VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs

VARI- CHALLENGER plough Silhouette

The semi-mounted plough that adapts to your working conditions

The semi-mounted variable width plough with rear body lift for instant adaptation to your needs.

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The VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs benefit from KUHN's expertise in the domain of ploughing:
  • Robustness and reliability: large beam of 220 x 220 mm and variable width mechanism integrated into the frame.
  • Quality of work: frame articulation to track the unevenness of the soil, rear body lift to reduce the size of the headlands and to limit the need for traction.
  • Manoeuvrability: turning angle of 110°
  • Adaptability: in furrow and onland with offset of 3.5 m
The VARI-CHALLENGER range, available from 7 to 10 bodies, is dedicated to high power tractors from 315 to 450 hp.
It adapts perfectly to the intensive use by large scale farming enterprises or contractors with difficult working conditions.
The CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough is the solution for high power tractors and extreme working conditions. It offers particularly high work rates thanks to its large working width.
The 110 ° turning angle provides exceptional manoeuvrability and time savings when making U-turns at the headland.
Robustness is also a major asset of the CHALLENGER range, as it has a 220 mm frame section. As for the quality of work, the articulation of the frame ensures land undulations are perfectly followed, for a high quality ploughing.
The semi-mounted CHALLENGER ploughs are also available, with Safe-T or NSH safety device from 7 to 12 bodies for powers from 200 to 500 hp.
VARI-CHALLENGER ploug ground following

Your benefits

A semi-mounted plough for high-end ploughing

The rear body lift ensures a perfect adaptation to working conditions

Rear body lift

The VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs are equipped with the rear body lift system. This offers many advantages to the user:
  • The ability to achieve progressive furrow entries to create flatter and shorter headlands. Ploughing becomes easier and more fuel efficient.
  • Possibility of ploughing with only the front part to reduce the need for traction when conditions require it.
  • Possibility of disassembling the rear part to work only with the front part in difficult conditions.
The lifting of the body is operated by a spool, always in the same direction, simplifying the manipulations.
The rear body lift is a strong point of the VARI-CHALLENGER since it makes it possible to adapt to soil conditions and to the need for traction while offering the high work rate of a semi-mounted plough.

Contour following

The VARI-CHALLENGER ploughs are articulated at the axle to allow the whole plough to follow the unevenness of the ground, working like two independant machines. Each section works at equivalent depth to ensure homogeneous work between the front and rear halves.
Thanks to this technology, when working on-land, when the bodies of the front half come out of the earth, the rear bodies are kept at the desired working depth without causing stress to the structure.
When raising the machine, the rear part is automatically realigned with the front to allow a safe and smooth turnover.
In hard or compacted ground, the rear of the plough is constantly kept in the soil thanks to the hydraulic pressure present in the accumulators. It is also possible to stiffen and lock the rear part to improve penetration capacity. Ideal in highly compacted areas (tramlines, headlands, field entrances), this allows the rear part to be kept in the soil whatever the soil conditions.
Diagram of the frame articulation of the VARI-CHALLENGER

On-land ploughing

The VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough range can be equipped with an on-land kit. The on-land kit offers many advantages as it allows you to make the most of:
  • the available traction power and reduce fuel consumption. The transmission of power to the soil sometimes requires the use of large tyres, twin wheels or tracks, which no longer allow in-furrow ploughing.
  • the type of tractor available. If the tractor is intended for other applications requiring twin wheels or large tyres, then thanks to the on-land kit, it is no longer necessary to disassemble the wheels for using it in ploughing.
The on-land kit ensures a perfect adaptation to working conditions:
  • Use with tractors of overall width up to 3.50 m
  • Possibility of returning to in furrow ploughing when the conditions are no longer satisfactory on fallow land.
On-land ploughing also offers many other benefits such as:
  • Limitation of soil compaction
  •  Reduction of tyre wear in stony conditions.
  • Improved driving comfort: no shocks or rattling for the driver since they are working on a level surface. Their work posture is considerably more comfortable.
In addition, the turnaround and the unfolding / folding of the machine is done by activating one double-acting distributor from the cab.
The VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough in on-land version

A semi-mounted plough that's ultra-simple to use

The vertical, working depth and offset settings of the VARI-CHALLENGER plough can be done without tools

Tool-free adjustments

Quality ploughing facilitates preparation of the seedbed and reduces energy consumption. Precise and easy to access adjustments allow this goal to be achieved.
The vertical, working depth and offset settings can be adjusted without tools.
  • The vertical setting is adjusted by independent left / right crank screws for more precision;
  • The working depth of the wheels are very simply operated by means of an adjustment using crank screws;
  •  The offset is adjusted by hydraulic cylinder. It allows an adjustment for tyres of 1.15 to 1.60 m inside spacing. An indicator visible from the driving position facilitates tracking.

Turning radius of 110°

Kuhn pride themselves on making ploughs that are simple and easy to use. This is why the VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs are equipped with a turning radius of 110° to limit manoeuvres and facilitate headland U-turns.
The distance between the frame and the first furrow has been specifically designed to avoid any risk of damage to the tractor even in the shortest U-turns.
The increased manoeuvrability of the VARI-CHALLENGER saves time during U-turns at the headland and ensures a clear increase in the work rate.
The plough can be turned around very smoothly and without jolts by means of two large-sized double-acting cylinders. As soon as the plough is lifted up again, the rear part automatically realigns itself, thus avoiding any risk of mishandling when turning round.
View of the headland U-turn of the VARI-CHALLENGER

Comfort on the road and in the fields

The large diameter wheels bring stability to your VARI-CHALLENGER when turning round, and make it easy to pull. The design also ensures the structure is protected during transport.
The hydraulic suspension is permanently active as soon as it comes out of the soil. It protects the structure of the plough when travelling at high speed on the road, in the fields and when making U-turns in the field.
As an option, the LED lighting provides excellent visibility at night on the ploughed land. In addition, it is very convenient for storing the plough on the farm after a long day of ploughing.
Pneumatic braking is also available as an option for added safety when travelling by road (German TUV certification 40km / h).
The VARI-CHALLENGER plough in transport position

A robust design


A structure sized for very intensive uses

The design and sizing of the VARI-CHALLENGER range meets the requirements for the most severe and intensive use. The robustness of the structure is guaranteed by a large-sized welded frame. The 220 x 220 mm frame beam offers unmatched solidity on the VARI-CHALLENGER.
The VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough is carried by an axle consisting of 2 large 1160 x 400 mm wheels with an agricultural profile. The wheels facilitate roll and improves lift and travelling capacity in difficult conditions.
For adaptation to all medium to high horsepower tractors, a wide range of clevis coupling categories are available (categories 3, 4N, 4 and K700).
It is possible to increase the number of bodies of the VARI-CHALLENGER (7 to 10) with the same basic structure.

A variable width mechanism integrated into the frame

The VARI-CHALLENGER is the only variable width semi mounted plough on the market, combining a linkage integrated into the frame with a rear body lift. The integral protection of the variable width system ensures exceptional longevity as it is no longer exposed to external aggressions such as:
  • Shocks connected to the fall of earth or stone when turning round
  • Dust
  • Moisture (corrosion)
The variable width is hydraulically adjusted from the driving position from 14’ to 22’ (35 to 55 cm). An indicator of the cutting width is visible from the tractor seat.
For greater peace of mind, this variable width system is maintenance-free. All the pivots are locked in rotation and bushed.
The indicator of the cutting width is visible from the driving position

A hydraulic safety device for optimal protection

The VARI-CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs are equipped with Non-Stop Hydraulic safety devices on each body, guaranteeing increased reactivity for high-speed ploughing without releasing. The NSH safety device brings many benefits for the user:
  • Quick adaptation of the force at the plough point to the working conditions (700 to 1500 kg) to avoid tapping away or raising stones
  • A centralised regulation of the force at the tip of all the bodies for gain in time
  • An increasing trip curve for easy return into the soil after an obstacle has been passed.
  • A vertical clearance of 70 cm
  • A lateral clearance of 20 cm (left and right) for full protection
  • No maintenance: only one bushed hinge point
The maintenance-free NSH safety device of the VARI-CHALLENGER


The OPTIMER range provides optimum penetration capacity for work from 5 to 15 cm deep, depending on the diameter of the discs chosen.

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Technical characteristics

Composition of bodies (front + rear)
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)
Approx. weight (kg) for NSH version
Working width (cm)
Working width (Inches)
Underbeam clearance (cm)
Point to point clearance (cm)
Beam (mm)
Hydraulic adaptation
(4+1)+3 (4+1)+3 (4+1)+(3+1) (4+1)+(3+1) (4+1+1)+(3+1) (4+1+1)+(3+1)
265/360 265/360 298/405 298/405 331/450 331/450
6392 6972 6792 7372 7192 7772
35 - 55 35 - 55 35 - 55 35 - 55 35 - 55 35 - 55
14 - 22 14 - 22 14 - 22 14 - 22 14 - 22 14 - 22
80 80 80 80 80 80
102 102 102 102 102 102
220 x 220 220 x 220 220 x 220 220 x 220 220 x 220 220 x 220
Rear lifting and turnover : SA + DA - Lifting of rear bodies : DA - Electroswitch KTH105 2 fcts : 1 DA (hydraulic front furrow adjustment, variable width) Rear lifting and turnover : SA + DA - Lifting of rear bodies : DA - Electroswitch KTH105 2 fcts : 1 DA (hydraulic front furrow adjustment, variable width) Rear lifting and turnover : SA + DA - Lifting of rear bodies : DA - Electroswitch KTH105 2 fcts : 1 DA (hydraulic front furrow adjustment, variable width) Rear lifting and turnover : SA + DA - Lifting of rear bodies : DA - Electroswitch KTH105 2 fcts : 1 DA (hydraulic front furrow adjustment, variable width) Rear lifting and turnover : SA + DA - Lifting of rear bodies : DA - Electroswitch KTH105 2 fcts : 1 DA (hydraulic front furrow adjustment, variable width) Rear lifting and turnover : SA + DA - Lifting of rear bodies : DA - Electroswitch KTH105 2 fcts : 1 DA (hydraulic front furrow adjustment, variable width)