MASTER 103 mounted ploughs

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A reliable and economical plough

KUHN offers you a reliable and economical plough, from two to five bodies, dedicated for low to medium size tractors.

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Available from two to five bodies, the 103 series fits into the MASTER KUHN mounted plough range. Suitable for light to medium soils, the MASTER 103 offers a working width of 14 or 16 inches and is coupled to tractors of 40 to 150 hp. It is ideally suited to farmers with a moderate ploughing surface who are looking for a reliable plough with a very good quality of work.
The MASTER 103 plough designed and manufactured by KUHN ensures quality ploughing for high yields and a consolidated financial income. There are two possibilities for under-beam clearance, 70 and 75 cm, to guarantee an exceptional burial capacity even in the presence of large quantities of residues. The robust design and performance of the MASTER 103 ensure fast adaptation to all the needs of a mixed-crop/livestock farm.
MASTER 103 at work

Your benefits

A limited investment for guaranteed efficiency

The KUHN MASTER 103 mounted plough offers exceptional burying quality.

The ploughing essential

The MASTER 103 benefits from all the KUHN know-how in ploughing quality. KUHN ploughs aim to increase the productivity of your crops by preserving the organic value of your soil by optimally burying residues. The MASTER 103 offers considerable burial capabilities on the same beam (in traction bolt safety device) thanks to two under-beam release possibilities of 70 and 75 cm to adapt to all residues.
In addition, they benefit from uneven-layer TRIPLEX mouldboards and forged and treated wear parts. You are thus assured of the optimal penetration and very good performance of the plough bodies throughout their lifetime.
The MASTER 103 series is a veritable opportunity for farms with small-sized tractors who want to invest in the KUHN expertise. Available from two to five bodies, the MASTER 103 means you can benefit from high quality work for a limited investment.

Highly recognised reliability

The MASTER 103 ploughs are designed to guarantee you an ironclad level of reliability. KUHN ploughs are most reputed for their robust design:
  • non-deformable one-piece headstock:
    • bar coupler hitching
    • high tensile steel axle
    • hoses close to the point of rotation to avoid friction and torsion
  • robust middle part:
    • lateral offset simplified by a positioning system for optimum adaptation to the tractor's inter-tyre
    • tilt and plumb independently adjusted by crank to quickly adjust your plough to your needs
    • box-shaped frame: the MASTER 103 has a box-shaped frame for added strength beyond the plough's centre of gravity.
The plough MASTER 103 allows you to work in all conditions thanks to its proven reliability.

KUHN expertise

KUHN has been designing and manufacturing ploughs for more than 100 years. The 103 series concentrates KUHN's know-how and expertise to help you reap the benefits of your investment. In addition to their high-performance design, the MASTER 103 mounted ploughs succeed due to their high-quality workpieces:
  • TRIPLEX technology with uneven layers increases the life of your mouldboards by 40%
  • the ploughshares and tips are forged and treated to increase their longevity by 20%. In addition, the tips are reversible to truly optimise the use of your wear parts.
  • The bodies are designed with a high and wide stem to ensure very good protection of the mouldboard and the stock.
In addition to better work quality, genuine KUHN parts mean you can make considerable savings by using your MASTER 103 plough.
The uneven-layer TRIPLEX mouldboards are a KUHN exclusive for optimising the profitability of your MASTER 103 plough

Priority given to simplicity and comfort of work

The Safe-T safety device is activated by a clear break by traction following a force at the tip of 3000 kg.

A light plough for easy use

The limited weight of the MASTER 103 mounted ploughs makes it possible to use small-sized tractors, from 40 hp for a MASTER 103 two body to 150 hp for a MASTER 103 five body.
Thus, the MASTER 103 is perfectly suited to medium-sized farms equipped with limited power tractors.
But with its simple and light design this plough is no less efficient. In fact, the MASTER 103 is available in Safe-T traction bolt safety device and Hydro-Safe hydraulic safety device. The Safe-T safety device guarantees a pressure at the ploughshare tip of 3000 kg for optimum protection of the plough. Even after many releases, the working depth remains constant.
The Hydro-Safe safety device means the pressure can be varied from 600 to 1300 kg without heavy mechanical intervention. The large clearances ensure obstacles can be passed without difficulty with instant return to the soil: vertical clearance of 70 cm at the frame and side clearance of 20 cm on each side.

High manoeuvrability

Due to their design and low weight, the MASTER 103 ploughs demonstrate excellent manoeuvrability so that you can plough as close as possible to the edge of the plots.
The mechanical adjustment wheel is mounted along the frame to limit overhang without compromising load transfer. The working depth is adjusted by crank with the possibility of performing an asymmetrical adjustment. The mechanical adjustment wheel, available in diameter 500 mm iron or 600 mm tyre, is an excellent compromise between quality, price and efficiency.
Another option is the pivot adjustment wheel. Its lined profile performs well on clingy land and has good stripping capacity. The vertical pivot ensures immediate adaptation to the cutting width with independent right and left adjustment of the depth.
The MASTER 103 ploughs with their very low overhang make it possible to perfect the finishing of your plots as close as possible to the edges.
The pivot adjustment wheel with its low overhang means you can plough the entirety of your plot.

Reduced need for traction

The special feature of the MASTER 103 ploughs is to be able to perform high quality ploughing with a low power tractor. The design has been studied to limit the power demand by up to 30 hp per body. The 103 series is the ideal compromise for farmers looking for a high-performance plough at a moderate cost.
The other advantage related to the low traction requirement is reduction of wear on the plough and its working parts as well as preservation of the tractor structure. The tyres are also protected from premature wear by avoiding excessive skidding, resulting in significant savings in fuel.
The MASTER 103 mounted ploughs only need 30 hp per body to work efficiently.


The plough MASTER 103 allows you to work in all conditions thanks to its proven reliability.


Technical characteristics

Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)
Approx. weight (kg) for T version
Approx. weight (kg) for NSH version
Working width (cm)
Working width (Inches)
Underbeam clearance (cm)
Point to point clearance (cm)
Headstock (mm)
Beam (mm)
Extension (mm)
Hydraulic adaptation
MASTER 103 2E MASTER 103 3 (2E+1) MASTER 103 3E MASTER 103 4 (3E+1) MASTER 103 4E MASTER 103 5 (4E+1)
44/60 66/90 66/90 88/120 88/120 110/150
550 755 760 965 1045 1250
675 900 945 1170
35 & 40 35 & 40 35 & 40 35 & 40 35 & 40 35 & 40
14 & 16 14 & 16 14 & 16 14 & 16 14 & 16 14 & 16
75 in T - 70 in NSH 75 in T - 70 in NSH 75 in T - 70 in NSH 75 in T - 70 in NSH 75 75
90 90 90 90 90 90
Ø 70 in T & Ø 85 in NSH Ø 70 in T & Ø 85 in NSH Ø 85 in T & Ø 90 in NSH Ø 85 in T & Ø 90 in NSH Ø 105 Ø 105
100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100 in T et 120 x 120 in NSH 100 x 100 in T et 120 x 120 in NSH 120 x 120 120 x 120
100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100
Turnover : SA with return or DA Turnover : SA with return or DA Turnover : SA with return or DA Turnover : SA with return or DA Turnover : SA with return or DA Turnover : SA with return or DA
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