VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted ploughs

VARI MANAGER plough Silhouette

The incredibly easy to handle semi-mounted plough

The VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough is available with 5 to 8 bodies to equip tractors from 150 to 240 hp.

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The VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough range is suitable for medium-power tractors with a larger number of bodies than a mounted plough.
Its manoeuvrability, with its 110° turning angle, makes it possible to plough in the smallest fields whilst still retaining high work outputs. It perfectly meets the requirements of farmers who are looking for:
  • Simplicity
  • Exceptional quality work
  • Versatility, high work rates and variable width for adaptation to all conditions.
The VARI-MANAGER range is available from 5 to 8 bodies to equip tractors from 150 to 240 hp.
VARI-MANAGER plough at work

Your benefits

The answer to your performance needs

View of the VARI-MANAGER plough bodies at work

Economic performance

Investing in a VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough is the assurance of a profitable investment for your farm. The ultra-robust design and the quality of the materials used offer the VARI-MANAGER maximum durability. KUHN ploughs are known throughout the world for their reliability and quality of work, which gives them a higher resale value than other manufacturers on the market. In addition, TRIPLEX uneven-layer mouldboards and forged and treated wear parts extend the operating life by 20 to 40%! A range of carbide shares and points are available for more durability This results in a significant reduction in the maintenance costs of your VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough with less frequent replacement of wear parts.

Easy to use

VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted ploughs differ from others with their ease of use. The turn over is done by a hydraulic sequence. A single double acting spool automatically controls the lifting of the beam before the turn over, making manoeuvres very simple. Settings for working depth, levelling and offset require no tools. The working depth is kept constant thanks to the patented KUHN articulated beam in order to follow undulating terrain. As an option, you can benefit from hydraulic adjustments from the cab.
View of the hydraulic articulated beam of the VARI-MANAGER plough

High work rate and manoeuvrability

The VARI-MANAGER range is available with up to 8 bodies. Because of their number of bodies, VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted ploughs ensure a high work rate. It is possible to increase the number of bodies of your plough by adding an extension. The work rate is also increased with the easy handling. The 110° turning angle saves considerable time at the end of the field by limiting the number of manoeuvres. The wheels are positioned close to the tractor for a better turning radius, ensuring that the end of ploughing is in line as close as possible to the edge of the field.
U-turn in headlands of the VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough

Quality of work at the heart of our priorities

Use of wide tyres with the VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough

Low compaction

One of the main advantages of the VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough is its low weight. Depending on conditions, only 20 horsepower per body is required to work efficiently with the VARI-MANAGER. This light weight is beneficial for your soils as it limits the compaction effect. A less compacted soil ensures better development of the seeded crop and higher yields. Semi-mounted ploughs offer the possibility of using wide tyres to improve grip and traction capacity. This also reduces the demand for power and fuel consumption of your tractor.

Precise ground contours

The articulated beam allows the plough to follow the undulations of the ground. As a result, the ploughing depth is always constant. In addition, when lifting at the headland, while the front bodies come out of the ground, the rear bodies remain at the right working depth improving the finish of the furrow ends and shortens the ins and outs. It locks automatically when leaving the furrow (remains locked during the manoeuvre as well as during transport) and regains its freedom when entering the furrow. The burial of residues is optimized thanks to a homogeneous work quality that then facilitates seeding and good emergence. As an option, the hydraulic stiffener automatically realigns the rear of the plough and guarantees good penetration in difficult conditions.
View of a furrow exit of the VARI-MANAGER plough

Perfect adaptation to working conditions

The VARI-MANAGER can be equipped, as an option, with a large hydraulic offset that can be adjusted from the cab and can be adapted all tyre spacings. The choice of plough bodies is crucial to ensure a better profitability of your plough. According to the type of ploughing required and the soil conditions, KUHN offers a wide range of bodies designed with a high and wide curve for very good protection of the mouldboard and frog. The shares and points are forged and treated to increase their service life. The mastery of drop forging and heat treatment processes offers very good wear resistance in all conditions. The patented KUHN OLYMPIC point ensures maximum penetration and protection of the bow and frog is standard. KUHN offers the exclusive TRIPLEX mouldboards with uneven layers. Their service life is 40% longer than that of a conventional mouldboard.
View of the wear parts of the VARI-MANAGER plough

A plough that stands the test of time

Integrated linkage of the VARI-MANAGER plough

A variable width mechanism fully integrated in the beam

The change of the cutting width mechanism is 100% integrated in the beam and frame. As a result, linkages and articulations are protected from the elements (dust, corrosion, shocks and falling rocks or earth). Maintenance-free, this KUHN exclusivity guarantees a longer service life in relation to conventional mechanisms. The articulations provide exceptional strength. In addition, the KUHN variable width concept provides an optimal in-furrow wheel position regardless of the chosen working width. The variable width, from 12 to 20 inches (30 to 50 cm), is clearly beneficial as it allows you to:
  • Adapt to the available traction
  • Adapt to the types of soil, relief and fields while maintaining a high work rate
  • Alternate the summer-winter ploughing profile
  • Dealing with difficult burials
  • Improve the finish
  • Bypass obstacles and straighten the furrows

Simple, reliable and efficient non-stop hydraulic safety

Non-Stop Hydraulic (NSH) safety brings more comfort to the user by instantly adapting to working conditions. The pressure on the body varies according to the depth, speed and working width, the condition and nature of the soil. It is therefore necessary to be able to vary the trigger pressure without mechanical intervention (addition of leafs /spring tension, etc.) to avoid the flicking or lifting up of stones.The adjustment of the trigger pressure takes only a few seconds with the connection of a hydraulic hose. The VARIBAR option allows to vary the pressure at the point from the tractor while ploughing for immediate adaptation to the working conditions. The MAXIBAR option offers instant over-calibration of safety devices up to 2500 kg for working in very heavy soils.
NSH safety ensures an unparalleled return to the working position. As the body lifts, the resistance at the tip increases, giving it all the more energy to the return to the working position. The VARI-MANAGER NSH offers exceptional clearances: + 70 cm vertical clearance and + 20 cm lateral clearance are the highest values on the market!
View of the NSH safety device of the VARI-MANAGER plough at work

A robust structure that stands the test of time

VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted ploughs are designed to work in the most extreme working conditions. Their mechanically welded design ensures high strength and increased resistance in all circumstances. The generously dimensioned headstock facilitates the passage of power up to 240 hp. The one-piece cast steel headstock allows for a single traction line with very low pull points for maximum load transfer, guaranteeing better tractor grip in difficult conditions. The one-piece headstock is a real guarantee of robustness since it eliminates any risk of deformation or loosening: no taking up the slack possible. In addition, the semi-automatic hitch simplifies the attachment and removal of the plough. As an option, the hydraulic suspension of the carriage protects the plough and absorbs shocks when travelling in the field and during transport.
View of the hitch of the VARI-MANAGER hitch and one-piece headstock


View of the hydraulic articulated beam of the VARI-MANAGER plough


Technical characteristics

Composition of bodies (front + rear)
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)
Approx. weight (kg) for NSH version
Working width (cm)
Working width (Inches)
Underbeam clearance (cm)
Point to point clearance (cm)
Beam (mm)
Hydraulic adaptation
3+2 (3+1)+2 (3+1) + (2+1) (3+1+1) + (2+1)
110/149 132/176 154/209 176/239
3150 3500 3850 4200
30 to 50 30 to 50 30 to 50 30 to 50
12 to 20 12 to 20 12 to 20 12 to 20
80 80 80 80
102 102 102 102
180 x 180 180 x 180 180 x 180 180 x 180
Ø 60 Cat 2 (Cat 3 on request) Ø 60 Cat 2 (Cat 3 on request) Ø 60 Cat 2 (Cat 3 on request) Ø 60 Cat 2 (Cat 3 on request)
Turnover : DA - Hydraulic front furrow adjustment : DA - Varibar : DA - Width adjustment : DA - Hydraulic beam articulation : DA Turnover : DA - Hydraulic front furrow adjustment : DA - Varibar : DA - Width adjustment : DA - Hydraulic beam articulation : DA Turnover : DA - Hydraulic front furrow adjustment : DA - Varibar : DA - Width adjustment : DA - Hydraulic beam articulation : DA Turnover : DA - Hydraulic front furrow adjustment : DA - Varibar : DA - Width adjustment : DA - Hydraulic beam articulation : DA