OPTIDISC ELITE, a high-performance cutter bar

The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar ensures excellent mowing quality in all conditions and exceptional work output. Your forage productions are an efficient food source for the herd! In a context of controlling production costs, harvesting all the food value of grassland to reduce the use of concentrates is a key issue for breeders. We put all our expertise and know-how to support you and meet this objective. What drives us is to offer real solutions that combine forage quality preservation and work output.

Optidisc cutter bar

OPTIDISC ELITE ensures excellent mowing quality in all conditions and exceptional work output.

GA 1011

Impeccable mowing

All mechanical operations carried out on forage can affect its quality. A regular mowing height without recutting the forage limits introducing impurities while preserving the forage nutrients.

  • A. The discs diverge: Spacing is reduced to increase knife overlap. This results in a clean cut even in light or short grasses.
  • B. The discs converge: Distance is increased to provide more space for the crop to pass through. The crop is quickly carried away to the rear so that the mower can do its job undisrupted.

The knife overlap area is almost doubled for improved mowing quality on wet and sticky ground (or in the presence of molehills) or in heavy or down forage, cover crops harvested in late autumn.

The pitch angle is smaller. When forage is cut flush, it allows avoiding the typical wavy mowing profile. This development also promotes homogeneous and faster regrowth and facilitates adjustment of the following machines


On wet ground, earth can build up in front of the cutter bar, but not with OPTIDISC ELITE!
It is equipped with skids designed to improve smooth running. Plant cover is protected, forage quality is high, and a regular cut is ensured, even in difficult conditions.

 Optidisc skids

To increase the quality of cut and the service life of the knives, the latter are free to rotate over 360°.


Reliability and work output ensured

Combining ideal weather conditions (hygrometry <60%, temperature> 15 ° C) and a good stage of development to harvest quality forage, generally leaves little time to act. It is in these moments that one appreciates the mower’s reliability and robustness 

    The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar and especially its inner components are reinforced:
    • Disc-bearing station with double-row angular contact ball bearings.
    • Large-diameter gear wheels in high precision forged steel with 3 teeth intermeshing
    • Discs with forged and heat-treated cups over the whole surface area.
    • Disc skids in treated steel with the option of adding protection (screw fastening).
    • PROTECTADRIVE safety.
    OPTIDISC cutting bar
    The PROTECTADRIVE system is the safety that makes the difference.

    In the event of a violent impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing thanks to a specially designed shear groove. The gearwheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine is operational again at a very low repair cost.

    Protectactive system
    Rigidity is also reinforced at strategic points.

    The disc bearing stations are attached by long screws that go through the cutter bar. It is a solution that prevents them from being pulled out of the cutter bar in the event of an impact. The disc-drive pinion remains securely in place and repair costs are reduced

    OPTIDISC cutting bar

    For maximum service life of the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar, shock absorbers are integrated between the cutter bar and the frame. Shocks have less impact on the machine structure during high-speed mowing. 

    Optidisc - absorbers

    A wide range of models 

    The OPTIDISC ELITE cutterbar is fitted to nearly 60 models of GMD mowers and FC KUHN mower conditioners.