ORIZA mechanical seed drill

ORIZA mechanical seed drill

The efficiency and robustness of a KUHN seeder for your rice field

Specifically for rice planting, the ORIZA mechanical seed drill is a strong, robust and efficient machine. The result of the combination of KUHN's knowledge and tradition in rice cultivation, it is offered with 26 and 32 rows.

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Cultivating rice fields demands seed drills with great resistance and durability. With this in mind, KUHN combined all of its expertise and tradition and developed the ORIZA mechanical seed drill: a machine that meets all the needs of rice farmers and withstands the high effort levels transferred to the frames, wheels and other structural components with excellence. In addition, Oriza's hoppers are characterized by their high capacity, ensuring fewer refill stops, optimizing the working day and providing planting at the right time. In addition, their planting units use high resistance components, especially designed for rice planting; as well as the efficiency of the limiting rims, the press wheels and the parts that clean them. This whole set of features makes the ORIZA mechanical seed drill the ideal seed drill to improve rice fields.

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The robustness that rice planting demands

Side view photo of the ORIZA mechanical seed drill crossing a dike, highlighting the wheelset and head unit.

Robust structural components

Rice planting is a strenuous activity, in which constantly crossing dikes requires a seed drill with high durability and superior resistance, when compared to machinery used for planting other crops. That's why the main components of the ORIZA mechanical seed drill were designed, tested and validated under strictest structural parameters: its frame uses reinforced structural tubes with folded profiles and crossbars positioned precisely to provide rigidity when crossing dikes; the outer hinged wheels ensure ground contact regardless of relief, resulting in constant seed delivery; and the ORIZA drawbar unit was designed to withstand the traction effort involved in working over dikes, because its ball joint is used to reduce the tractor's pull bar effort.

Planting unit components in cast iron

The ORIZA planting units are robust. With high performance in planting over dikes, the main components were developed in high quality cast iron. The geometry of the row clamp was especially designed to provide the best performance in rice planting. The spacers have high resistance to wear, maintaining the perfect spacing between planting units, requiring only two screws for the assembly, with fast and ergonomic setting. The furrow opener is attached to the planting unit by a flange, ensuring perfect adjustment and positioning. The row's frame is not cut and the fertilizer and seed tubes do not cross it, increasing the unit's resistance to torsion and preventing accumulation of inputs inside the tube, preventing its corrosion and extending the service life of components.
Rendered image of the ORIZA mechanical seed drill planting unit showing the cast iron components.

Keeps dikes intact

Photo of the ORIZA mechanical seed drill ground pressure adjustment system showing the springs and their bracket.

High unit clearance

The planting units of the ORIZA mechanical seed drill feature the necessary flotation for efficient, quality planting. Regardless of the condition, the machine adjusts easily to ensure uniform planting in uneven terrain or over dikes. This is possible because ORIZA has a system for setting the row cutting pressure formed by a rod and three springs: the rod keeps the springs aligned on the bracket and ensures that the actuating force is applied at the same point; the three springs, in turn, are used and combined according to the conditions of the terrain, and their number may be decreased to reduce unit ground pressure. The result is excellent cutting power for the most adverse situations, whether in soft soil or in conventional planting.

Press wheels designed for rice

The ORIZA press wheel was developed with a cast iron hinged arm, providing the necessary robustness for planting in dikes. The profiled wheel works beside the furrow, ensuring its closure and seed compaction, avoiding air pockets. Moreover, the wheel angle can be adjusted to improve compacting efficiency. Even in the most severe planting conditions, the profiled wheel cleaner has the necessary efficiency to prevent accumulation of clay on the closing surface, ensuring maximum quality in planting. In addition, pressure can be adjusted without the need for tools, providing ergonomics and setting flexibility.
Detailed photo of the press wheels at work crossing a dike.

Maximum efficiency rice planting

In the image on the left, detail of the outer cleaner with adjustment directions and springs of the inner cleaner. In the image on the right, an overview of the rows highlighting the cleaners.

Rice cleaners

Uniform rice planting is impossible without the presence of efficient cleaners and high performance limiting rims: they are essential for the crop to achieve its best performance. With this in mind, the ORIZA mechanical seed drill offers the best warranty and efficiency in its cleaners, providing a homogeneous, high quality planting, with high productivity and return on investment. The ORIZA cleaners have distinctive elements: two-direction regulation, which allows for full cleaning of the rims and the disc, and ensures uniform planting depth; and the system of internal disc cleaners designed with springs, which keeps the pressure constant regardless of wear.

High-capacity hoppers

The ORIZA hoppers have, on average, 25% more capacity in relation to competitor models, allowing for planting with fewer refill stops. This optimizes the work shift and ensures seeding at the right time, even in the narrowest planting windows. In addition, the hoppers of the ORIZA mechanical seed drill are made of polyethylene, providing better drainage and high resistance to corrosion, which prevents damage caused by fertilizer and extends the equipment's service life. Optionally, the ORIZA also comes in a seed-only version, which maximizes performance in the field. ORIZA means reliability, autonomy and excellent performance in various situations.
Top view of the ORIZA mechanical seed drill hoppers after seed refill.


Rear view of ORIZA mechanical seed drill in working position.