Rotary Toppers BAV

Rotary Toppers description

Incomparable cutting and shredding quality!

Available in 3 working widths (1.20 m, 1.50 m and 1.72 m), rotary toppers are designed to shred grass and brush up to 25 mm in diameter.

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Available in working widths of 1.20 m, 1.50 m and 1.72 m, rotary toppers are designed for and suited to various types of jobs.

The cutting quality will be appreciated by farmers on rank patches and by landscape professionals for all work on green spaces.

You will be completely satisfied with the shredding quality of the rotary toppers on treating plant residues up to 25 mm in diameter for BAV models 1245 and 1545 and up to 30 mm for the BAV 1845.
Rotary Toppers at work

Your benefits

Unrivalled cutting speed and quality

The rotary topper is easy to operate thanks to its trapezoidal shape

Easy to operate

The trapezoidal shape of the housing makes it easier to manoeuvre around obstacles.

For an even cut

For an even cut, the ventilating blades with their self-sharpening chamfered edges lift the plants that have been flattened to the ground.

The 1245 and 1545 models have 2 retractable blades. On the BAV 1875 model, 4 blades are fitted to ensure quality work.

The floating hitch allows the rotary topper to accommodate longitudinal variations in the ground level to maintain a constant mowing height. The trapezoidal housing with flared sides ensures good ventilation for optimal shredding distribution.

The geometry of the machine also makes it easier to manoeuvre around obstacles.
Rotary toppers offer unparalleled cutting speed and quality

One-piece housing and heavy-duty gearbox

The one-piece housing design on the rotary toppers guarantees a machine that is built to last!

One-piece housing

The housing on the 1245 and 1545 models features a one-piece design, consisting of a single 3 mm thick bent plate. 8 mm thick side rails are then added to stiffen the structure. The assembly is bolted on two 8 mm thick plate shoes.

The BAV 1875 also has a one-piece housing. Unlike the above models, it is fitted with a cross beam. The assembly is also bolted on two 10 mm thick plate shoes.

Heavy-duty gearbox

With the heavy-duty oil bath gearbox, even the most woody debris can be shredded.

The shape and strength of the rotor protect the housing shaft from impact and abrasion. The shaft and pinions are made of case-hardened steel, which guarantees hardness.
Even the woodiest debris can be shredded with Rotary Toppers

User-friendly operation

Adjustable cutting height on the rotary toppers to suit all product densities

User-friendly operation and easy adjustment

The cutting height can be adjusted by 2 side skids from 25 to 150 mm for models 1245 and 1545, and from 20 to 145 mm for model 1875: the rotary topper can therefore adapt to all product densities.

To access difficult areas and prevent the tractor from passing over shredded residues, the BAV 1875 features a 300 mm right/left offset as standard, and a 210 mm right-hand offset for models 1245 and 1545.

An optional deflector is available for optimal distribution of the shredded plants and therefore an improved "mulch" effect.


Rotary Toppers at work


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Overall width (m)
Overall length (m)
Unladen weight (kg)
Hitch type
Side offset
Lifting blades with self-sharpening edge
Cutting height (mm)
PTO shaft with shear bolt
Slip clutch and overrun PTO clutch
BAV 1245 BAV 1545 BAV 1875
1.20 1.50 1.72
1.35 1.65 1.94
1.71 2.02 2.68
215 260 516
Cat. 1 Cat. 1 Cat. 2
210 mm / right 210 mm / right 300 mm / right & left
2 2 4
25 - 150 25 - 150 20 - 145
As standard As standard -
Optional Optional As standard

Tractor recommendations

Minimum PTO power requirement (kW)
Minimum PTO power requirement (hp)
PTO speed (min-1)
BAV 1245 BAV 1545 BAV 1875
33 33 55
45 45 75
540 540 540