Flail mowers PRO

PRO 180 Silhouette

The maintenance professional on uneven terrian!

This front-mounted shredder is the solution for intensive agricultural and landscaping maintenance, especially on steep plots. From roadside maintenance to scrub clearing work, the different models are also suitable for upland meadow maintenance.

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Grassy strips along the roadsides, paths and fields embellish the landscape but also contribute to biodiversity by serving as a reservoir for many plant and animal species... as long as they are well maintained. Appropriate management of these roadsides, ditches and embankments is an integral part of landscape maintenance. Fine and uniform shredding allows better decomposition of the material and facilitates its transformation into humus. It also helps to control the spread of weeds, thus to compensate for the use of plant care products, to ensure easy access to plots, maintain hedges, and finally ensure good visibility for road users. The aim is therefore to find the best compromise between protecting crops, maintaining and securing roadsides and meeting the expectations of the general public who want to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and preserve the environment.
PRO 210 flail mower at work

Your benefits

A professional structure

Shredder range featuring the PRO 210 model adapted to work on uneven hilly areas

Opt for a shredder adapted to difficult shredding conditions

The PRO series front shredders, available in working widths of 1.75 or 2.10 m, are ideally suited for coupling to REFORM and AEBI tractors and specially designed for work on slopes. The minimal overhang ensures excellent load distribution and stability even in difficult conditions. Depending on your needs, the shredder can be equipped with a standard or two-way rotor drive gearbox. This casing will provide you with the flexibility you are looking for in difficult conditions with a high volume of woody residues and scrub. The POWERBAND 3-strand XPB belt drive also ensures optimal power transmission regardless of the conditions of use.

Benefit from excellent ground following

A 160 mm diameter roller with removable ends is positioned as close as possible to the rotor. Your PRO shredder provides excellent ground following, even in difficult conditions, and allows you to reduce maintenance costs.
PRO shredders ensure excellent ground following

Safe work

The position of the hitch points (cat. 1 or 2) has been optimised for perfect stability of the tractor-tool unit, even on slopes. The extreme compactness of the assembly will allow you to work in any topographical condition. It allows you to adapt quickly to working conditions. The two-way rotating gearbox allows you to adapt your machine according to the material to be shredded, so you can shred grass but also larger volumes (scrub) by manually reversing the rotor's direction of rotation.
The PRO shredder is optimised for safe work

Impeccable work quality

Shred a large quantity of plants with the PRO shredders

Take advantage of a high flow

Including at high speed, the PRO model shreds a significant amount of plants thanks to its 470 mm wide diameter rotor and 2300 rpm drive. The helical arrangement of the tools around the rotor promotes the suction of residues and their homogeneous distribution of the shredded material on the ground. The casing is fitted with a removable counter-blade to allow you to adjust the required shredding finesse.

Quality shredding in any situation

Y flail shackles are suitable for shredding grass and brush in a variety of situations (roadsides, brushwood, grassy areas, pastures). The result is ensured both with standard drive and with the two-way drive direction!
PRO shredders are adapted to shredding of grass and scrub thanks to the Y flails on shackles

A reliable shredder even in intensive use

The PRO 180 shredder is reliable in intensive work conditions

Also designed for intensive use

The PRO shredder is equipped with a central gearbox that accepts power of up to 150 hp, a 3-strand POWERBAND XPB belt rotor drive and side skids fitted with interchangeable parts to reduce wear and cost of use. It thus meets the most intensive uses. The PRO has been designed to withstand the toughestconditions, owing to: its structure made of high-yield strength steel (Domex) integrating two transversal beams; its inner and outer reinforcements at the point where the tractor lift arms are attached; its bolted sheet metal lining for optimum protection against wear and shocks.Apart from these assets, the designers have also focused on weight reduction. The specific steel ensures that you will benefit from an improved weight /robustness ratio.
PRO 210 shredder at work on sloping verges


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Overall width (m)
Outer rotor diameter (mm)
Tool linear speed (m/s) - at 540 min-1
Tool linear speed (m/s) - at 1000 min-1
Number of articulated Y knives
Shackle diameter (mm)
Number of counter-knives
Reinforcing plate
Working height adjustment
Roller diameter (mm)
PTO speed (min-1)
Number of belts
Belt type
Rotor speed (min-1) at 540 min-1
Rotor speed (min-1) at 1000 min-1
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Rotor rotation
Weight with equipment (kg)
PRO 180 PRO 210
1.75 2.10
2.03 2.40
470 470
57.7 57.7
58.1 58.1
72 84
14 14
1 bolted 1 bolted
As standard 4 mm, bolted As standard 4 mm, bolted
By roller with removable ends By roller with removable ends
160 160
As standard As standard
540 or 1000 540 or 1000
1 (3 strands) 1 (3 strands)
Powerband 3 strands Powerband 3 strands
2295 2295
2317 2317
44 51
60 70
110 110
150 150
3-point - Centered - Cat. 1 and 2 3-point - Centered - Cat. 1 and 2
To choose from: standard gearbox 1 direction of rotation - gearbox with two directions of rotation and mechanical reversing device To choose from: standard gearbox 1 direction of rotation - gearbox with two directions of rotation and mechanical reversing device
475 535