Orchard and Vineyard Sprayer ARBO MÃOZINHA


The high performance spray specialist

ARBO line, an expert in the field, is another specific product for spraying fruit, providing the best in the market, an exclusive characteristic of Kuhn.

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Kuhn stands out for its specialty in sprayers, and offers several options of efficient and precise equipment, such as Arbo Mãozinha (little hand spreader), a differentiated machine, special for those who need to perform effective spraying without waste. It has been designed with air ducts and specific design for the correct delivery of the product on the target.
The piped air system prevents losses. The air outlets can be adjusted in various ways, following the plant's architecture, facilitating the delivery position of drops on the target, avoiding waste by drift or evaporation.
Arbo line components are proven to have excellent resistance to chemicals. A machine with a modular chassis, several tank capacities (1000, 1500 and 2000 liters), centrifugal blower and available in manual or electric control models.
The entire drag blower line uses an amplifier box system, which reduces considerably effort and, consequently, fuel consumption.
Arbo 1000 Trellis

Your benefits

Well-sized structure = less effort

Modular chassis

Modular chassis

Developed under a modular concept, the Arbo line chassis is composed of several parts, thus allowing the replacement of individual components, facilitating their maintenance.
The Arbo chassis has two finishing options: Powder coating or hot dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is a process in which the metal parts receive a zinc coating, exceeding the 100 micron layer, an intense protection against the attack of chemical products, ensuring a significant increase in the useful life of the metallic components. Another important point relating to the chassis are the various adjustments, whether in height or track width, a factor that is important for the diversity of the orchards.

Fiberglass tank

The three tank versions, with a capacity of 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters, are made of fiberglass, a resistant material that allows easy repair in case of need. These tanks of special design favor working in orchards where there is a large leaf mass, due to the clearance between the trees.
The tank has internal wave breakers that help in the stability of the machine on slopes, as well as increase the resistance of the tank walls.
Tank 2000 - Fiberglass made

High resistance components

Diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump

The parts that make up the diaphragm pump have been carefully designed, with an oil tank built in aluminum and the areas where the chemicals circulate, in brass, ensuring protection against chemical reactions.
The diaphragme pump has stood out for its excellent performance in the field, as it works easily with dense spray mixture and maintains pressure stability due to the precise synchronization of the piston set – it produces high pressures of up to 40 bar – in addition to being self-priming, which eliminates the air from the circuit. This type of pump allows dry work without spray mixture, with no damaging to the repairs. Besides the efficient response, the diaphragm pump is easy to maintain due to the quick and easy access to internal components. Simple and easy.

Spraying control

Thinking of resistance and efficiency in the field, Arbo line offers two control options - manual or electric. Both entirely made of brass, to ensure the high resistance set of components.

The manual control can be removed from the machine to be placed on the operational base, thus facilitating access to operations. As for the electric control option, in addition to robustness and resistance, the operator can work with ease and agility, controlling the opening and closing of the sections via electric panel.
The actuation mechanism of the electric control occurs by means of a solenoid valve, which avoids problems with humidity and drift. It is full-proof resistance!
Two-section electric control

Nozzle holder and air outlets

Arbo Mãozinha (Little hand) is a versatile sprayer, adapting easily to the architecture of the plants and providing maximum use due to the uniform spread of the spray and ventilation over the plants. The ventilation guides of the little hand type can have three or five outlets, each with a spray nozzle, which considerably favors the propulsion of the drop to the target. Spraying with the guides can be controlled from the operator's station by means of two sections of the control, or individually controlled in each little hand through a tap positioned directly from the final outlet.
Little-hand type outlets and spraying nozzles

Blower and transmission circuit assembly

Speed multiplier box

Amplifier box

Arbo line is a complete and robust machine, offering technology, safety and economy in the field. The transmission circuit is composed of a wide angle drive, to facilitate maneuvers at the end of the lines and an amplifier box for two different blower speeds. An equipment with an exclusive system and no belts!

The transmission relieves the tractor's effort and offers two working speeds. The choice is at the discretion of the customer's need to obtain more or less ventilation. To avoid efforts and damage to the system, there is a clutch assembly between the transmission and the blower that reduces the initial torque of the drive, considerably reducing maintenance costs, as well as reducing fuel consumption by more than 10%.

Centrifugal blower

Arbo Mãozinha (Little hand) is built with a special 500 mm centrifugal blower, coupled to an amplifier box with two working speeds. Next to the blower, it features a clutch-type device, which ensures smooth work, providing fuel savings and extending equipment life.
The air is entirely produced inside the blower, and directed to the vents, i.e., is a low exhaustion system, which avoids the suction of debris (such as leaves and grains of sand), delivering clean, impurity-free air to the target. This transmission model is simple to maintain, just changing the drive box oil periodically. Simple and easy.
Centrifugal blower

Slider or Trellis type tower

Arbo Mãozinha has wide application in the field due to the various possibilities of adjustments and trellis or spreading system configuration options
In the trellis tower system, the air vents are arranged horizontally. In the spreading tower system, the little hands are arranged in a vertical direction, for spraying cultures with leaf mass from the base of the plants, such as coffee, tomatoes etc. All models can be configured with different types of air vents, meeting the maximum of the crop's requirement regarding the need for spraying, forming a perfect air curtain.
Arbo Mãozinha (little hand) has a special form of adjustment to bring the air vents closer to the target, making it possible to move all the vents in order to adjust them in the best way according to the architecture of the plant. This distinctive feature prevents waste or loss during spraying.
Little hand tower trellis system


Arbo 1000 trellis


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Fan diameter (mm)
Air volume (m³/h)
Spraying control
Nozzle quantity
Solution pump
Drive cardan
Length (m)
Height (m)
Width (m)
Wheel track (m)
1000 - Fiber 1500 - Fiber 2000 - Fiber
500 500 500
C I 15.000 and C II 17.000 C I 15.000 and C II 17.000 C I 15.000 and C II 17.000
By amplifier box with two speeds By amplifier box with two speeds By amplifier box with two speeds
Manual or electric two sections Manual or electric two sections Manual or electric two sections
Unijet with anti spill Unijet with anti spill Unijet with anti spill
Membrane pump 90 l/min Membrane pump 90 l/min Membrane pump 90 l/min
Homocinetic Homocinetic Homocinetic
Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi
4,29 4,29 4,29
Horizontal - 1,60 and Vertical 2,95 Horizontal - 1,60 and Vertical 2,95 Horizontal - 1,60 and Vertical 2,95
Horizontal - 2,90 and Vertical 2,00 Horizontal - 2,90 and Vertical 2,00 Horizontal - 2,90 and Vertical 2,00
1,25 to 1,60 1,25 to 1,60 1,25 to 1,60
11L15 11L15 11L15