SELECT mechanical seed drill

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Low operating cost and unmatched versatility for the winter crop seeder.

Assurance of excellent plantability for winter crops, SELECT mechanical seeders are versatile, have low operating costs and are available from 13 to 21 rows.

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Designed and engineered to meet the needs of small and mid-sized farmers looking for a versatile mechanical seed drill with low operating cost and excellent planting capacity, the SELECT line of mechanical seed drills is light, compact and at the same time robust, with features resulting in machines with a long service life and unmatched durability. Moreover, the SELECT offers a mounted summer version with units for large grains, allowing farmers to make the most out of the machine. Added to its complete range of options, this allows the SELECT to adapt to the most diverse conditions, regardless of crop and soil type.
SELECT at work

Your benefits

Versatility for all crops

Image of the summer unit used in the multipurpose version of the SELECT seed drill

Units for planting large grains

The SELECT seed drill offers all the precision of KUHN planters. Its pantographic planting units, both in the summer version for large grains and in the winter version for small grains, ensure great flotation regardless of relief, as well as correct fertilizer and seed delivery in the furrows. On the SELECT for planting summer crops, the seed unit is fitted with mini hopper, the metering unit with fluted disc and V-shaped press wheels. In addition, the SELECT has an 18" cutting disc, allowing fitting the fertilizer unit with double discs or blade, which offers total versatility for farmers. Added to all these factors, the speed and ergonomics for adapting the SELECT, provide the farmer with flexibility between seasons.

Innovative drive

The SELECT seed drill drive of large grain seeding units is carried out by means of a differentiated system, constantly lubricated with lithium grease and sealed (which prevents contamination by impurities from the external environment). This system ensures minimum friction between gears and chain, preventing failures caused by chain disengagement and considerably reducing maintenance, which results in optimized component service life. The system follows the movement of the units and prevents seed disc speed variations, resulting in maximum planting precision. Moreover, using a chain tensioner or constant retightening are unnecessary, allowing the farmer to plant safely and with peace of mind.
Image of flexible drive mechanism in the multipurpose version

Simple settings

Manual adjustment of the deep gauge wheels in the SELECT seeder winter version

Adjustments and calibrations without the need for tools

The SELECT is the ideal seed drill for farmers looking for simplicity, flexibility and lower costs. All its settings, from the gearbox to the deep gauge wheels and press wheels, are performed in a simple, fast and precise way, without requiring the use of any type of tool. In addition, from setting the fertilizer and seed application rates to choosing the seeding depth, the operator performs adjustments quickly, safely and ergonomically by means of a set of components that is available as standard for all versions. With a design based on these requirements, the SELECT result is a compact, robust seed drill sized for any needs of small and mid-sized farmers.

Sealed pantograph bushing

The planting units of the SELECT seed drill were designed to meet robustness and flexibility requirements of no-till planting. Featuring a pantographic hinge system that ensures the best flotation in rough terrain, the planting units can be quickly adjusted without the need for tools. In addition, they have a constantly lubricated system (which eliminates the need for periodic lubrication) and sealed bushings: their total sealing through o-rings and their internal grease reservoir ensure that the articulations are not affected by wear due to friction, minimizing the unit spacing and extending the durability of components and service life.
Image showing the bushing in a cross section of the SELECT seed drill unit

Superior planting quality

SELECT seed drill pantographic units in working position

Pantographic unit

SELECT seeding units are pantographic and feature all assembly pivot points with sealed bushings for increased durability. Manufactured with cast iron components, the SELECT seed drill is robust and adapted to work on hills and level curves without misalignment, delivering the seed and fertilizer in the right place and ensuring superior performance whatever the relief: 35 cm of cutting pressure amplitude, which allows for working in soft and hard soils with the same performance and precision. Arranged over the frame on two tubes, the SELECT units deliver excellent performance, even in conditions with excessive straw volume.

Deep gauge wheels

The deep gauge wheels of the SELECT seed drill are pantographic and positioned just behind the discs, ensuring that, regardless of the relief, the seed and fertilizer delivery depth is homogeneous, resulting in an evenly emerging and thus high-yield crop. In addition, other SELECT features stand out: the deep gauge wheels have angle adjustment, allowing them to adapt to any type of soil, from heavy clay to sandy soil, closing and compacting the furrow; the full tread prevents accumulation of clay and straw, reducing clogging; and the tread depth and angle can be adjusted without the need for tools, providing for flexible and ergonomic adjustments.
Detail of the SELECT seed drill deep gauge wheels


SELECT at work