Baler-Wrapper Combinations

The KUHN round baler-wrapper combinations are designed to maximise your silage quality and your return on investment. Following mowing, tedding and raking your silage it is vital to prepare and seal it well for storage to prevent the loss of the nutritional value. Whether using a fixed or variable chamber baler-wrapper combination, the bale is sealed within seconds using the latest technology and innovations, including KUHN's patented film binding technology and 3D wrapping.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.


The KUHN i-BIO+ is an ultra compact and lightweight round baler-wrapper combination. With its low weight and excellent manoeuvrability, the KUHN i-BIO+ is perfectly suited to hilly conditions and use on small or wet fields with narrow access gates.

FBP 3135

The KUHN FBP 3135 fixed chamber BalePack is designed to endure the heaviest crop conditions across the world. Thanks to its proven design and unique options, this machine will boost your business' profitability.

VBP 3200

KUHN VBP 3200 series variable chamber baler-wrapper combinations offer extreme versatility and flexibility all year round in terms of bale size and machine usage. With their proven bale chamber design they provide the best results in a very broad range of crops and conditions.

VBP 7100

Welcome to a new league of combi balers! Discover the VBP 7100 series variable baler-wrapper combinations, the most powerful and versatile machines you have ever experienced.


Cost-effective and efficient machinery is essential in today's agricultural landscape, where vast fields demand efficiency and time is of the essence. At KUHN, we are on the side of contractors and large farms like yours. We understand that you need to get the job done without compromising on quality. That's why we've carefully designed a range of machines to meet your specific needs.

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