Flail mower WS 320 BIO

WS 320 BIO machine silhouette

Shred and harvest energy crops!

The WS 320 BIO is a specialised energy crop shredder designed to harvest crops. With a working width of 3.23 m it also allows working in combination with a baler with a power requirement of 150 hp.

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The WS 320 BIO shredder specialises in harvesting energy crops or intermediate energy crops. These dedicated crops are annual or perennial crops whose main objective of their establishment and harvest is energy recovery. These crops (miscanthus, switchgrass, sorghum...) also have many associated environmental benefits such as favouring biodiversity, water purification or soil erosion prevention. The WS 320 BIO offers incomparable advantages compared to other harvesting systems.
WS 320 BIO at work

Your benefits

Benefit from convincing benefits with this harvesting system

Harvest of miscanthus or energy crops with the WS 320 BIO shredder and its multiple benefits.

A winning practice!

When compared to self-propelled forage harvesters or mowing and baling in separate steps, the WS 320 BIO stands out with the following assets: only one person necessary for the entire harvesting process; simpler transport logistics; less space needed for bale storage especially if baled with a high-density baler into square bales; reduced fuel requirements; less soil compaction due to less passages of large machines over the field.

One passage, three operations

A swath is formed by and auger behind the rotor. It is driven by a hydraulic motor directly connected to the tractor. The speed can be adapted to working conditions (quantity of vegetation, groundspeed). The shredded material is evenly distributed through the central opening at the back of the shredder. This prevents the tractors wheels from driving over the perfectly formed swath.
Harvest of miscanthus or energy crops with the WS 320 BIO shredder combining three operations in a single passage.

Shredding adapted to your harvested material

Adaption of the rotor speed to your crop or to the required shredding with the WS 320 BIO field shredder

Adapt the rotor speed

The speed of the Y-knife rotor is reduced to obtain a shredding length of more than 15 cm in order to bale the residues. If you want to shred more finely, we recommend using a rotor on the baler. The roller can be adjusted to the desired cutting height of 4 to 15 cm.

Easier grasp of tall and dense crops

For a better grasp of the crops, which are generally tall and dense, the shredder has a hydraulically adaptable front cover and reel. The WS 320 BIO is suitable for all types of vegetation with high volumes. It
can even work in difficult conditions with lodged crops.
Easier grasp whatever the type and volume of material with the WS 320 BIO field shredder

Coarse shredding of residues facilitates swathing and baling

The coarse shredding of biomass improves the grasp of plants by the baler. The swath formation is then carried out by the worm screw placed behind the rotor. Suitable knives on the baler will reduce the size of residues even more significantly before baling.
Coarse shredding of residues by the WS 320 BIO shredder facilitates the swathing and baling of energy crops

Proven robustness and reliability

A thick sheet metal and two beams provide reliability and robustness of the energy crop shredder WS 320 BIO

A solid structure for a robust machine

The WS 320 BIO energy crop shredder has a thick sheet metal and two beams to provide robustness and reliability in all conditions and especially when shredding tall, dense and woody crops.
Harvest of miscanthus or energy crops with the WS 320 BIO shredder and its numerous benefits


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Overall width (m)
Outer rotor diameter (mm)
Tool linear speed (540 rpm/1000 rpm in m/s)
Number of Y knives
Working height adjustment
Roller diameter (mm)
Swathing system
Auger drive
Hydraulic hood
Hydraulic reel and front hood
PTO speed (min-1)
Number of belts
Belt type
Rotor speed (min-1)
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Weight with equipment (kg)
WS 320 BIO
By roller with removable ends
By an endless wormscrew
Hydraulic engine with regulation and engine speed control
As standard
As standard, with a joystick
2 (3 + 2)
XPB 2000
3-point - Cat. 2 and 3
2 DA