Orchard and Vineyard Sprayer SUPREMA


The strength of the wind for your benefit

SUPREMA is the coupled atomizer for fruit growing, a machine with excellent ventilation and autonomy.

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Suprema line has a specific model of axial blower, specially designed for producers who are looking for a good ventilation response in a mounted air-blast sprayer and with greater tank capacity. Suprema overcomes the force of the wind and takes the drops to the top. It is a machine widely used in apple, persimmon, orange trees and trees with dense leaf mass.
To ensure good performance in the field, in addition to the reinforced structure, its spray components are highly resistant to withstand high working pressures.
SUPREMA in the field

Your benefits

Reinforced structure from one end to another

Chassis and tank - Suprema 480

Chassis and tank

Despite the reduced dimensions, the structure of the Suprema line is reinforced, with a chassis made of powder coated carbon steel frame. A small machine that offers great working autonomy.
The polyethylene tanks, 400 and 600 liters, are tested and approved to withstand the attack of chemicals as well as field work. Each with a design suitable for application in the field, optimizing space and ensuring lightness on the tractor's hydraulic system.
In addition to being light and compact, its design allows the entire product to be sprayed without leaving any residue inside the tank.

Safety and convenience

Piston pump - 80 l/min

Piston pump

Suprema is equipped with a piston pump entirely developed and produced at Kuhn, from casting to final quality tests, ensuring maximum product reliability. Its principle is to transform mechanical force into pressure. A pump with a long service life, easy maintenance, low cost and simple repair. The mechanical assembly is immersed in a hydraulic oil tank, separated by components and repair. On the opposite side are the ceramic sleeves, which must always work moistened by the spray mixture, so as not to compromise the machinery.

Spraying control in brass

In addition to ensuring that the drop reaches the target, good equipment must have components that resist work in the field; and these prerequisites served as the basis for the design of the equipment. Suprema is equipped with a two-section manual control and a movable control, which can be removed from the machine to be kept within reach of the operator, for optimized work execution.
The controls are produced with excellent quality material, with the necessary resistance for such activity, including in the fruit sector, where the chemicals used are more abrasive.
The controls and spray pump can work with a pressure of up to 20 bars, very common for this type of application.
Fool-proof resistance.
Spray manual control - 2 sections

Blower and drive circuit + accessories

800 mm blower - 12 blades

Suprema blower unit

To ensure efficiency in the field, the Suprema drive circuit is connected to a belt and pulley assembly, driven by the PTO at 540 RPM. The 800 mm blower can produce approximately 30,000 m³/h, thanks to the aluminum propeller set with pre-fixed angles, made up of 12 blades. Mechanics that makes ventilation very effective.
The ventilation system has a set of deflectors for improved flow direction. This entire unit was developed to generate maximum spray performance.

Blower coupling

In order to provide maximum operator safety during maintenance, spray mixture refilling or agitation and to reduce the tractor power requirement, Suprema has a coupling system that allows the propeller unit to be deactivated, leaving the drive circuit neutral. The operation is simple and easy: just a light touch on the notch to disconnect.
This is very useful to prepare the spray mixture, as there is no noise production or increased fuel consumption in this operation.
Blower coupling

Left side view - Suprema 480


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Fan diameter (mm)
Air volume (m³/h)
Spraying control
Nozzle quantity
Solution pump
Drive cardan
Length (m)
Height (m)
Width (m)
Weight (Kg)
400 - Polyethylene 600 - Polyethylene
800 800
28.100 28.100
By belt By belt
Manual two sections Manual two sections
14 - Bijet with anti spill 14 - Bijet with anti spill
Piston 80 l/min Piston 80 l/min
Conventional Conventional
Hydraulic by return Hydraulic by return
1,40 1,40
1,30 1,50
1,05 1,30
300 320