Twin-auger stationary Mixers

KUHN VT 100 Series twin-auger mixers are the ideal choice for dairy and beef producers. Rugged, dependable drive systems help ensure reliable service and long life. KUHN VTC 100 Series twin-auger commercial mixers are built to the heaviest specifications in the industry to ensure a quality mix day-in and day-out, even in the most extreme-duty cycles. Multiple discharge options, along with choice of truck, trailer and stationary models, provide the flexibility to match your specific needs.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

VT 200

Four models available, the VT 232, VT 244, VT 256 and VT 268, offer capacities that range from 320 to 760 ft³. To best meet your mixing needs, choose from trailer or truck models.

VT 280/2100

For producers with more moderate feeding cycles, but still require a large-capacity mixer, the VT 280 & 2100 models are an ideal choice. These two models range in capacity from 22.7 to 31.1 m³, and are available as a truck or trailer configuration.

VTC 200

Available as truck, trailer or stationary models, with capacities ranging from 22.7-37.4 cubic meters, the VTC 200 Series provide ultimate performance, even in the most extreme-duty feeding cycles.

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