Multi-purpose flail mower BP 8300

Silhouette of the BP 8300

Considerable shredding output!

The multi-purpose BP 8300 shredder is mainly designed for the maintenance of pasture, fallow land and grassy areas, but its versatility means it can shred plant cover (mustard, phacelia...)as well as crop residues and maize stubble. As a triple combination, you can reach impressive work output rates.

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Shredding crop residues after harvest is essential for many reasons. Many crops carry risks of contamination with mycotoxins such as straw cereals, corn or sorghum. Shredding is therefore a solution to destroy the living environments favourable to the reproduction of diseases but also pests between two crops. In addition, undecomposed stubble can have an impact on the regularity of germination and therefore on the development of your next crop. By shredding your residues from the previous crop, you ensure the establishment of the next crop. Thanks to shredding you also benefit from an interesting ecological alternative to the destruction of plant or intermediate crops compared to the use of plant care products.
BP 8300 at work

Your benefits

High-quality shredding with the BP 8300


Designed to shred a large quantity of vegetation

The BP 8300 large width shredder can shred a large quantity of vegetation, even at high speed. Ejected above the press roller, the residues are not compacted, thus accelerating decomposition rates.

Shredder with weight reduction and NON-STOP safety

The frame on the BP 8300 shredder is unique on the market. It is equipped with the LIFT-CONTROL technology that gives the machine greater stability. Both shredding units feature the pendulum-type articulation for excellent ground hugging and the weight-reduction system for less stress on the roller. The NON-STOP safety is combined with a shredding unit lift system to provide the machine with optimal protection against obstacles when moving rearwards. The lift system is built into the frame for easy manoeuvring. These exclusive features ensure a perfect shredding at reduced costs
The BP 8300 shredder benefits from the Non-Stop safety

Benefit from a "pro" structure

Benefit from an excellent shredding structure, in particular with the roller with removable ends

Choosing a proffessional machine

The shredder comes with a welded sheet metal lining for optimal protection against wear and impact.
Two counter blades ensure fine shredding. Hammer knives fitted in helical layout on a 465 mm diameter rotor provide better suction and ensure an even distribution of the shredded residues. The pivoting rear hood enables you to adapt to all types of work and quantities of residues to shred. You can also adjust the shredding fineness. Thea press roller with removable ends 220mm in diameter positioned closes to the rotor allows controlling the working height ensures good ground hugging and reduces maintenance costs.

Use the BP 8300 shredder in triple combination!

The BP 8300 is ideal for use in combination with the BPR 280 or 305 PRO fitted to the front. You will obtain the highest performances.
The rear shredder BP 8300 attached with a front mounted shredder allows reaching a higher output

A reliable solution for intensive use

The BP 8300 shredder is reliable in most intensive applications

Face intensive situations

The gearbox is specially designed for high power tractors of up to 330hp The reduced maintenance SFT secondary PTO shafts do not require much maintenance. The drive for each shredding unit is ensured by five SPBX belts featuring an automatic belt-tensioning device.
BP 8300 shredder at work


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Overall width (m)
Outer rotor diameter (mm)
Tool linear speed (540 rpm/1000 rpm in m/s)
Number of heavy hammer knives
Number of counter-knives
Reinforcing plate
Skid kit
Working height adjustment
Roller diameter (mm)
Shredding unit articulation
Shredding unit suspension
Overlap between front / rear units (cm)
PTO speed (min-1)
Free wheel integrated in the central gearbox
Number of belts
Belt type
Automatic belt tensioning
Rotor speed (min-1)
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Required tractor electrical connections
Weight with equipment (kg)
BP 8300
2 x 32
1 notched, 1 straight - welded (3rd notched as optional equipment)
As standard 4 mm, welded
As standard - side, fixed, wide, rounded
By roller with removable ends
LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension
28 in combination with BPR 280 PRO / 40 in combination with BPR 305 PRO
Non-stop combined with the suspension
As standard
5 per shredding unit
As standard
3-point Cat. 2
1 DA for setting into work/transport position
1 SA for raising the units during manoeuvres / ground pressure adjustment
1 electric plug and 3-pin ISO socket