Orchard and Vineyard Sprayer ARBO

Orchard and Vineyard Sprayer ARBO

More compact turbine, high performance and robustness

ARBO is the most compact atomizer of fruit growing machines, in addition to offering different tank and turbine options. Everything in the right measure.

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Arbo line was developed to meet the needs of small fruit producers, designed for the most difficult to access sites, coupled to small tractors for small properties, demanding a lot from the performance of this tractor+sprayer set. Arbo includes three machine models, with tank capacities of 200, 300 and 400 liters and two different blower sizes, 615 and 800 mm.
Arbo line is composed of compact and extremely robust machines; simple, but ensuring excellent spraying performance.
Right side view Arbo 360

Your benefits

Designed and developed for limited spots

Moving chassis - Arbo 480


Designed with reduced dimensions, Arbo line offers robust and high performance equipment in pesticide applications. The 400-liter version features a two-point articulated chassis, which allows for easy maintenance. It is a small machine, with great autonomy. The chassis of the 200 and 300 models is unique, produced in steel angle bracket, which results in excellent resistance in the field. All chassis versions are made of powder coated carbon steel. At the same time, it uses special material, which provides lightness and the possibility of working with small tractors, from 20 hp, with a double hitch option.

Spray mixture tank

The 200 and 300-liter models of the Arbo line are equipped with a polyethylene tank, and the 400-liter version with a fiberglass tank. All tested and approved to ensure maximum resistance to attack by chemicals and possible shocks. Each has an appropriate design for its application in the field, optimizing space and ensuring lightness on the tractor arm. In addition to being light and compact, Their design allows total drainage, avoiding residue inside the spray tank, ensuring greater safety for the operator and for the crop in case of incompatible chemical changes.
Spray mixture tank arbo 300

Safety and convenience

Diaphragm pump and bearing 1000 RPM

Diaphragm or piston pump

There are two pump options. The piston pump, in cast iron, with three pistons and ceramic lining, traditional in the Brazilian market, entirely developed and produced at Kuhn, from casting to the final quality tests, ensuring maximum reliability of the product. The diaphragm option is restricted to a single machine option, however its application in the field is increasingly differentiated. It produces more stable pressures due to the precise synchronization and its great potential, the possibility of using concentrated spray mixture. They are models with differentials for field work, such as more stable pressure, due to the precise synchronization of the mechanism, ease of work with concentrated or powder-based spray, with less power requirement for work. Maintenance of diaphragm pumps is carried out in a very simple way, as the components are easy to access for repairs. All machines are designed to work with 540 RPM, but Arbo 200/300 has two speeds: 540, direct at the pump, and 1000, in lateral coupling.

Spraying control

The Arbo line offers the two-section movable manual control (right and left), which can be removed from the machine to be taken to the operator, a feature that facilitates operations at work.
The controls are produced with excellent quality material, with the necessary resistance for such activity, including in the fruit sector, where chemicals used are more abrasive.
The controls and spray pump can work with a pressure of up to 20 bars, very common for this type of application.
Fool-proof resistance.
Movable spray control - Arbo 480

Blower and transmission circuit assembly

Arbo 480 blower

Arbo 480 blower unit

With ventilation tailored to different cultivations, it provides the necessary strength to take the drop to the target. It is widely used today in vines, tomato, coffee, stone fruit crops, among others. Arbo 480 has an 800 mm propeller positioned at a lower point, to reach from the lowest point of the trees to the tops. Arbo 480 uses lower and upper deflectors to better direct the air flow. Its circuit is basically composed of pulley and bearing, activated in the PTO in the tractor by means of a cardan. With a power of 540 RPM, it produces approximately 16,000 m³/ h of air volume. The Arbo 480 propeller features a coupling to turn off the blower, in case of any specific need during operation, maintenance and for the refilling of the equipment.

Arbo 200/300 blower unit

Following the concept of a compact machine, the 200 and 300 models have a 615 mm propeller made of polyethylene, powered by a belt and pulley drive circuit and two speed options: 540 RPM, usual for tractors, or special 1000 RPM, specific to some tractor models. The Arbo 200/300 can provide approximately 15,000 m³/h, but its use is concentrated more on low foliage plants, such as grapes, tomatoes, passion fruit, greenhouse plants etc.
This model of arbo does not use the side deflector system, thus maintaining standard airflow direction.
200 and 300 arbo blowers

Right side view Arbo 360


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Fan diameter (mm)
Air volume (m³/h)
Spraying control
Nozzle quantity
Solution pump
Drive cardan
Length (m)
Height (m)
Width (m)
Weight (Kg)
ARBO 260 ARBO 360 ARBO 480
200 - Polyethylene 300 - Polyethylene 400 - Fiber
615 615 800
14.901 14,901 16.900
By belt By belt By belt
Manual two sections Manual two sections Fixo
12 - Bijet with anti spill 12 - Bijet with anti spill 12 - Bijet with anti spill
Membrane pump 40 l/min Membrane pump 40 l/min Piston pump 80 l/min
Conventional Conventional Conventional
Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi Only by return
1,15 1,15 1,50
1,00 1,18 1,20
0,86 0,86 1,10
145 149 275