PRIMOR 2060 H Straw blower and feeder semi-mounted version

Details for the PRIMOR 2060 H semi-mounted version

Designed for low-powered tractors

PRIMOR 2060 H semi-mounted straw-blower with hydraulic separator (independent of the turbine) and a capacity of 2 m3

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Designed with every farmer's top priority in mind: the comfort of your animals!

Even the most demanding farmers will be impressed with the litter quality and animal well-being provided by the PRIMOR 2060 H straw-blower.

The PRIMOR 2060 H can be adapted to meet your most precise specifications. It is designed for maximum ease of use, featuring a pneumatic turbine and separation chamber for “straw shower” spreading, as well as a special electrical control system (optional extra).

To ensure the robustness of the conveyor system, the 10mm marine-grade chains are guided by 4 cast iron sprockets. For superior cleanliness, the conveyor comes with a double bottom as standard, preventing straw loss via the side passages.
Semi-mounted PRIMOR 2060 H in action

Your benefits

Loading requires no external tools

Fully autonomous loading with the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 H straw blower

Fully autonomous loading!

Thanks to the gentle slope and bevelled input, loading bales requires no external assistance. The driver has an unimpeded view of the loading operation from the cab, thanks to the “low-slung” position of the turbine.

The height of the axle can be adjusted using the electric controls, allowing you to align the tub perfectly with the tailgate.

To ensure that the bale remains in place when the twine is removed, the tailgate has a convex profile. Since the tailgate is perfectly aligned with the conveyor belt, you can load cubic bales without getting out of the tractor. No extension required, the standard-issue tub and tailgate are designed to hold a large cubic bale (up to 2.7 m) or a round bail (diameter 1.95 m).

The anchoring points of the 2 cylinders ensure that the tailgate has an impressive lifting capacity, capable of loading even the heaviest bales.

As standard, the PRIMOR 2060 H features 2 posts for gripping the folds in cubic bales. A fastener fitted to the tailgate ensures that these posts are always easily accessible.

Electric controls

Electric controls come as standard, providing all the comfort you expect from a machine designed for everyday use. Combining all of the machine's functions on a single console (tailgate, conveyor, separator and chute), the electric control panel is clear, compact and easy to use.
Ergonomic electric controls for comfortable use of the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 H straw blower day after day

High quality straw blowing, for the comfort of your animals

Constant straw flow at the start and end of spreading thanks to the hydraulic-powered separator installed on the PRIMOR 2060 H straw-blower

Hydraulic-driven separator

The feed rotor is powered by a hydraulic motor which operates independently of the straw-blowing turbine. Starting up the machine requires little power, ensuring unbeatable functional flexibility (including interrupting straw-blowing when posts obstruct the outflow).

The separator effectively regulates the flow of straw entering the turbine, and its positioning also serves to mitigate the impact of the turbine on the foodstuff: the straw thus remains intact, for longer-lasting litter.

Regular, even quantity of straw per m²

The turbine wheel is composed of 8 blades, 2 of which are slightly longer (towards the centre of the wheel).

The straw is evenly spread across the whole surface of the turbine, and the speed differential thus created allows for a shower effect.

That means regular, constant straw distribution throughout the bedding area, with no need to move the chute back and forth.

For ease of maintenance, the blades are bolted. With no welding, the balance is perfect.
An even quantity of straw and a happy herd thanks to the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 H straw-blower

Protecting the structure of the straw

The space left within the volute (between the blades and the turbine inflow) is known as the “pneumatic separation chamber.” The volume of air moving through this chamber draws the feed while also gently untangling the fibres. The straw thus remains intact. The litter is more resistant and lasts longer. That means less frequent (and much easier) cleaning.
Efficient straw separation with no need for re-cutting thanks to the pneumatic separation chamber installed on the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 H straw-blower

Semi-mounted for low-powered tractors

PRIMOR 2060 H semi-mounted straw blower for low-power tractors

Semi-mounted version for low-powered tractors

The semi-mounted PRIMOR 2060 H is ideally suited to low-powered tractors (minimum power requirement 37 kW / 50 hp).

With its two axle cylinders, the machine is positioned on the ground to facilitate the bale loading process.


Semi-mounted PRIMOR 2060 H in straw-blowing mode


Technical characteristics

Capacity, loading door raised (m3)
Tractor linkage
Blowing straw into bedding areas and cubicles
Separating system
Max. blowing distance
Turbine speed (min-1)
PTO shaft
PTO power requirement without silage bales kW (hp)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement
Weight, dimensions, number and dimensions of loaded bales
(with hitch bar)
Round and square bales
1 hydraulically driven feed rotor
Hydraulic loading tailgate to load round and square bales
On the right up to 18 m
(and on the left up to 13 m with the swivelling chute 300°)
Interchangeable conveyor bolted to the body with double bottom and dump flap
Free-wheel and slip friction clutch
205/70 R15
Road lights (LED)
37 (51)
30 - 45
1 SA with free return
See table "Recommended use and technical specifications"


Semi-mounted PRIMOR 2060 H, view from rear left
Semi-mounted PRIMOR 2060 H, view from front left

PRIMOR 2060 H semi-mounted version in action

Semi-mounted KUHN PRIMOR 2060 H in transport mode