VXL 100 Series Triple-Auger Mixers

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Taking Efficiency…To The Maxx!

KUHN VXL 100 Series triple-auger vertical mixers, with capacities ranging from 39.6 to 55.5 cubic meters, provide the ultimate solution for farmers to feed more cows per load by increasing the capacity without compromising mixing quality.

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VXL 100 Series

KUHN VXL 100 Series Vertical Maxx triple-auger mixers are rugged, yet simple to operate machines designed for large dairies that are looking to maximize efficiencies and feed more cows per load. Built to last in commercial operations and easy to maintain, the VXL allows you to spend more time at the bunk and less time in the shop.

The improved cone auger and kicker designs result in efficient end-to-end mixing with a thorough cleanout. With several discharge options and choice of an exclusive KUHN IntelliMix™ CVT transmission or a 2-speed Powershift transmission, farmers are able to tailor the machine to their specific feeding operation and take advantage of the feeding efficiencies of the all-new VXL 100 Series. Available in trailer and stationary configurations, the VXL 100 Series mixers range in capacity from 39.6 to 55.5 m3.
KUHN VXL 1165 vertical mixer in action

Your benefits

Superior Feed Movement


New Cone-Style Auger & Kicker Design

New cone-style augers provide superior feed movement for faster, more complete mixing and processing. The smooth, continuous auger flighting (1) creates a rolling feed action that improves mixing. The top cover of the auger has a steep angle to aid in bale movement when processing round bales and to prevent feed from sitting on top of the auger between mixes. The straight bolt-on kicker (2) provides a fast and even discharge. Each lead flight is equipped with a cast iron scraper (3) that pulls material away from the tub walls into the auger for a better overall mix. Both the kicker and scraper are bolt-on attachments, making replacement very easy to save you precious time.

Hardened Knives

Large, 15” or 20”, replaceable hay cutting knives are available to best handle the material to be processed. The knives have two positions to adjust the aggressiveness of the knife angle. Versatility of knife length, angle and position allow for an optimal setting with a wide variety of ration ingredients.
  • A: Knife set in for slicing and cutting
  • B: Knife set out for grabbing and tearing

Two-Piece Baffle Design

A key component to aid in superior feed movement is a tall, steep baffle. The baffles help direct material flow within the mixer for the most efficient mix. The new, two-piece baffle design allows for more space on the sides for better horizontal feed movement and fast, thorough cleanout.

 A heavy-duty unit shell, along with a 1” reinforced floor provides superior strength and durability for a long life. The steep side walls, in combination with a wide base and auger diameter of 104”, allow for increased feed movement and promotes a fast and thorough mix.

Adjustable Hay Stops

The adjustable hay stops provide flexibility in processing to provide you with the cut length necessary to reach the optimal nutritional value you’re striving for. This adjustability makes hay processing more efficient and helps minimize overprocessing.

Less Maintenance & Longer Machine Life"


Oil Cooling & Filtration System

To best protect the planetaries and gearboxes through higher-duty cycles and greater mixer throughput, oil cooling and filtration systems are supplied as standard. These systems extend oil change intervals up to two times, leading to less time and money spent on oil changes, while also ensuring longer life of the components. Brushless variable speed fans automatically adjust speed to match cooling demand, saving energy and increasing fan life.

Heavy-Duty, Inline Drive

The VXL uses a simple, yet heavy-duty inline drive design. Three, 2-stage planetary gearboxes are heavy-duty, reliable and designed for commercial use. The top bearing is fully flooded in oil, eliminating an extra greasing point. An automatically resetting torque disconnect clutch is standard equipment for torque protection of the gearboxes. The secondary drives have extended greasing intervals up to 40 hours, greatly reducing maintenance requirements.

High-Wear Components

DuraMix™ extended wear components help ensure dependable service and long life, even under the heaviest-use cycles. These include standard stainless steel side liners, higher-carbon steel on the baffles and high-wear augers for all KUHN Knight VXL mixer models. The higher-carbon augers, with heat treatment on the outer 4", doubles the life of the auger flighting while maintaining a smooth surface to optimize cleanoff. Tests have shown the high-wear augers last two times as long as compared to standard augers. For additional wear protection, optional baffle liners are also available. Trailer Models: 30" side liner standard, 60" optional. Stationary Models: 60" side liner standard.

Heavy-Duty Tandem Axle

Eight 315/80R 22.5 truck tires are standard on VXL 100 Series mixers. Truck tires offer excellent load carrying capabilities for maximum net loads up to 58,800 pounds. Heavy-duty tandem axles offer similar load carrying capabilities as a tridem axle, but with fewer moving parts and no steerable axle requirement. Each axle features oil-filled wheel hubs and no grease fittings on the undercarriage or bogies.

Rugged Undercarriage

The undercarriage features a simple, yet rugged bogie axle that pivots on heavy-duty 5” pivot pins with sleeve bearings for excellent stability, longer life and no maintenance. The sleeve bearings are grease free, to minimize daily service points and save maintenance time for the operator. An adjustable, articulating hitch available with a 1.5" or 2" diameter pin, allows for ease of pulling and less drawbar wear. Hydraulic brakes are standard for improved stopping capabilities.The undercarriage features a simple, yet rugged bogie axle that pivots on heavy-duty 5” pivot pins with sleeve bearings for excellent stability, longer life and no maintenance. The sleeve bearings are grease free, to minimize daily service points and save maintenance time for the operator. An adjustable, articulating hitch available with a 1.5" or 2" diameter pin, allows for ease of pulling and less drawbar wear. Hydraulic brakes are standard for improved stopping capabilities.

Tailor Your Machine to Your Operation


Choose Your Transmission

Depending on your operation's needs, you can choose between the 2-speed Powershift or the exclusive KUHN IntelliMix™ advanced mixer control system, featuring a CVT. Both packages are able to shift on-the-go, without stopping the PTO, to maximize productivity in your mixing and feeding operations. All gearboxes on the VXL 100 Series mixers are backed by KUHN with a 5-year prorated warranty.

IntelliMix™ Advanced Mixer Control System

The KUHN exclusive IntelliMix Advanced Mixer Control System, with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), offers many efficiencies and benefits throughout all stages of mixing and feeding. This system offers the ability to run continuously variable auger speeds, within the designated range of 14-42 rpm, for mixing and feeding, and is unmatched by competitors.

The IntelliMix control system can automatically adjust auger speeds based on changes of material volume in the mixer. This technology helps to prevent overprocessing of materials and gain a more consistent mix, while also minimizing wear because of the ability to slow down the auger speeds throughout the mixing process. It also ensures a faster, more consistent discharge and cleanout versus other transmissions. The IntelliMix CVT is ISOBUS compatible and can be easily controlled via a KUHN VT 30 or CCI 50 terminal, or other ISOBUS terminal. 

The IntelliMix CVT has a higher reduction to reduce the horsepower requirement, lessen strain on the driveline and provide easier startup. This lengthens the life of not only the mixer and its components, but your tractor as well, so your equipment will be ready when you are to feed the next group of cows. 

The IntelliMix control system automatically adjusts the auger speeds based on the load in the mixer. Customize the auger speed settings to reduce fuel usage and overall wear on the mixer and tractor.

Powershift 2-Speed Transmission

The 2-speed powershift gearbox shifts on-the-go for faster, more consistent feed delivery without having to stop the PTO. Speeds can be switched using a wireless remote, while the PTO is still engaged for a faster and easier mixing experience, whether the operator is in the tractor or loader. Startup is in low speed and is recommended for processing and mixing materials. High speed is recommended for a fast and even cleanout.
  • Shift on-the-go for more consistent feed delivery and faster cleanout
  • Speeds can easily be switched using a wireless remote
  • External cooling and filtration system for extended oil and gearbox life

Multiple Door Options

Various door configuration options on trailed and stationary models offer flexibility to fit a variety of feeding situations. The VXL 100 Series trailed models offer a rear door standard, with the option of a front door, two side doors on either side, or all four side doors for increased flexibility and versatility to fit your unique feeding situation. Door locations on stationary machines include: rear, two side doors, or three side doors on either side. The large discharge openings provide fast, even unloading from front, side and rear door locations for maximum efficiency. Note: Middle doors available only on stationary models.

Stationary Models

For large-scale operations looking to maximize feeding efficiency and mixer throughput, the VXL 100 Series mixers are also available in a stationary configuration. Stationary mixers are ideal for producers with centralized feed storage and multiple mixers running throughout the day. By incorporating centralized mixing, one loader operator is often able to keep multiple mixers constantly running, greatly increasing mixer throughput by up to 30% and reducing labor.  Also, with the addition of delivery boxes, the mixers do not experience the downtime from driving location to location, and in turn do not receive the additional stress which can be seen from constant travel. VXL 100 Series stationary mixers are available with complete electric drive packages for efficient operation, and include many unique features, allowing them to be custom tailored to perfectly fit in your facility.