GF 8700 tedder

The silhouette of the GF 8700

Large adaption capacity

The new GF 8700 tedder, with its 8.70 m working width complements the current GF 8703. Its design offers an excellent ratio between mounted machine compactness and significant working width while remaining adapted to small tractors.

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The KUHN range of mounted tedders continues to grow with the arrival of the GF 8700 complementing the current GF 8703. It completes the range with its 8 rotors for a working width of 8.70m. The design of the GF 8700 with its advanced centre of gravity offers an excellent ratio between mounted machine compactness and significant working width while remaining adapted to small-size tractors. Furthermore, it includes all components to ensure excellent ground following, exemplary tedding quality, efficient transport stabilisation and minimised maintenance time.
The GF 8700 at work

Your benefits

A large working width for small tractors

KUHN's GF 8700 tedder is adapted to smaller sized tractors owing to its design and moderate weight

A centre of gravity set forward

With a centre of gravity advanced by 200mm compared to the GF 8703 and a weight reduced by 15%, the GF 8700 offers an excellent ratio between compactness of a 3-point mounted machine and the significant working width of 8.70m.

Exemplary stability at work as well as during transport

Two side stabilisers with mechanical brakes ensure stability whilst turning and a machine load transfer to the tractor for transport.
KUHN's GF 8700 tedder in transport position in a field

A tedder adapted to hilly areas

When working on sloping terrian, you need a compact machine that is easily manoeuvrable and of moderate weight, as not to impact forage quality. The GF 8700 is perfectly adapted: all its components make it a machine adapted to smaller tractors and a model adapted to hilly areas. Moreover, a hydraulically controlled border deflector is available as an option for working on the headlands
The border deflector is available as an option on KUHN's GF 8700 tedder for working on headlands.

Forage quality is ensured

Your KUHN tedder will help you produce quality forage with its small diameter rotors.

Small diameter rotors, the success factor

Experts are convinced and users can no longer do without. The numerous benefits are essential for farmers wishing to produce top quality forage:
  • work with a significant pitch angle while tedding all the forage,
  • even and fast drying,
  • forage fully turned over,
  • unmatched crosswise distribution,
  • exceptional ground following,
  • mounted tedders with a smaller overhang to reduce the lifting requirement,
  • reduced power requirement.

Asymmetrical tines fully ted the forage

The length of the asymmetrical tines, with a longer outer prong, offers benefits for quality teddomg. Compared with a symmetrical design, the outer prong engages the forage earlier. This ensures full forage tedding, even around the edges of the field, but also between the rotors (C) (E), with improved tine overlap in this sensitive area. Working forage earlier means that the true working width of each rotor, and thus of the machine, is larger.
Prongs engaging forage earlier with asymmetrical tines

A reliable rake designed to last


The DIGIDRIVE: the revolution

When KUHN invented this drive concept, tedding entered a new era.
From this moment, it became possible to drive a very high number of rotors, to fold them with unmatched compactness and without any maintenance. A true revolution!
Since the launch of the DIGIDRIVE finger couplings 20 years ago, over one million rotors work fields throughout the world to ted forage with exceptional reliability. The DIGIDRIVE componants are manufactured from case-hardened steel and do not require maintenance.

Rotor housings designed to last

Guidance is ensured by double-row angular contact ball bearings. Sealing is reinforced to prevent oil leakage and the introduction of impurities. Robust attachment on the rectangular structure thanks to spacers housing large through bolts. Owing to these housings, only a few machine articulations need lubrication. Maximise time in the field and minimise maintenance time!
Gain time with the rotor housings designed to last on the GF 8700 tedder


Adapt the machine to your field conditions

The GF 8700 tedder at work in grass


Technical characteristics

Working width DIN (m)
Overall width in working position (m)
Number of rotors
Number of tine arms per rotor
Type of rotor
Border control
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Raising the rotors on headlands - HLC function
Wheel deflectors
Tine guards
Pitch angle adjustment - without tool
Rotor drive
Free wheel integrated in the central gearbox
Tyres on central rotors
Tyres on outside rotors
Setting into transport position
Headstock stabilisers
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Road lights and signalling
Approx. weight (kg)
GF 8700
By curtain as optional equipment
As optional equipment
As optional equipment
As standard
By exclusive DIGIDRIVE multiple finger couplings
As standard
16 x 6.50-8
16 x 6.50-8
Hydraulic vertical folding
3-point Cat. 2
2 side stabilisers with mechanical brake
1 DA
36 / 50
As standard