Mounted seed drill for minimum tillage seeding MEGANT 602 R

MEGANT 602 R outline

Versatility in all soils

Optimize your work output and reduce your costs without impacting the quality of work! The MEGANT 602 R tine seed drill, with a working width of 6 m, allows establishing your crops quickly and evenly on plowed or min-tilled land.

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The MEGANT 602 R ensures optimum work output and great autonomy thanks to an 1800 liter hopper and a working width of 6.00 metres. With a lightweight design, it is suitable for tractors from 150 hp. It meets current environmental and economic challenges thanks to fast seeding and low fuel consumption. Synonymous with versatility, it is also capable of seeding in wet, stony conditions or even in the presence of plant residues.

MEGANT 602 R at work

Your benefits

Optimum work output and controlled costs

Take advantage of KUHN Easy Transfer for transferring your data!

Seed up to 60 hectares per day!

The 1,800-litre hopper of the MEGANT 602 R seed drill can contain up to 1200 kg of wheat for maximum operating range. With a lightweight design, this seed drill has a low power requirement and is suitable for tractors from 150 hp. It thus meets current environmental and economic challenges thanks to fast seeding and low fuel consumption.

No more stops even in plant residues

The tines of the mounted min-till seed drill MEGANT 602 R are staggered in 4 rows spaced 40 cm apart for improved passage in plant residues. The risk of jamming is thus reduced to a minimum. To adjust the seeding depth, simply move a pin in the multiple position plate.

An additional hopper for more opportunities

The MEGANT 602 R can be equipped, as an option, with an additional SH 1120 hopper with a capacity of 110 litres, allowing seeding two varieties at the same time, such as cover crops for example, or even sowing and incorporating fertilizer in one pass! The desired application rate is injected into the flow of the main metering unit. The products are then mixed and delivered in the seeding line.
Additional hopper

Performance ease and speed

The distribution head of the MEGANT 602 R seed drill is fitted, as standard, with VISTAFLOW valves allowing 2*2 row tramlining to be carried out. The left half shut-off is also available as an option for symmetrical tramlining.

Seed at all times an in any conditions


Gain in flexibility without impacting quality

The seeding tines of the MEGANT 602 R are mounted on a beam with an exclusive star-shaped profile and secured by four polyurethane holders. This particular design ensures perfect stability, a regular seeding depth, a vertical travel range of approximately 15 cm in the event of an obstacle. The MEGANT 602 R has been designed to seed quickly without altering the establishment quality, including in plant residues. All these assets make the MEGANT 602 R a versatile seed drill capable of seeding in sometimes difficult conditions, both on dry and wet soils, ploughed or min-tilled land.

Three types of seeding tines available

The MEGANT 602 R can be equipped with a choice of reversible aggresive, straight or 12mm-fine tine coulters. The reversible aggressive coulters ensure good soil penetration thanks to their agressive profile particularly suitable for working on prepared soils. Straight coulters are suitable for stony conditions. Finally, the 12 mm fine and robust tines easily penetrate the soil while limiting the movement of soil and plant residues at the level of the seeding line. Soil moisture is preserved. Distributed over 4 rows while offering regular and significant clearance, these fine tines are particularly suitable for seeding in the presence of plant residues or in stony conditions. They require little maintenance.

The secret to improved soil/seed contact

The MEGANT 602 R seed drill can be fitted with a covering harrow and press wheels. It rests both on its front wheels supporting the load of the hopper and on its rear press wheels. It follows ground variations independently of the tractor movements, ensuring a seeding depth evenness even on very irregular ground. The press wheels are mounted on elastomer blocks allowing clearance in the event of an obstacle. They are preceded by a cover harrow designed to close the furrow. Soil/seed contact is thus facilitated for optimal emergence.

Perfect cover ideal for high-speed seeding

For a perfect finish, this seed drill can be fitted with a double covering harrow. Composed of two rows of flexible tines, the double harrow ensures furrow closing, seed coverage and perfect levelling. The receding profile of the tines facilitates passage in straw or plant residues.
Perfect cover

Your ease of use matters

CCI 1200 with MEGANT

Benefit from the ISOBUS compatibility

ISOBUS compatibility provides flexibility with the possibility of using the CCI 800, CCI 1200 terminals or any other ISOBUS terminal already available. For tractors not equipped with ISOBUS, seeding management can also be carried out via the KUHN VT 30 terminal. These terminals allow managing seeding directly from the tractor cab thanks to numerous functions: monitoring of blower speed and hopper filling level, tramline control, plot counter, flow control assistance and seed application rate modulation. With the CCI 800 and CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminals, seeding can be managed automatically by GPS whether for tramlining, application rate modulation via the TC-GEO function or seed drill stop/start at the headland with the Section Control function (TC-SC). The MEGANT is ISOBUS certified by the AEF.

Everything within reach!

The distribution head and the tubes of the MEGANT 602 R are located outside the hopper for easy filling and cleaning, an appreciable configuration when changing seed for example! The hopper, with a capacity of 1800 litres, has a wide opening (135 * 85 cm) and is accessible by a retractable ladder. The metering unit is ideally positioned for comfortable calibration test.
Distribution head

A powerful blower driven by an independent hydraulic circuit

The MEGANT 602 R is equipped with a hydraulic blower drive independent of the tractor's PTO speed. Thus, the blower speed is not affected by fluctuations in the engine speed. This has many advantages: easy adjustment of the blower speed, constant seed flow to the seeding units and fuel savings.


Optional equipment available on the MEGANT 602 R seed drill

MEGANT 602 R at work


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Weight with covering harrow approx. (kg)
3-point hitch category
Required tractor hydraulic equipment
Cat. 2 or 3
1 DA for the side markers; 1 DA for folding; 1 DA for adjusting the levelling device (optional); 1 SA with free return for the LS blower drive (optional)


Hopper capacity (l)
Loading height approx. (cm)
Opening dimensions approx. (cm)
Hopper sieve with locking
Fast emptying hatch
135 x 85
Roll up hopper cover
As standard
As standard


Application rate
Hopper/metering unit separating sliding hatch
Centralised volumetric metering unit with electric drive and disengageable agitator (1 to 430 kg/ha)
As standard

Seed placement / Seeding control

Number of rows
Spacing between rows (cm)
Type of seeding unit
Seeding depth adjustment
Depth control wheels
Electronic monitoring
Tramline control
Electronic application rate adjustment
Pre-metering start/stop system
Application rate adjustment assistant
Seeding tines mounted on polyurethane isolation mounts
By wheel height
4 wheels - 26 x 12 (8 available in total)
Seed level - blower speed - metering unit rotation
Automatic management
Daily and total
Manual or via modulation map (requires an adapted ISOBUS terminal)
As standard
As standard