenance and residue removal based on the material to be shredded, the intended use, the conditions and your expectations. KUHN's range of orchard and vineyard shredders offers a wide range of solutions to meet all needs.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

BV 10

BV series 10 shredders with a working width of 0.96 to 1.53 m are perfectly suited to wine structures and equipment. They have been specially designed for vines of small widths.


The SDS (Side Delivery System) range has been developed to shred grass in between rows of large-width vines and orchards and place it on the row. Available in 3 working widths, it has a unique delivery system to fit each plantation.

BV - BVR 100

BV 100 series shredders with working widths from 1.53 to 2.28 m are ideally designed for large-width vineyards and orchards. Reversible BVR 100 series shredders with working widths from 1.53 to 1.91 m provide increased versatility!

BV 1000 - BVR 1000

BV and BVR 1000 series shredders with a working width of 1.72 to 2.33 m and 1.54 to 2.07 m respectively, are perfectly designed for large width orchards. The reversible BVR 1000 series offers extras versitility!


TRP over-ground shredders are designed to shred your vine shoots and other prunings efficiently and quickly, even in difficult or stony conditions.

TDP 1000

TDP shredders are intended for shredding significant volumes of large diameter prunings and intensive conditions of use. For example, the TDP easily works in olive, orange, chestnut or walnut groves.

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