ACCURA 10000 fertiliser spreader

Details of the ACCURA 10000 machine

An accurate fertiliser spreader with unique application rate control

Fertiliser and seed spreader, the ACCURA 10000 is also an applicator of soil enriching agents providing highly accurate application rate control, besides several working widths and ISOBUS compatibility.

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Fitted with a 5 m³ hopper, the Accura 10000 spreader is an applicator of dry fertilizer and limestone that ensures uniformity and a great return on investment. Its unique innovative technology combines high capacity and high application rate accuracy, saving fertilizer. Furthermore, the ease of adjustment of the Accura 10000 makes large working widths possible, varying from 24 to 40 meters with fertilizer, and 14 meters with limestone, allowing reducing the number of passes required in the field, and thus, reducing fuel consumption and preserving the ground structure. Also, the Accura 10000 fertilizer spreader is operated via an ISOBUS system, easy to set up and that allows machine operation with any terminal.
ACCURA 10000 at work

Your benefits

Two machines in one

Fertilizer module

Fertilizer kit

The fertilizer kit in the Accura 10000 spreader allows granulated fertilizer and seeds to be distributed with high precision. To meet his needs, the farmer can choose between 3-disc models and working widths ranging from 24 to 40 meters. They are all equipped with Airfin deflectors, which reduce the turbulence generated by the rotation and ensure uniform fertilizer flow, featuring the same characteristics of the other KUHN models. As for the hopper, fertilizer is supplied according to the belt speed and the outlet opening that connects this equipment to the main hopper. In addition, changing the kit on the Accura 10000 takes place in a simple and practical way: just loosen the side clips and remove the 4 screws.

Soil enriching agent kit for Accura 10000

The soil enriching agent kit allows for an accurate spread of limestone, gypsum as well as some organic material by the Accura 10000. Due to working with products with densities generally greater than that of fertilizer, the hopper outlets are relatively larger, so as not to allow the material to be trapped in its structure, thus maintaining good flow. Still, the soil enriching agent kit contains larger and heavier spreading discs, which are able to handle wet and soggy products, as well as spread them over a working width of 14 meters through a system that allows the application of both variable and standard rates.
Soil enriching agent module

Built-in premium resources in all machines

Protection grids

Protection grids

The protection grids used on the Accura 10000 spreader hopper help prevent the entry of impurities and the agglomeration of inputs that may damage the belt or other components. They can be removed quickly, since they are modular: formed by 4 screens of the same size. In addition, the Accura 10000 has chains located before the limestone kit, which allow the separation of the limestone in order to achieve a more uniform spread. Also, the two protective belt deflectors, arranged in the longitudinal direction related to the machine's direction of travel, prevent excessive pressure of the product (fertilizer) on the belt during spreading, increasing its service life, as well as the drive system's longevity.

Access to the Accura 10000 hopper

To ensure operator safety and accessibility to the main hopper, the Accura 10000 fertilizer and seed spreader has several features, namely: a) a tilting ladder with a hand grip, located on the front of the machine, which is retractable for transport and during operation; b) a high-resistance non-slip platform, which provides safety to the operator against falling and slipping when checking the main hopper; and c) a handrail with a rounded bar and a smooth surface installed on the non-slip platform, which aims to reduce the risk of accidents with people, preventing them from falling off the machine.
Hopper access

Reliable build for a long service life

Stainless reservoir.jpg

Accura 10000 with stainless steel hopper

The construction of the stainless steel hopper provides the Accura 10000 with a solid and reliable structure to spread fertilizer and soil enriching agents. The simple and effective design ensures good resistance to corrosion, mainly due to the presence of chromium, which, in addition to fulfilling other functions, forms a protective film on the material, making it impermeable. Still, the stainless steel used in its production is a material that offers good resistance to temperature variation (whether they are high or low), presenting little surface roughness and a good cost/benefit ratio. Besides, it is fully recyclable, providing gains in sustainability and reducing the effects on the environment.

Safety when transporting the Accura 10000

Accura 10000 is a machine that, for several reasons, offers total transport safety: a) it is equipped with tandem wheels of which the second wheel is steerable, as well as 12.4-24 tires; b) the articulations of the wheel set follow the ground contours, facilitating maneuvers; c) it has two track width options: 1.95 - 2.8 m and 1.95 - 3.2 m, which provide greater fluctuation and less soil compaction; d) it has an articulation angle of 14 degrees to follow ground contours with less machine oscillation, so as not to compromise the uniformity of the spreading profile; besides, the lateral articulation angle is 20 degrees, facilitating maneuvers in different working conditions.
Wheel set


ACCURA mechanics