MASTER 113 mounted ploughs

MASTER 113 Silhouette

The simple, light and robust plough

The KUHN MASTER 113 reversible mounted ploughs, light and robust and at the same time, offer the best ploughing quality with simple and precise adjustments.

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The MASTER 113 range meets the needs of farmers looking for a plough combining lightness and robustness. Available from two to five bodies, this machine is suitable for tractors from 90 to 150 hp for light to medium soils.
The MASTER 113 ploughs meet your requirements through increased reliability, simple adjustments and quality ploughing. The equipment and options available allow you to customise your MASTER 113 to best meet your needs.
The MASTER 113 mounted plough brings you KUHN's expertise acquired for more than 100 years in the ploughing domain. Investing in a MASTER 113 is choosing quality to serve your profitability.
MASTER 113 at work

Your benefits

A simple and robust design

With their low traction requirements, the MASTER 113 ploughs are suitable for standard tractors on the market.

A limited traction requirement

The MASTER 113 benefits from reduced weight allowing its use with small tractors. This way, you can achieve precise and clean ploughing with a 90 hp tractor equipped with a MASTER 113 four body plough. With its limited weight, the MASTER 113 means you can exploit the tractor's full power for a high work rate while limiting the compaction of your soils. You improve your farm's profitability thanks to a better optimisation of mechanisation costs. The MASTER 113 is particularly suitable for light to medium soils and allows you to work at different cutting widths: 14, 16 and 18 inches depending on your working conditions (relief, field size, plough profile, power available, etc.).

Ultra-simple and intuitive use

It is very simple to handle and use the MULTI-MASTER 113 with a single spool for adjusting the offset, width of the first body and alignment of the plough.
The cutting width is easily changed by rotating the three beam screws on the frame. The three-point hitch is robust to prevent any deformation and ensure your plough's longevity. The bolts are located at the edge of the frame to take advantage of the strength of the beam without adding supplementary material.
When travelling on the road, there is no need to fold the MASTER 113, since it is equipped with a transport wheel. An easy-to-access pin locks the plough for secure transportation.
Thanks to its simple use, the MASTER 113 means you can work with complete peace of mind.

Simple settings and quality of use

The large clearances of the MASTER 113 offer exceptional burial capacity.

Large clearances

With its significant under-beam and between-body clearances, the MASTER 113 is able to bury large volumes of residues while maintaining an exceptional ploughing quality. In fact, the MASTER 113 plough in Safe-T safety device offers a 75 or 80 cm (optional) under-beam and a 90 or 102 cm between-body clearance. If you are looking for manoeuvrability and lightness, you should opt for a 90 cm between-body clearance. On the other hand, if you plough mainly in large quantities of residues, we recommend a 102 cm clearance for improved soil flow capacity.
As for the MASTER 113 with NSH (Non-stop Hydro-Safe safety device, it has a 70 cm under-beam clearance and a 90 cm between-body clearance thus limiting the weight at the rear.

Simple and precise settings

All the settings of MASTER 113 are simple and easy to access to ensure the best user comfort.
In one action and without the aid of any tool, you combine offset and alignment adjustments. The working width of the first body is controlled by moving the parallel linkage and in the same time, the tilt adjusts itself for the perfect alignment of the plough.
Vertical adjustment is achieved tool-free with a lower stop to minimise stress on the turnover shaft and bearings.
The inner-tyre setting can be adapted by simply adjusting the tie rods. The MASTER 113 can work with tractors with an inner tyre dimension of up to 1.55m.
The skimmers are independent right and left. Their sleeve assembly ensures the skimmer maintains its position without risk of sliding or rotation around the rod. Adjustment is simple and precise in two dimensions: in height and forward or rearward position.
Simplified adjustment of the height of the skimmers

Safe-T or NSH safety device

  • Safe-T safety device:
    The Safe-T safety device fully protects the plough while maintaining a high level of release. A real asset in heavy soils! The special feature of the KUHN Safe-T safety device is that the bolt is broken by traction rather than shearing, guaranteeing repeatable, long-term release without risk of damaging the supports. This system also ensures quick and easy replacement of the safety bolt.
  • NSH safety device:
    The Hydro-Safe safety device ensures perfect adaptation to working conditions. The general design of the Hydro-Safe safety device provides an increasing or decreasing release curve when an obstacle is encountered for unequalled return to the soil. Maintenance and wear are limited since the forces are applied on a single line, that of the beam, providing total protection of your plough.
Cross section of the Hydro-Safe safety device


With their low traction requirements, the MASTER 113 ploughs are suitable for standard tractors on the market.