PERFORMER cultivator

PERFORMER tills at silhouette

Performance in one pass

The KUHN PERFORMER is the tool of excellence for your farm, performing all tasks to the best quality. This tool with discs and tines offers 4 actions in one single pass: chopping up, mixing or loosening, levelling and reconsolidating.

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The PEFORMER is a combined disc & tine cultivator which strengthens KUHN's position in the Minimum Tillage sector. Suitable for medium to high horsepower tractors (from 180 to 700 hp), the PERFORMER range meets the needs of farming enterprises who want a solution that optimises their output during very short working window.
The PERFORMER offers the possibility of saving money on a large scale: one machine, one driver, one pass and less fuel consumption than conventional tillage. The reduction in mechanisation costs and wage costs guarantee better profitability for your farm.
The PERFORMER cultivator offer the possibility of increasing your yields by improving the structure of your soils and allows you to seed at the same time with the SH seeder.

Your benefits

High performance range

The PERFORMER 4000 in One Pass with discs, tines and roller

4 actions in one pass

Each field needs to be worked differently according to the texture and structure of the soil, but also according to the previous crop and the requirements of the next crop. The PERFORMER is perfectly adapted to these different possibilities thanks to its ultra-versatility:
  • One Pass: when the working windows are very short and you want to cultivate the soil in one pass after harvest, the PERFORMER is the ideal machine.
  • Deep loosening: When your fields require deep restructuring work while limiting the disruption on the surface, you can mount a 50 mm wide point on the leg.
  • Shallow mixing: For when you need to keep the organic matter in the top layers of the soil and only cultivate at shallow depth. 
The PERFORMER can be used for shallow stubble cultivation using discs and the legs with wings.

In the case of wanting to let the frost naturally break down the clods over winter, you have the option of using your machine without the roller. The depth is then controlled by the wheels. A leg is placed behind each wheel to remove the wheel tracks.
It is also possible to carry the weight of the roller with the wheels in light soil and wet conditions.

One Pass System to maximise output

The "One Pass system" consists of several cultivation tools to work the soil between 15 and 35cm deep in a single pass.
The two rows of independent discs with a diameter of 510 mm efficiently chop up residues and roots.
The 4 rows of curved tines perform deep mixing and incorporation of the straw. With an 85 cm under-frame clearance, the machines capacity is guaranteed even in dense crop residues.
For a "One Pass" cultivation, the 80mm wide points are used.
For a deep restructuring of the soil, limiting the disturbance on the surface, the 50 mm wide point is used. Soil bearing capacity is maintained and organic matter remains on the surface to increase soil fertility.
The levelling discs ensure the cultivated soil is levelled before the roller passes over.
The PERFORMER can be equipped with 3 different rollers according to the consolidation required:
  • HD-Liner 700 roller with its V-shaped profile;
  • Double U roller;
  • Packliner roller with rubber tyres.
The "One Pass system" guarantees large-scale savings: one machine, one driver, one pass and less fuel and time compared to conventional tillage systems.
Stubble cultivation with the PERFORMER 5000 equipped with the V-Liner roller

Independently use the discs and tines

The PERFORMER offers the possibility of using the different tools independently.
The discs can be used independently for stubble cultivation at high speeds up to 10 cm deep. The 2 rows of 510 mm discs allow the residues and roots to be efficiently chopped to promote decomposition.
The tines alone ensure remarkable mixing quality from 5 to 35 cm deep. In this case, the discs on the front of the machine are retracted to allow only the 4 rows of tines to work.
Depending on the point chosen, the PERFORMER offers the possibility to carry out many tasks: shallow stubble cultivation, deeper stubble cultivations or deep loosening.

The independent or combined use of each tool gives you the opportunity to perform many jobs with one single machine.
Independent or combined use of the 2 rows of discs and 4 rows of tines with the PERFORMER

Adaptable to all applications

Independent use of the 2 rows of discs on the PERFORMER 4000

2 rows of discs for high-speed stubble cultivation

The PERFORMER is equipped with 2 rows of 510mm diameter discs with small notches.
The discs chop up residues and the root system to promote decomposition and to keep organic matter at the surface to increase soil fertility.
With a diameter of 510 mm, a reduced curvature and a profile with small notches, the discs guarantee a homogeneous stubble cultivation over the entire width of the machine. Their longevity is extended thanks to a thickness of 6 mm, reducing the wear.
The PERFORMER allows the discs to be used independently or combined with the other tools:
  • alone, they offer an intensive mixing up to 10cm.
  • combined with the tines, they allow the residues to be chopped up before the teeth pass over.
The disc safety consists of 4 polyurethane elastomer blocks allowing the disc to clear an obstacle if encountered. As the discs are independantly mounted, only the disc in question retracts and the working depth is affected.
The hubs are lubricated for life. No maintenance is necessary which reduces downtime and ensures the machine is working for longer. You also avoid any intrusion of foreign bodies when changing the discs.

4 rows of teeth to guarantee perfect mixing

Just like the discs, it is possible to use the PERFORMER 4 rows of tines alone or combined.
Just like a CULTIMER, the PERFORMER's tines ensure a remarkable soil / straw mixing quality from 5 to 35 cm. The mixing capacity of the curved tine and its curved deflector is widely recognised by many users.
The distribution of the tines over 4 rows facilitates the flow of residues and avoids blockages.
The working depth of the tines is kept constant by the Non-Stop Hydraulic safety system with a peak pressure of 900 kg.
A complete range of points are available to mount on the PERFORMER legs:
  • the 80 mm point and the 350 mm wings are perfect for shallow stubble cultivation. The wings ensure the root system is ripped out over the entire width of the machine and amplify the mixing effect of the curved tine
  • for deeper cultivations with the need to incorporate large quantities of residues, the 80 mm point (without wings) is ideal for a quality mixing up to 35 cm deep;
  • the 50 mm point makes it possible to loosen soils without the need for extra power, while limiting the upheaval stones.
PERFORMER tines at work rows

Levelling and pressing: the keys to successful stubble cultivation

Good levelling simplifies the following operation. The PERFORMER is equipped with levelling discs that are continuously adjustable from the drivers seat. This simple and ultra-precise adjustment makes it possible to adapt to the soil conditions on the move. The discs are mounted on curved arms with elastomer safety for better flow in residues and more versatility in stones. For even greater comfort, the bearings of the levelling discs are maintenance-free.

Homogeneous consolidation of the entire worked surface limits runoff and facilitates water infiltration. Three rollers are available for the PERFORMER:
  • the HD-Liner roller, 700 mm in diameter provides 225 kg/m. Its V-shaped profile provides vertical and lateral distribution of the pressure over the full width of the roller. It is perfectly adapted to wet and stony conditions. The V profile left in the soil reduces run-off and ensures good infiltration of water.
  • the 600 mm diameter Double U roller provides good soil bearing capacity and good surface reconsolidation (175 kg/m). Its U-shaped profile promotes soil-to-soil contact limiting wear and prevents capping. It also self-cleans and is insensitive to blockages.
  • the 600 mm diameter Packliner roller is a rubber tyre roller ideal for light soil. It performs well when creating a stale seedbed. With a capacity of 165 kg/m, it provides good preparation for seeding.
Homogeneous levelling and reconsolidation across the worked surface thanks to the PERFORMER

A high quality stubble cultivation solution

The working depth is adjusted directly from the cab

Simple, tool free settings

On the PERFORMER range, all adjustments are made hydraulically and continuously from the tractor cab to save you time and increase your work outputs:
  • The working depth of the opening discs is hydraulically adjusted from the cab. You can optimise the chopping and mixing while enjoying an increased simplicity of adjustment.
  • The levelling discs can also be continuously adjusted via a hydraulic cylinder with an indicator visible from the cab.
  • The adjustment of the roller, made with wedges is simple and precise and done without tools.
All hydraulic functions are centralised onto the KTH 105 4-function hydraulic selector. The machine only requires 2 double acting spools for the machine functions and 1 single acting spool for the NSH pressure.

Quality wearing parts

The quality of the KUHN original wearing parts is indisputable. They guarantee greater longevity, profitability and work output. The points are forged and refined to push the limits of use.

The 80 mm point is versatile and can work from 5 to 35 cm deep. It is ideal for incorporating large quantities of residues. For shallow stubble cultivation, it can be equipped with 350 mm wings. These are assembled simply and quickly thanks to 2 lateral bolts. The wings ensure an intensive mixing of the residues over the entire working width.
The 80 mm point and the 350 mm wings are available as standard or with carbide. The carbide wear plates guarantee 10 times more wear than standard wearing parts. With 10 times less parts changes, carbide saves the user time.

The 50 mm point is highly recommended for deep loosening. It cracks the soil up to 35 cm deep. With the 50 mm tip, only available in carbide, demand for traction is reduced and the lifting of stones reduced.
A PERFORMER 6000 in folded transport position

Cultivate and sow cover crops in a single pass

The PERFORMER can be equipped with a crop cover seeder to cultivate and seed in a single pass. With a capacities of 200, 380 and 600 litres, the SH 201, 402 and 600 seed drills enable you to be autonomous. They allow the seeding of cover crops such as: phacelia, mustard, ryegrass, and clover. Crop establishment for OSR is also possible.
By reducing the number of passes, you significantly improve the structure of your soil and promote biological activity. Savings in time and money are also significant which can be in the range of 30 to 50%!
The PERFORMER equipped with SH 201 for seeding cover crops


PERFORMER tines at work rows


Technical Characteristics

Minimum allowable power (kW/hp)
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)
Working depth (cm)
Working speed (km/h)
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Underbeam clearance (cm.)
Number of discs
Disc diameter (mm.)
Number of Shanks
Number of levelling discs
Weight approx. (kg) with HD-Liner dia 700 mm roller
Transport wheels
Side wheels
Hydraulic adaptation
Operation and function control
177/240 220/300 264/360 308/420
293/400 367/500 440/600 514/700
Discs : 10 cm - Tines : 35 cm Discs : 10 cm - Tines : 35 cm Discs : 10 cm - Tines : 35 cm Discs : 10 cm - Tines : 35 cm
44477 44477 44477 44477
3,85 5 5,95 7
3 3 3 3
85 85 85 85
30 38 46 54
As standard 80mm As standard 80mm As standard 80mm As standard 80mm
Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety (NSH) Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety (NSH) Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety (NSH) Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety (NSH)
Ø 510 mm (thickness 6 mm) Ø 510 mm (thickness 6 mm) Ø 510 mm (thickness 6 mm) Ø 510 mm (thickness 6 mm)
14 18 22 26
10 12 14 18
6900 7600 8600 9700
Dubble U, HD-Liner 700mm Dubble U, HD-Liner 700mm Dubble U, HD-Liner 700mm Dubble U, HD-Liner 700mm
550/60-22,5 550/60-22,5 550/60-22,5 550/60-22,5
340/55-16 340/55-16
See page "Hydraulic needs" See page "Hydraulic needs" See page "Hydraulic needs" See page "Hydraulic needs"
KTH 105 - (folding, disc openers, levelling discs and roller) KTH 105 - (folding, disc openers, levelling discs and roller) KTH 105 - (folding, disc openers, levelling discs and roller) KTH 105 - (folding, disc openers, levelling discs and roller)

Caractéristiques techniques

Attachment tore Ø 40mm (thickness 42mm) Attachment tore Ø 40mm (thickness 42mm) Attachment tore Ø 40mm (thickness 42mm) Attachment tore Ø 40mm (thickness 42mm)