SPRING-LONGER 70 verge mowers

SPRING LONGER 70 silhouette

Front and rear mounted: no need to choose

Models of 1.60 m working width aimed at municipalities for mowing work

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Versatility and safety are the key features of this range of roadside mowers. With a power requirement of only 70 hp, the SPRING-LONGER S 1670 RTR is designed to meet the requirements of municipalities for mowing operations.
SPRING LONGER 70 at work

Your benefits

Versatility in action

SPRING LONGER 70 series in front position

Interchangeable front or rear configuration

The SPRING-LONGER S 1670 RTR can be attached to the front or the rear of the tractor. A configuration change takes just a few minutes.
It can be used in combination with a hedge and grass cutter and is very useful when your tractors are not equipped with a front PTO.

Roadsides, ditches, banks and hedges

The machine is equipped with a 580 mm hydraulic horizontal offset for mowing paths and roadsides. The vertical folding feature makes the machine narrower on the road. A 600 mm vertical offset comes as standard for mowing above road level. In "flat mowing", uneven ground is compensated for automatically to produce a neat and tidy cut.
For the maintenance of ditches, banks and hedges, the machine can work at angles of -55° to +90° (3). The mowing unit adapts easily to working conditions with the combination of the angle range, horizontal offset and vertical offset.
Mowing ditches alongside roads

Reliability counts!

Protection against impacts with the NON-STOP safety

Protected against impacts

A NON-STOP hydraulic safety system with automatic reset is a standard feature of the machine. A hydraulic cylinder is pressured by an accumulator.
In the event of impact, the mower unit can shift 720 mm to the rear. It returns to work position automatically. The casing is reinforced with a sheet metal plate as standard.

High capacity drive

The SPRING-LONGER 70 series is designed for tractors with maximum power of 120 hp (machine solo). Rotation speed is 540 or 1,000 rpm, selected by simple pulley inversion. Power transmission is by four V-belts.
Belts ensure power transmission

Faster decomposition due to high-quality shredding

Fine and effective shredding with the scoop flails fitted on rotor

A professional job

The 425 mm-diameter rotor is equipped with 42 articulated scoop flails and works a width of 1.60 m. With the large number of tools, residues are shredded finely and product intake is more effective.

A roller closest to the rotor for improved residue decomposition

The roller of roadside mowers is positioned as close as possible to the rotor. In this way, all shredded material is ejected over the roller for quicker decomposition than if it would be compacted. The visual result is impeccable and ground contouring is excellent.
Excellent ground contouring and improved residue decomposition



Technical Characteristics

Working width (m)
Position of mower unit
Horizontal reach (m)
Lateral horizontal offset (mm)
Transport width (m)
Maximum ditch angle (H)
Maximum bank angle (l)
Vertical offset (mm)
Transport height with 0.40 m ground clearance (m)
Outer rotor diameter (mm)
Rotor speed (min-1)
Number of hammer flails
Shackle diameter (mm)
Counter knives
Reinforcing plate
Skid kit
Sensor roller diameter (mm)
Hydraulic safety
Anti-ejection flaps
PTO speed (min-1)
Number of SPBX belts
Belt type
Minimum theoretical power requirement at gearbox (kW)
Minimum theoretical power requirement at gearbox (hp)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Shredding unit locking for transport
Minimum recommended tractor weight (t)
Weight with equipment (kg)
Lateral front or rear
2210 (at 540 min-1) / 2347 (at 1000 min-1)
As standard - 1 straight - Bolted
As standard - 4 mm - Bolted
As standard - Fixed - With abrasion-resistant wear lining
As standard
As standard
540 or 1000 by pulley inversion
Cogged V-belts
120 (for solo use)
1 DA + 1 SA (with floating position)