EVOLIS quad-mounted sprayers

Details of the EVOLIS quad-mounted sprayer

EVOLIS sprayer for quad bikes: easy to use, robust and reliable.

The EVOLIS range of quad-mounted sprayers is designed for both landscape maintenance professionals and farmers. It provides an easy-to-install, essential tool for your quad bike, with its professional finish.

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The KUHN quad-mounted sprayer ranges are designed for maintenance of all green spaces and agricultural applications, and will meet all your requirements with their simple and professional design offering high-quality spraying. EVOLIS is available in 2 models, 50-litre Q50 or 80-litre Q80.
EVOLIS quad-mounted sprayer at work

Your benefits

The EVOLIS sprayer is designed around a robust structure

EVOLIS chassis

Robust chassis

The design of the robust EVOLIS chassis allows to fit a tank with a low point (sump), integrate a hand-wash tank and adjust the boom height.

Universal mounting

Quick and easy attachment of the EVOLIS to the carrier rack of any quad bike on the market using the strap mounting system.
EVOLIS attachment system on the quad bike

Lightweight and functional polyethylene tank

The EVOLIS tank is made of polyethylene, which is a dimensionally stable, smooth material, resistant to UVs and all types of products. A large opening allows for easy filling, and a sump allows for complete emptying of the tank.

Ideally positioned return to tank

The integral and compact chassis of the EVOLIS features an ideally positioned return to tank at the bottom of the tank to ensure horizontal mixing of the product. Objective: ensure that the spray mixture is always homogeneous, regardless of the tank level, and avoid creating foam due to a "waterfall" effect.
Diagram of the EVOLIS mixing system

Simple design and easy to use

EVOLIS bypass system

Constant pressure control

The pressure is regulated by the return to tank system with a bypass. This bypass is ideally positioned within easy reach of the operator and can be quickly and accurately adjusted using a glycerine pressure gauge.

2 or 4-outlet valve

EVOLIS Q50 is equipped with a manual valve with 2 outlets and the Q80 valve features 4 outlets, ensuring a precise supply for the boom sections and the nozzle.
EVOLIS valve

10-litre hand-wash tank with tap

EVOLIS Q80 is equipped with a 10-litre hand-wash tank to ensure operator safety.
Hand-wash tank on EVOLIS

Equipment designed for quality spraying


RDE 204 or RDR 408 boom: simple, economical and robust

Two booms are available on the EVOLIS, the RDE 204 2-metre retractable folding boom or the RDR 408 4-metre rear folding boom (Q80 only). Their height can be adjusted and they are equipped with an anti-drip system for quality spraying.

12-volt electric pump as standard

A 12V electric pump provides a high 8L/min (Q50) to 11l/min (Q80) flowrate. The pump is easy to use, it connects directly to the tractor’s battery.
An ON/OFF button on the valve allows to switch on the unit.

Double filtration

EVOLIS is equipped as standard with a double filtration system, one on the pump and one on the tank filling system, protecting the pump and the booms from clogging.
Filtration system on EVOLIS

EVOLIS quad-mounted sprayer in transport mode


Technical characteristics

Tank (L)
Spray gun
Spraying boom
50 L or 80 L
Hand-wash tank on EVOLIS Q80
Filling and suction filter
12 V electric pump (7 A max.)
Flow : 10 L/min
Max. pressure : 5 bars
Constant pressure
2 or 4 distribution valves (for boom and lance)
5 m hose and lance
2 m or 4 m folded boom – nozzle holder with anti-drop system