Innovative seeding techniques

When versatility meets performance: the time of new opportunities has come!

You are looking for new agronomical directions? You wish to seed several species at different depths while maintaining control of cutting-edge precision?
We too!

Something new for all!

Whether you practice Conservation Agriculture, min-till or no-till seeding, or even conventional seeding, agricultural machinery adapts to best meet your needs and offer new seeding techniques.

The presence of several hoppers on one and the same seed drill offers many benefits. Here are some examples:

  • establish up to 3 species and incorporate a fertilizer;
  • achieve a plant cover with two, three or four species dosed precisely;
  • supply starter fertilizer or non-volatile mineral elements closest to the seed when seeding directly or on two rows to boost root development in a min-till cropping system;
  • or seed, incorporate a fertilizer and protect your cultivations against slugs in a single pass;

So many possibilities for efficient seeding, optimized fertilization and a preserved soil.

example of combination between different seed species and products

e.g. seed + fertiliser

e.g. 2 associated seeds
e.g. 2 seeds + fertiliser
e.g. 2 seeds + slug pellets + fertiliser

There are countless benefits!


ESPRO 6000R at work in New Zealand

Time savings

Thanks to the possibility of establishing up to four products at three different depths in a single pass. The seeding speed in min-till seeding practices is also faster than in conventional seeding.


Improve precision

By providing higher application rate and positioning precision of seeds and fertilizer. The latter can be delivered as close as possible to the seed while avoiding burns during direct seeding. This improves plant emergence without promoting the development of existing plant covers. In min-till seeding, it can also be placed between two rows of seeds, at a different depth, to boost root development.

field test and verification

Give farmers more flexibility

By making it possible, for example, to limit the impact of weather conditions. The burial of seeds or fertiliser is ensured via the CROSSFLEX seeding bar of the ESPRO, the seeding tines of the MEGANT or the triple disc of the AUROCK. Seeding several species and ensuring their rapid development makes it possible, among other things, to facilitate soil cover for reduced weed development. Some mixtures of species can also provide an additional crop.

Flowers in the field with a blue sky

Boost agronomic performances

Thanks to the possibility of seeding several species within the same plot but also of providing localized fertilizer application. This contributes to improve the system’s autonomy in nitrogen as well as the latter’s efficiency and for example provide better phosphorus availability for seedlings.

Reduce the environmental impact

By reducing losses through fertilizer burying and precise application. Note that by making a single passage instead of three in a plot, the farmer significantly reduces his carbon footprint but also limits erosion and promotes the soil’s structure according to the species implanted while limiting compaction.

landscape with fields and grey sky

More possibilities with additional hoppers

The SH 1120 additional hopper can be fitted on the VENTA 1000 series, ESPRO, AUROCK seed drills and the TF 1512 front hopper ranges. The desired dose is injected into the flow of the main metering unit. The two products are then mixed and sown in the same seeding line

The additional seeders SH 1540, SH 2560 and SH 4080, compatible with ESPRO min-till seed drills, allow broadcast sowing at the same time as seeding the main crop. The distribution of an additional product contained in these hoppers is done at the back of the coulter bar via specific spreaders.

These additional hoppers are fitted with a HELICA helical spline metering unit, ensuring perfect metering and distribution in all conditions. They allow plant cover, slug repellent or fertilizer granules to be established with precision.

additional seed hoppers for min till seed drills

A few examples of combinations

Equipped with an additional SH 1120 hopper, the ESPRO RC and the AUROCK RC allow you to seed up to 3 products at 2 different depths in a single pass! In addition, the ESPRO RC can be combined with an additional SH 1540, 2560 or 4080 hopper, the assembly allowing up to 4 products to be established at 3 different depths.

The combination comprising the VENTA 1000 series seed drill, the ISOBUS TF 1512 front hopper and the SH 1120 additional seeder can be controlled using a single ISOBUS CCI terminal.

landscape and fields with happy farmers

Find out all about min-till and no-till practices

Agriculture faces several major challenges: economic, agronomic, environmental and social. Agricultural systems have evolved and adapted to meet the demands of tomorrow's agriculture. Alternatives to existing models have developed. With the writing of this agronomy guide, KUHN group is supporting farmers in the implementation of simplified cultivation techniques and direct seeding.

Agronomy at the heart of debates

Beyond the economic and organizational benefits, min-till and no-till seeding practices represent a real agronomic interest. Switching to these techniques can have several positive effects on soil fertility, structure and biology. 

KUHN, machines adapted to all situations

The KUHN group designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of quality agricultural machinery designed to meet the needs of min-till and no-till cropping practices. In this guide, find the technical features of KUHN machines allowing you to adopt these practices.

Download the guide

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