KOSMA seeding unit details

Precision and technology in a lighter package

KOSMA is ideal for customers who want to high precision on well prepared soils.

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KOSMA is the new addition to our range of precision seed drills. Designed to work with light tractors and enable you to seed on well prepared soil at speeds of between 4 and 8 km/h. This is just the right weight to output balance for cultivated ground, to limit soil compaction and reduce fuel consumption. We know farmers have constraints in terms of road transport and weight, so we offer a wide range of models for mixed-crop farms, contractors, co-operatives and arable farms.

Seeding precision is of utmost importance to KUHN, so the KOSMA boasts the proven MAXIMA 3 distribution system, appreciated by thousands of farmers for its extreme precision and capacity to manage many different seed types. KOSMA also retains the precision farming capabilities of MAXIMA so you can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to improve your working comfort and increase your output.
KOSMA Seeding unit at work

Your benefits

A light, high-performance seeding unit

KOSMA precision seed drills are light and compact. They can be coupled to small tractors

Reduced power requirement

A lighter row unit (95kg) means lower power requirement. That's 25 kg lighter than MAXIMA 3.

The KOSMA chassis has been specially designed to give you 20 to 30% more lifting capacity (vs the MAXIMA 3 with the same equipment).

By using smaller 4-cylinder tractors with little ballast you will benefit from less soil compaction when seeding, fuel savings and ensuring uniform emergence.

Light but robust

Machine quality is priority at KUHN and the KOSMA unit is no exception. KOSMA precision seed drills are built with high quality materials and have an optimised design making them light but highly robust.

These seed drills are hard wearing, and maintenance is reduced to a minimum, so return on investment is guaranteed.
A parallelogram in cast iron makes your KOSMA precision seed drill outstandingly reliable

Precise seed placement

For high-precision seeding, the seeding unit must be very stable to maintain a constant seeding depth which is critical for even emergence. The KOSMA unit is equipped with an effective coulter-pressure system where 12.5 or 25 kg can be added up to a maximum of 120kg to provide excellent ground following

Just like the MAXIMA 3, the KOSMA's system of coulter pressure adjustment is simple and tool-free. With no wearing parts, the maintenance is kept to a minimum.
120 kg of ground pressure ensures that the KOSMA seeding unit remains at the right depth

Seeding precision to meet your expectations

The outstanding seeding precision of MAXIMA 3 and KOSMA seed drills is the resuThe outstanding seeding precision of MAXIMA 3 and KOSMA seed drills is the result of optimal seed selection <br />lt of optimal seed selection

Precision is key

Approved by the TOP AGRAR 2017 test, this high-performance system is made possible by the 262 mm, large-diameter seed-selector disc, which selects seeds perfectly. Just like the MAXIMA 3, the KOSMA unit is capable of drilling any seed type by simply changing the disc.

KUHN offers the choice of mechanical or electric-drive distribution.

The mechanical drive system is simple and robust, with the transmission ideally adapted to 45-50 cm spacing of beetroot seeding.

The 48V electric drive system guarantees smooth and continuous rotation for high-precision seeding. The new KOSMA unit with electric drive has many advantages:

Seeding density adjustment from the tractor cab
Application rate adjustment manually or automatically with GPS
Automatic row shut-off using GPS

Seeding precision requires fine and simple adjustments to each unit on your KOSMA precision seed drill. depth can be adjusted in 0.5 cm increments from 1 to 9 cm. Independent spring-mounted gauge wheels, equipped with integrated scrapers, control working depth.

Adjusting coulter pressure and trash-remover height as well as fitting the press wheel are all tool-free operations and easy to do on each row of your KOSMA seed drill.

Working KOSMA seed drills guarantee perfect control of seed spacing and uniform seeding depth.

ISOBUS technology: the best in precision and performance

Using the ISOBUS Section control and Variable Rate Application features, KOSMA seed drills can help you:
  • Increase yield (average increase of 3% with Variable Rate Application*)
  • Lower seed costs
  • Prevent over population on the headland
To save time and simplify your seeding operations, ISOBUS technology makes it easier to manage your KOSMA seed drill.

The CCI ISOBUS terminal gives you better visibility and increased flexibility. The large, touch screen enables the driver to display and view different essential information simultaneously. With the CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal, you can view two different applications at the same time (GPS & the machine for example).
(*depending on the application map and soil variations)
Isobus technology saves time and simplifies operations with KOSMA precision seed drills

Equipment to meet all requirements

Everyone is looking for fast and uniform crop germination, but how this is achieved depends on the conditions. KOSMA precision seed drills can be fitted with 3 types of equipment to give you the best seeding quality:
  • Seeding-line clearance with front-mounted equipment: clod clearers or trash removers
  • Improved soil/seed contact thanks to the intermediate press wheel (shown below)
  • Furrow closing and better soil consolidation around the seed with the V-profile wheels
The germination of your crop is boosted by the intermediate wheel in stainless steel which improves soil/seed contact

A seed drill to increase your profitability

KOSMA seed drills are characterised by high precision and low investment costs.

Economic solution without compromise

KOSMA precision seed drills are lighter than the MAXIMA 3. The lighter weight and clever design make for a more economical seed drill. But KOSMA machines are no less effective, and provide the same seeding precision in well cultivated soil as the MAXIMA 3 range.

KOSMA M, TS and TD: simple, robust chassis

For farmers and smaller contractors
KOSMA M: the rigid seed drill for sowing maize and sunflower

The KOSMA M's fixed chassis is light weight (200 kg lighter than a MAXIMA 3 M). With its compact linkage system, it creates very little overhang, so is the ideal solution when used in combination with a power harrow. The KOSMA M reduces soil compaction, especially in light and airy soils. It can be fitted with 2x260 litre or 1x950 litre fertiliser hoppers to reduce the number of passes required
KOSMA TS: Ideal for use in combination with a power harrow

KOSMA single-telescopic seed drills are extremely versatile with the possibility of seeding in combination with a power harrow. With the KOSMA TS, you will benefit from all of KUHN's expertise in this simple and economical seed drill:

A simple and robust chassis with 6 rows that can be fitted with a 950 litre fertiliser hopper
Lighter weight (1180 kg) with compact linkage system to keep overhang to a minimum
A choice of mechanical or electric drive system to meet the needs of precision agriculture
KOSMA TD:  Double telescopic for a transport width of 3 metres.

For contractors looking for a compact machine, which can fold quickly and easily from the cab. The KOSMA TD weighs only 1290 kg which is 18% less than the MAXIMA 3 TD, so it can be used with a smaller tractor for spring seeding. This more-compact machine reduces pulling torque as well as power requirement. With the double-telescopic chassis it is possible to fit a 950L fertiliser hopper and non-stop disc applicators.
The KOSMA TS precision seed drill is simple, robust and lighter weight

KOSMA R, the lightweight, folding seed drill

The KOSMA R is a mounted, foldable and lightweight machine that reduces soil compaction and is capable of high-quality seeding with tractors from 140 hp. Being 300 kg lighter than the MAXIMA 3 R, the KOSMA R reduces soil compaction as well as fuel consumption. The lighter weight chassis is ideal for sugar beet as well as for crops such as chicory and rape.
Transform your 8-row seed drill into a 12-row drill with electric drive.

This one machine is capable of seeding at 45 cm spacing as well as 75 cm! Only one investment for optimum operations. It only takes half a day in the workshop to transform the seed drill so that you don't have to transport seeding rows needlessly when working with the 8-row configuration. The electric system makes it easy to unplug rows instead of disconnecting drive systems.

For optimum seeding quality and increasingly high output, KUHN has specific options for planting beetroot (Stainless steel wheel, clod clearers and trash removers, etc.…) with ultra-precise and fast settings.
With its lightweight and foldable chassis, the KOSMA R is ideal for seeding beetroot and rape.

KOSMA M Select, TRM and TRS seed drills designed for Eastern Europe

The M Select chassis: the maize-sunflower configuration you need

The KOSMA M Select features a simple and robust chassis which suits lower powered tractors perfectly. With its lighter weight and compact linkage system, overhang is reduced. This 8-row model with 70 cm spacing keeps soil compaction to a minimum, especially in light or airy soils. The KOSMA M Select model is fitted with 2x260L or 1x950L fertiliser hopper with double-disc fertiliser applicators that deliver the fertiliser at the right depth.

The TRM Select chassis: the trailed, 8-row seed drill

The KOSMA TRM Select has a high-capacity fertiliser hopper on a short, robust chassis. This trailed 8-row model with 70 cm spacing is also designed for maize and sunflower crops. The KOSMA TRM Select is equipped with a 1350L fertiliser hopper for greater autonomy, and less traction power. It is capable of higher work output than the mounted KOSMA M Select model of the same width. The chassis has a short linkage system which makes it very easy to handle on headlands and stable on slopes.

The TRS chassis: 1 seed drill, 2 configurations

The KOSMA TRS machine is capable of great quality output at high working speeds, with low-power tractors. The 24 rows spaced at 45 cm can be transformed into 16 rows with 70 cm spacing. With the drive wheels at the back of the machine, many seeding-bar configurations are possible. This unique design, with parallelogramme linkage between the seeding bar and the frame of the machine, produces excellent ground contour following. The machine folds to a width of approximately 3.5m for transport. The design of the frame and the light weight of the machine mean that it can be operated with low traction power. The 24-row configuration on a 12m chassis can be pulled with only 150 hp when using no fertilizer.

KOSMA seed drills are characterised by high precision and low investment costs.


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Row spacing (cm)
Type of beam
Number of wheels
Speed information
Hydraulic tractor adaptation
Standard distribution discs
ADS kit - Anti drift system
Vacuum mode
Distribution head for TF (optional equipment)
Number of rows
Transport width (m)
Spacing (cm)
Type of seeds
Hopper capacity (l)
Coulter pressure
Fertiliser applicators
Available front options
Available rear options
2.55 3
45/50/55/60/65/70/72,5/75/77/77,5/80 6 rows:70/75/80
7 rows: (45)*/50/55/60/65
Category 2 in yoke Category 2 in yoke
2 2
Drive wheels Drive wheels
1 1
2 DA 2 DA
Maïze 28 holes Ø 4.5 mm Sunflower 21 holes Ø 2.5 mm
Fitted as standard (for treated seeds against insecticide) Fitted as standard (for treated seeds against insecticide)
Air deduct Air deduct
6 row head 7 row head
4 to 12 6 / 7 / 8 6 8 - 9 - 11 - 12 16 and 24
Mechanical or electric ISOBUS Mechanical or electric ISOBUS Mechanical or electric ISOBUS Mechanical or electric ISOBUS Mechanical
3 3,30 / 3,35 / 3,50 / 3,55 3 3 3,50
37,5 to 80 cm 50 to 80 cm 70 / 75 45 to 80 cm 45 and 70
Maïze / sugar beet / rape / soya Maïze / sunflower / bean Maïze Maïze / sugar beet / sunflower Maïze, sugar beet
50 50 50 50 50
120 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
Non-Stop disc coulters Non-Stop disc coulters Clod cleaner and/or rotary trash wiper (comfort) Non-Stop disc coulters
Clod cleaner and/or rotary trash wiper (comfort) Clod cleaner and/or rotary trash wiper (comfort) Rear rollers Clod cleaner and/or rotary trash wiper (comfort) Clod cleaner and/or rotary trash wiper (comfort)
Rear rollers Rear rollers Rear rollers Rear rollers