SL 100 Series manure spreaders

SL 118 ProTwin Slinger manure spreader

Versatile, Efficient & Reliable

If you need one machine to handle all of your diverse spreading needs, look to the KUHN SL 100 Series ProTwin Slinger manure spreaders. Four trailer models are available with capacities ranging from 3,785 to 9,085 liters.

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KUHN SL 100 Series ProTwin Slinger manure spreaders offer next level performance and reliability to give you maximum return for your equipment dollars. The unique ProTwin twin-auger design and exclusive v-body construction allow the Slinger spreader to handle the widest variety of wet and dry materials, compared to any spreader on the market. Complete adjustability of the discharge shroud greatly improves material breakup for more consistent, even spreading. A new hammer design provides more wear surface on the bottom edge to extend hammer life. If you need one machine to handle all of your diverse spreading needs, look to the SL 100 Series.

The SL 110 is also offered in an orchard/vineyard model to meet specific growers’ needs. This model features a hydraulic deflector with rubber extension, which provides accurate material placement while adding some forgiveness necessary in narrow row spacing. This model also features a narrow 10.5L tire and CV PTO making it very maneuverable in tight locations.
Side view of a SL 124 manure spreader spreading in a hay field.

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The First of Its Kind, ProTwin Design

Illustration of the twin-auger design on the SL 100 Series manure spreaders.

ProTwin Design

The raised, right auger moves material rearward to keep the load level. The left, lower auger moves material forward to continuously feed the discharge door.
  • Consistent Flow to the Discharge
    The steep, slanted sides help provide a reliable material flow, continuously feeding material down to the augers. Combined with the unique auger design, this helps ensure constant delivery of material to the swinging hammer discharge. 
  • Eliminates Bridging
    The well-proven, twin-auger design eliminates material bridging. The two augers work together to create a bidirectional flow that provides constant agitation and steady movement, even with the most challenging materials.

Multi-Purpose Spreader

The continuously welded V-body tank will hold both wet and dry materials. From soupy manure, to semi-solids, separated solids, compost, bedding pack, mulch and many other materials, the ProTwin Slinger can fit the needs of your operation.
SL 124 spreading manure in the field.

Fast Unloading with Consistent Spread Pattern

a closeup of the redesigned hammer

Enhanced Hammer Design

A new hammer design features more wear surface on the bottom edge to extend hammer life. The new fully adjustable shroud helps decrease wear, extending life even further. Nylon bushings and washers help prevent premature wear to the bolts, hammers and hammer shaft ears.

Wide, 15-Hammer Discharge

The SL 114, 118 and 124 models feature a wide, 15-hammer discharge for fast, efficient unloading of all material types. The discharge on the SL 114 offers a 25% increase in unloading capacity compared to the previous model. The wide, aggressive hammers effectively shear material and provide a consistent, even spread pattern. The SL 110 features a 12-hammer discharge.
the 15-hammer discharge on an SL 114.

Adjustable Shroud

Adjustable shroud design provides full adjustment for optimal setting of the clearance between the shroud and the hammers. Maintaining a proper clearance enhances the shearing performance of the hammers to provide a more consistent material flow and more even spreading.
An illustration showing the hammer and the adjustability of the shroud.

Adjustable Deflector

The hydraulically adjustable deflector provides the ability to conveniently regulate the spread pattern from the tractor seat while spreading. This allows close control of the spreading width for accurate nutrient placement. The deflector stores in the down position and although it is not water tight, it completely closes off the discharge area to help prevent material loss during transport.
a close-up photo of the deflector for precise application of manure.

Rugged & Reliable Components"

A SL 124 is up ahead pulling into a farm driveway.

Rugged Undercarriage

The heavy-duty undercarriage is built for dependable service under heavy use in the toughest conditions, including hauling sand-laden manure. The SL 110 model comes standard with single-axle configuration only. The SL 114 can be equipped with either single or tandem axle. The SL 118 and 124 come standard with tandem axles.

Splash Guards

The SL 110 and 114 feature standard steel splash guards, while the SL 118 and 124 have splash guards with a rugged steel front panel and bump-proof rubber sides. The splash guards help keep liquid and slurry-type materials from spilling during transport and are designed to absorb occasional contact with bucket edges while loading.
a close-up shot of the bump-proof rubber splash guards.

Simple Front Drive

The SL 110 and 114 feature a simple, yet dependable front drive. The chest-style front enclosure, on all models, allows for easy maintenance and inspection of any drive components. Gas-charged cylinders hold the lid up and out of the way, while the wide opening allows convenient service.
A view of the front drive on an SL 114.

Fully Enclosed, Front Oil Bath

The SL 118 and 124 feature a fully enclosed, front oil bath. A dependable heavy-duty roller chain drive runs in oil and has spring-loaded, self-aligning poly tighteners for long life. Final drive shafts and sprockets are splined for strength and serviceability.

Upgraded from the previous 8100 Series, the SL 118 and 124 now offer shear protection for the upper and lower auger to help limit damage from foreign materials. The shear assembly is located in the front oil bath for the lower auger and on the rear drive for the upper auger.
a view of the fully enclosed, front oil bath on an SL 124 manure spreader

Dual-Seal Bearings

Dual-seal bearings, on the SL 118 and 124, are designed to keep liquid in the tank and away from the critical drive components. With these seals, liquid manure and other caustic liquids are less able to penetrate the Nylatron bearings or contaminate the oil bath reservoir.
a drawing of the dual-seal bearing.

A rear shot of a SL 124 spreading manure in a hay field.